Somebody's watching me

By ugh - 08/06/2012 04:35 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, my sister, knowing that I'm terrified of his face, taped a picture of Michael Jackson over our toilet. When I entered the washroom, I sprinted back out screaming. Minutes later, while in the shower, I happened to glance up at the ceiling. Guess who was grinning down at me. FML
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AHAHAHAHA! That's a good prank.

xodenisenicole 3

Wow.. What a thriller ;)


AHAHAHAHA! That's a good prank.

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Well we got a... Cyborgmexican here?

BandWagonGuy 8

Well, we got instant1nfction here.

FiestaInMyPants 8

^ Way to live up to your username. :P

C-c-c-c-combo breaaaaker!

53, someone removed my comment from this thread. He doesn't deserve thumb downs.

*facepalm* guys! Op has to be a guy. Other wise a girl would have put girl. The dude is to ashamed to say he's a guy. :P

aaahhhfire21 0

Ydi for having a dumbass fear

MrBrightside21 20

It's a thriller, isn't it? Hahaha oh boy I almost peed myself laughing at my own lame pun. I should really get into comedy.

brunomars09 3

147 - no you shouldn't

I used to be afraid of John D. Rockerfeller's face.

I'm scared of Marilyn Manson :/

I thought it was pretty Bad to do that.

Its because shes bad,bad you know it

Lol that's hilarious OP,but sorry for your fear of him! Hope you have more than one bathroom!

uJelly24 1

Why would anyone be scared of MJ's face,the man is dead for crying out loud!?

BubbleGrunge 18

49-we will not break bread with you!

23, because they're ignorant ;)

drewfus2 6

23- Perhaps they saw... The Man In the Mirror! Haha... Ha... Puns.

#2 That's my face when I see him.

adamcichuttek 2

78 - because MJ looks freaky.

132, cuz you missed the joke.

TayonaC 10

Are you a boy? If so, you have every reason to be afraid. I would be too

marcus903 17

Not to offend anyone but maybe OP thought his face was scary?

Excuse me Alice Rose, you seem to have Jenna Marbles as your display picture? I haven't seen you comment on here with that picture either. I HAD HER FIRST...

wlddog 14

#2,, I imagined the face on your profile when I read the story. #78,, I caught the joke.

I liked just because of the jenna marbles face lol

Well he is pretty scary after he turned all bleach white 0.0

Usually I do that to little kids it never gets old!

96 thats just cruel lol

Why are you afraid of MJ..?

Hey, it kinda creeped me out after he bleached his skin but I got used to it.

68, MJ didn't bleach his skin. He had Vitiligo, a disease that causes depigmentation in the skin.

I ain't scared of no ghost...Lol

Whoops. No prob, 82. I apologize for commenting on a subject that I do not know well. My bad ...

hawaiianfire 0

Well it could be because he raped Macaulay Culkin. Just saying... Just because he's dead doesn't mean we should forget....

Cuz he's Pedobear's best friend!

Is it possible your name is Billie Jean...?

xodenisenicole 3

Wow.. What a thriller ;)

pavlovaaLOVE 7

52 - thanks genius !!

52 - you can just beat it captain obvious!

I see what you did there ;) sneaky bastard lol

xodenisenicole 3

You loved it.

This is giving me ideas...

A giant troll face??

My giant troll face.

I guess you can say she's a smooth criminal.

aleeshttylXD 9

;] nice!

I bet she Beat It out of the shower when she saw it.

Grow up!! I hope people see your face and run away screaming!!

That's a little much...

KriiFahMoro 9

11 - No u.

Can I be honest 19, your picture made me a little scared :(

Sounds like someone has problems

It's a picture!! Seriously! Bad plastic surgery this OP is a wuss!

That could be said for your fear. How would you like it if someone told you to "Man up, and get over it," for your fear?

But fear of Michael Jackson's face?? It's effin stupid.

jbuczek1 0

Your name says it all, Spazz.

I agree with you they should grow up

FMLshark 12

That's like telling someone their fear of clowns is stupid. A phobia is an irrational fear. Please get off the Internet before your mom finds out you're using it without her permission.

Thank you very much!!! Finally someone else with a brain!

hcarrillo90 0

dont be hating cuz shes afraid of mj bitch