By Rinelric1998 - 31/10/2013 02:59 - United States - Greensboro

Today, some kid asked me if I was Mexican. After I explained to him that I was actually Venezuelan, he simply snorted and said, "That's the same f*cking thing. If you speak Spanish then you're Mexican." FML
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ktiskool 18

I feel like this kid just summed up most of today's society... unfortunately...

Tell him if he speaks English he must be British.


ktiskool 18

I feel like this kid just summed up most of today's society... unfortunately...

It's sad that a few kids can somehow sum up an entire generation cause they're the ones that scream bull sh*t the loudest and get the attention. The rest of those who are well behaved and polite are shunned in the shadow of their incompetence.

Exactly #12! All society looks at is the negative things about our generation!

Okay #15. Then tell me some positive things about our generation

Gingerette 8

Some of us are learning from the others' stupid mistakes. Some of us have good relationships with the people we just know and the people we care about. Some of us aren't pregnant and raising a generation worse than our own. Some of us aren't stupid and lethargic...

15- we're not the racist, segregated generation of the 50s. How can we judge a generation that hasn't even grown up yet? Maybe you should keep an open mind.

in all fairness like 80% of latinos in america are mexican

what an idiot, well at least he got the Spanish part correct and didn't say you speak Mexican. . . very small victory I guess. I personally feel there are jack asses in ever generation. They diminish the intelligence of the group, that can be said of any group of people. I just hope others can see that its just a few and not the all. Sorry OP, next the school his ass!!

There is a alot of things good with this generation...stop looking at the swag and yolo asshole and start looking at the kids that are in school and having aspirations to do great things...and beside those older "good" generations had to have sense talked into by people like you think this is racist or stupid? Read a history book buddy

jazzy_123 20

This generation has advanced greatly in technology. Lots may use it stupidly but many use it how it's supposed to be used. Everyday we get closer to finding cures to different diseases, something we couldn't have done years ago. When you ignore all the ignorant people, all our advances aren't bad at all.

Spanish is heavily spoken in all parts of the USA and in California most are Mexican, texS same thing, Florida Cubans and Colombians , New York Puerto Ricans and yes Cubans. This is just a matter of where you live. As far as this generation, I do agree that not because of social standing, but more economics over the last 15 years has played a role in how children are being raised and guidance received. Look around, economically we are not doing well as a society.

There needs to be a forum or something where kids can convince stupid assholes that we're not all ****** up or stupid. I'm tired of seeing the "this generation sucks" comments when we're cleaning up after the older generation's mistakes. Give it a ******* rest.

Tell him if he speaks English he must be British.

And if he speaks French he is... Well, French.

And British people aren't allowed to have a British sense of humour....

We don't want idiots like that. He can stay American.

Cwizer 17

100- we don't want him either. We should have let them secede.

No, you may not, you cruel person. There are laws for a reason.

Gingerette 8

Cannibalism seems like a good reason to kill...

But it is frowned on in most societies.

\ 28

"Everything in this room is eatable. Even I'm eatable. But that is called CANNIBALISM, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies." -Johnny Depp

Friends ......This is the day that you will ALWAYS remember as the day that you almost (splash) Captain Jack Sparrow.

Why do people never get jokes? FML has changed from the reason why it became popular. To laugh at people's shortcomings. Do that now and an ocean of hate tsunamis your house. The whole thing.

No random kid no. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! I hate it whenever people do that!

Who doesn't. I hate when people call me Mexican. Just like Mexicans hate being called salvadorians.

therobotchef 6

Mexicans hate being called Mexican

Zimmington 21

I hate being called African American

lolalola47l 8

people like him are all ignorant. I blame the media

Gingerette 8

Blame laziness. If the kid would have thought about it, he wouldn't have said something so asinine.

I agree your life sucks. Not because of this particular event, but because you're Venezuelan. lol

You're just as bad as the person this is about.

People tend to get confused with Hispanic/Latino & Asians for some odd reason. Apparently everyone is Mexican & Chinese. Smh.

To be fair, a lot of people in Asian countries expect non Asian foreigners to be all Americans. The number of times I was told I'm American was too damn high.

Quiet_one 22

But if you speak English, you must be American. At least that's what I assume based on this kid's logic.

To be fair, you can't tell them apart easily especially for uncultured people. That doesn't mean they're the same thing, it just means that you can't blame someone for saying the most common nationality that fits each physical appearance. But yeah, what this kid is ****** up on a few levels.

showmeyourears 19

9, I've also had to deal with that. I'm Mexican but so many people come up and ask me or my boyfriend "are you/is she Asian?" I don't understand..

Yeah, it can be pretty hard sometimes. If you ask nicely most people would gladly tell you like op did but the kids still called then Mexican based off the fact that they speak Spanish.

a similar thing happened to a friend of mine who is half Brazilian. someone said he is mexican because they speak spanish in Brazil...which they don't

everton99 16

The person who said that about your friend is quite uneducated lol.

And this is not the first time something like this happens to him. People have also insisted that it can't be that he is half Brazilian because according to them, Brazilians can't be blonde.

MzZombicidal 36

#66, I know how your friend feels. I've been told that I can't be Norwegian or Irish at all since I'm a brunette and have brown eyes. It's a bit ridiculous.

I've actually met quite a few people that expect everyone from the Mexican Border down need to look "Mexican." I'm from Argentina and had countless people insist that I must have an American ancestor somewhere, since I'm blond and have light-colored eyes.