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Today, my friends threw me a Halloween themed party for my sweet sixteen. When I arrived, one of my friends jumped out from behind the door, dressed as Michael Myers. I peed myself in front of everyone I knew. FML
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Happiness is like peeing in your pants...everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth inside!


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Happiness is like peeing in your pants...everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth inside!

Shit happens, but it's the funny memory that counts!

RedPillSucks 31

@15 Brilliant. I'm gonna have to use that. Sorry, no royalties.

ozkalukaas 0

I'm 16 and I've had a phobia of Michael Myers since I was 8. I feel your pain.

I saw what 15 said on a bday card once

Yeah, me too. Well, not a birthday card, but a quote website.

Yeah I read what 15 said somewhere before. But its still a win for commenting on an appropriate time and place.

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Correction. She DID have friends.

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I'd be the guy to accidentally punch him in the face because of fear

KiddNYC1O 20

Do you even know who Michael Myers is?

*Haha. Apparently you scare easily. OR Haha. You scare easily, apparently. OR Haha. It's apparent that you scare easily.

96_ when you're born and raised in the south, grammar don't matter :)

Lancer_doosh 0

I thought your from Japan...dumbass.

101, I have lived in Tennessee my whole life. Grammar is extremely important to me. The stereotype that everyone in the south have extremely southern accents, walk around in ten-gallon hats, and have really bad grammar is false.

Actually, 101, I was born and raised in Louisiana. I moved to New York at the tender age of 18. Grammar was, and is, very important to me in any situation.


wow way to be a yard everyone knows Micheal myers is only alive on Halloween day because of a satanic curse.. what is wrong with you.

loovelyy21 0

actually, not always Halloween. he's alive other days too..


no it's Halloween I've seen every movie like 5 times. trust me I know(:

DWilliamson 7

he was never dead, you dumb ****. There was nothing even relating to satanism in the original movies, although It did have celtic themes....stupid ass...


yea there was ignoramus. in the 7th one Tommy Doyle is all grown up annd Micheal myers iniciated a new baby into the cult. this kid^^ is an idiot.

So the OP is a yard--sorry, "tard"--because he/she hasn't seen Halloween five times to know things like that? That's hardly fair.


sorry I thought everyone knew what sarcasm was. but this kid^^ proves me wrong.

Funny you'd say that since I was hardly being serious.


it's funny how terrible with context clues you are. my original coment was sarcastic.

Funnier how you apparently don't know what a context clue actually is... I know what you meant, silly goose. I just liked that you don't think I know about sarcasm (yeah, your original "coment," I get it) when I was being a little sarcastic in mine.


a context clue: clues within the text leading the reader to a conclusion about the prompt.

Glad you looked it up! Now you see why it doesn't really work with what you were saying.


it works fine and I didn't look it up. thank you though, girl I don't know.


I'm not yer bud... but coolbeans.


na I got some real ones I don't need cyber ones(:

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the point you are both missing is that a man wearing a jump suit and mask that completely covered there face jumping out from behind something would scare the piss out of anyone, regardless of what day it is.

DWilliamson 7

Very true, and lets not forget that jonni is also a stupid bitch who thinks shes smart shit.

tivaluv 0

that sounds like something that would happen to me D: i feel for ya