By unemployed-dude - 08/12/2015 06:17 - Australia - Vermont

Today, I got fired from my job because I closed the store 84 seconds early. They found out because the state manager was sitting across the street with binoculars watching me. FML
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Some people are complaining about the 84 seconds.....well i'm more concerned about the manager with his binoculars.

Doesn't seem like a great place to work if they are that uptight and not understanding, you'd be a lot happier in a nicer workplace I presume so it would be better in the end , but why would be bother wait outside is what I'm wondering


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First comment hell yeah!

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Fuck off? It's not like someone is gonna walk in and drop a grand within that 84 seconds. People like you are the reason why everybody hates their boss.

I thought this was a troll at first but now I'm not sure.

You are getting payed to perform a job. 84 seconds might not seem like a lot but at the same time these people pay you to perform your rob right.

Oh yeah, because I'm sure OP had a timer out with the specific time the store closed and just said "I'm gonna close 84 seconds early just for ***** and giggles".

More likely the 84 seconds is based off the clocks in the store. so it's not exactly unintentional. they provide you a time to close and you close at that time. I've had all kinds f managers pull shit trying to close earlier and earlier. in reality this is the thing the op knew they were risking by going against management. and maybe management shouldn't have just fired them for a minute. a warning would make more sense. but clearly they were suspicious before this moment so most likely this wasn't the first time.

#27 I'm sure OP didn't think he would risk getting fired cuz it was a ******* minute. His boss is an asshole, thousands of stores close a few minutes early so to get fired for something like that is ridiculous

#13 I doubt they would be so accurate with timing's come pay day if OP started working 84 seconds earlier than they should.

#27 sounds like one of those people that cuss out the employees if the store says it opens at 9:00 A.M and they don't unlock the door until 9:01 A.M.

I'm a nurse. When we run a code only one person is allowed to give the time whenever a medication is given. "Why"? you might ask, good question. It's because all time pieces are different and the written time must be exactly consistent. My point with this is, Op's time might have said close the store, and the managers time said " not yet ". That's the problem with judging with such a close timeframe.

No op said they closed 84 seconds early so there was no time misjudgment op knew

Are you stupid? Do you know how important a job is? Do you really think closind 84 seconds early is worth getting fired. And besides chances are that there were times when op closed the shop late. Things like these shouldn't matter. But it's people like you that make them matter for absolutely no reason.

#44 His boss probably told him he closed 84 seconds early. OP might not have even realized he was early if his watch, phone, or even a wall clock was off by a minute or two.

@84 op likely knows it was 84 seconds because they were told as they were getting fired. i doubt they did it deliberately

i meant @44.... got the number 84 suck in my head now lol

All these people down voting you have a lot to learn. You're paid to do a specific task and follow specific guidelines. I agree, sucks his manager is that uptight, but here in the real world businesses have expectations you need to follow. If you don't like it, find another job. YDI 100%.

People who down voted #3 have either no sense of responsibility or have no idea how the business world runs these days. Down vote my comment too if you wish, that will not change the facts.

So what you're saying #3 is like for me working at a daycare we don't close until 5:30. So does that mean even if all the kids are gone at say 5:10, I have sit around doing nothing for 20 minutes before I'm allowed to lock the door and leave?

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Chances are they really wanted to find a reason to fire OP, thus the guy with binoculars across the street. If OP closed on time it would have just been something else tomorrow.

people aren't talking about 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or a half hour. it's 84 SECONDS. that's 1 minute and 24 seconds. that's such a small chunk of time. if there's literally no one in the store and they had a watch that was a minute or two off? it's easy for this to happen. have some compassion. for all we know there was no warning and this was completely out of left field. imagine if you worked a job and you were told to "fill" the cookie bins or something by 9:30 and at 9:31 your boss comes over and fires you for being one cookie short because "filled" means 30 cookies not 29. technically correct and reasonable are not one and the same. just like legal and ethical are two separate things that won't always line up.

The way you try to justify OP getting fired makes me think your the person that fired them

Go home #3 you're drunk

Haven't you guys heard of the song, '84 seconds'? It's a really catchy song. Boy, I miss your kisses, All the time but this is, 84 seconds too late.

If it was fifteen-thirty minutes early I would understand, but it was a freaking minute. Big deal. Did they expect him to just stare at a clock counting down the seconds??

His job is to close the store on time. At my job the store clock is a minute faster then my phone currently and its been up to 5 minutes behind, so in all reality he probabily did close the stors on time.

Why too many down vote? You are 100% FML community is so different they up vote wrong stuff and down vote right ones

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#4 Why is it such a big deal to close one minute before closing? And when people have been working all day and no customers are coming then they don't see the problem with closing a little early.

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Not everyone's clocks are synced exactly the same. OP could have been going off of his phone's clock instead of whatever the manager was going off of and thought it was time to close. 84 seconds isn't much anyways. It's literally a ******* minute.

38 it's actually literally a minute and 24 seconds

Ikr if hes gunna say literally he should probably actually be literal?

What did you do to get your manager POed? FYL

Obviously he closed 84 seconds early.

#43 he must've done something before then for his boss to sit across with binoculars watching him

countryb_cth 38

Not necessarily the boss could just be a real dick.

That's what I was wondering.

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Wow, I really am sorry. But if they were that picky as to the time of closing, and would fire you on that. I don't think they'd make good longterm coworkers, and most stores close early if business is slow anyways. Best of luck in finding a new job OP.

businesses aren't allowed to close early without permission from higher up. A GM can't change the store closing time. And by the time it's approved, you may just as well close at the normal time. This is the same with a Mom and Pop store, but they're usually an easier phone call to make because they usually only have the one store.

Not to mention most businesses (especially if they're leasing space) are to required to remain open until certain times and can be legally fined if they don't. Do I think 84 seconds will cause any issues? No. But OP did it to himself by not waiting until it was actually time to close.

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@70 Maybe the clock in the store was fast.

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Businesses are in no way legally bound by their opening hours, they choose the business hours so they can change them if they want. We have done it on many occasions if its a slow business day or not even open the store on some days if there is a major local event on. The only requirement buy us is a moral responsability to put a sign on the door informing people that we are closed and we will call a bunch of our common customers to ask if they need anything before we close up. As for the OP he most likely never intended on closing early, the store clock was probably just out buy a couple mins and was a genuine mistake.

Tbh you're probably better off not working for a person like that.

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It technically is your fault, but, the punishment was a bit harsh. 84 seconds is not fire worthy, although, it is worthy of a talk about staying open until the proposed closing time.

84 seconds isn't worth anything. That amount of time could be attributed to a discrepancy between different time measuring devices. If it was like 15 minutes or something I could see getting a lecture.

Most likely that talk already happened. or they were already suspicious. hanging out across the street for however long isn't exactly an "I'm checking if you're doing good" it's more like "I'm gonna catch you when you **** up"

Or an "Im a ******* bastard who is looking for any excuse to fire you" kinda thing.

28, you're the perfect example of blaming the victim.

Some people are complaining about the 84 seconds.....well i'm more concerned about the manager with his binoculars.

Thank you! That is so creepy!

Exactly. If the manager had nothing better to do than stand across the street and spy on op, than why didn't he close the store himself.

hey man 84 seconds could mean life or death

Such a good use of highly paid executive time, too

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Micro managing to the extreme. You can find a better job then that. Wow.