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  alliemi  |  0

I actually think all of iBimmer's comments are funny. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor. And he seems to always have the first or second post, does he do nothing else all day? ha.

  humorizer  |  14

It's called being a troll. Personally, I find his jokes far funnier than the "today, I was taking pictures of my sister to make a meager living on world of warcraft, and now she says that if I keep selling them, she won't let me take anymore photos"

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Shut up and get a sense of humor or gtfo the Internet if you can't handle trolls.
iBimmer, I lol'd.

And then get your girlfriends together and beat the shit out of him, put him in a dress and make up, and sell the pictures of the whole thing on eBay, and give some to his friends for free.
Oh, and make sure you find out his password in the process, then sell all his shit and throw away all his money.


Yeah me too!

This has got to be the funniest FML I've ever read!!!

Um, OP, I think YDI for letting your brother take pictures of you showering. There's only three things he would do with those photos- sell them, show them to everyone to embarass or eh... use them (if you know what I mean :P)

Plus, you must feel kinda proud! Nerds find you THAT hot that even with the ridiculous amount of porn on the internet, they are actually willing to pay digital money to see you naked! It's actually quite flattering lol

  humorizer  |  14

Well, if he's as geeky enough as me, he might have set up a wireless camera that he can control remotely.

I mean, not that I'd do that in my bathroom; (come to think of it, I don't even have a wireless camera yet), but just saying, it's not that tricky. Only problem would be hiding it somewhere with a good angle, and making sure it doesn't get too much steam inside.

  kipkip  |  0

perhaps... the freaky nerd had a micro-mini-web-cam stuck to the shampoo bottle XP

or at least that's what I pictured when I read this one!

and OP should smash his computer.

  Mo_mo  |  0

OMG!! that shit is hilarious.... that kid freakin out!

the OP really should erase her brother's account, so he doesnt grow up to be a game freak-nerd-loser! Nothin wrong with playin video games, but if you're addicted like that youtube kid, an intervention is seriously needed.

I submit that, not only your brother, but that youtube freak out child as well, needs their PARENT to grab them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them, maybe slap the shit out of them. No child abuse, but someone wake that child up!

By  Raceta  |  5

That is crap :( I am sorry for you. You need to teach your brother a lesson. Take his picture while showering and sell them for money to buy new shoes :)

  Cod4Addict567  |  0

yo do realize that chances are the brother is younger than the sister so taking pictures of him is just wrong and anyone who accepts pictures of little boys is a major pedophile

  Cod4Addict567  |  0

did i say it wasnt wrong for her brother to do what he did? no cause he shouldn be doing that either(although i find it funny he did it for WoW gold) anyway u can go fck urself first off and secondly im just pointing out its even more disgusting taking pictures of someone younger than u