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By fannylover - 18/02/2010 20:12 - United States

Today, I finished my classwork and my homework early. Since we weren't allowed to leave the room, I decided to draw. My teacher noticed and gave me detention for "goofing off" when I should be doing my work. When I told the teacher I was already done, they gave me a second detention for "attempting to defy them". FML
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You should have told her to suck your dick for a 3rd one.

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...somethings never change. a teacher in the classroom is like Joesph Stalin. if you stand up to him/her, you will disappear.


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your life sucks! whew I'm first!

ouch. i got a detention because a kidwith ADHD stabed me in the hand with scissors during an exam and I was suspended for fighting and disrupting an exam

och tell the teacher to **** off and tell her that since she does not believe you will leave just walk ou the door and hang out in the bathroom. if you have strict parent do not do. only do if you have a strong relationship with yo parents

this happens to me all the time :P haha just forget about it, its one of those things you gotta laugh about but not take too seriously, you know?

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wow for kid with adhd hes got major issues

76 that is some dumb advice. I would go home and tell my parents. if they want do anything, I would go to the principle or call the district office

would have told my teacher to **** off and left the room!

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teacher cop. wee u wee u wee u- like in the cop car lil wayne song.

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There are spaces in between grammar and nazi.

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how do you "attempt to defy"? that's possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. it's not like you were planning a student riot and they stopped you. so glad I graduated and don't have to put up with this bullshit anymore hang in there OP all modern-day slaves(high school students) get to be free eventually

Your comment made me laugh. Now everyone's staring at me. About the "attempt to defy" thing: the OP must've had one of those skeet-for-brain, superiority complex teachers that think their word is gold and if any challenge them, may the teacher have mercy on their soul. I too have been relinquished from the day prison named high school and I had a couple of teachers like that as well; I learned the hard way that keeping your mouth shut no matter how much you want to say something is the best way to stay out of trouble.

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wow. and you are supposed to rule the world someday? let me tell you, if you think you can pull that shit and your parents will back you, then you are trailer trash. and you are your parents.

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show them your completed homework.

ive got detention so many times.. theres a simple solution DONT GO never give in against the teachers!!! fighta da power!! ..... .... ... .. sorry

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failed like a school in a predominantly black neighborhood ( not racism they have the lowest test scores so it's true!)

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I hate teachers, seriousley, my teacher is always up in my business even if i dont do anything, sigh, there just like parents, they care too much.

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Wow your teacher seems like a bean, OP.

agreed some teachers try too hard to find faults

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you just got your ass handed to ya!!

"They gave me a second detention..." Is your teacher a dual personality?

and an OSS for hiitin' 'em in the mouth for being stupid...

@majones when op says they he is not referring to his teacher but the communisst regime that is central office. ydi for not reading the fine print in the student handbook that said "Students attending this school hereby give up constitutional rites, and vow to worship the motherland."

150- your picture = epic win. family guy ftw

@139 do you have restless leg syndrome?

Your thinking is elementary my dear mshooter. It says nothing and doesn't even imply that she was talking to a principal. this FML sounds like it took place in a classroom in an argument with a dumbass teacher.

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You should have told her to suck your dick for a 3rd one.

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i got a better i dea #3 shot on her face you'll might get expelled, and tell her to **** off and throw a chair at her then you can also be arrested with misorderly conduct

3 op is a girl 85 it's disorderly nice try though

That would work except ops teachers prob so stupid she would take him seriously and actually suck his balls

I could of been first but I clicked the rong buttan plz let me b frst plzzz

Did you get lost on your way to 4chan, sir?

Sirin, is it pronounced "siren" or "sir-rin". Either way I'm going to say "siren" because whenever you're here I hide.

@Fernando: Well, it's a Russian name, but I pronounce it 'si-rin'. No need to hide, though; this steel pole is just for smashing trolls across the face with... @KiddNYC: You're having a laugh, right? It's where Republican Party rejects gather. Oh, and retards in general that would make most hicks look like quantum physicists...

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4chan is a virus that must be stopped! Other then that I dont want to hear about that dumbass site >.> Being banned off that site was the best thing that happened to me :)

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Let #5 be first. Obviously that is the only joy he would get out of his life. He knows we all respect and admire the people who scream "FIRST". Why shouldn't he have that respect?

Today, I didn't get first posting on a FML and they wouldn't move me up posts. FML.

@madazero. u just totally broke rule 1 and 2. no wonder u got banned u newfag

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Yeah well... Sucks to be you~

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That sucks. Last time I was in that situation my teacher critiqued my drawing. Your teachers a dick.

so many teachers are douchebags like this, they're so ****** dumb!

Sounds like Mrs.Stuffabitch to me...(Not her actual name) ****, I'll be sitting in class not doing anything wrong and she'll come up to me and start chatting like we're friends, then she'll smile and hand me a referrall(sp?). Hell, she accused the nicest most sweetest girl in class of cheating. The poor girl practically cried! I mean, I know she hates the hell out of me, but really? Does she have to take out her stress on her students? She gave me a courtesy contract for forgetting my language arts textbook!

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I tried sleeping the teacher told me to do homework. I told the teacher i was done and she told me to keep my head up. I tried to sleep again and was left undisturbed this time.

number 2 fail! haha I wouldn't go to detention f* that teacher l

I would have punched him in the face.... ok maybe not, but you can talk to your principle and get some friends to back you up and get his ass fired if he dosent have tenure(sorry if spelt wrong) and he is a dick.

:L I know. it was a major fail. I can't delete it though? D:

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it really works. even when your not black. gets the job done

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at my old school you had to pay 10$ for detension and you had to write for an hour as usual. needless to say we don't go there anymore.

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You had to pay $10 to go to detention? That's so messed up! They can do that? ._.;

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At#134. Was detention supposed to be a good thing since u pay for it? Also i would plea bankruptcy at age 15 for only having $4.