By Anonymous - 10/02/2017 19:00 - United States - Midland

Today, while BMXing I felt my chain break loose. I only looked down for a split second, and that's all it took for me to crash into a young scooter kid, breaking not only my own nose and elbow, but both his arms. FML
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Talis99 26

**** his life. Both arms, damn. Sorry, OP. Speedy recovery for you both.


Talis99 26

**** his life. Both arms, damn. Sorry, OP. Speedy recovery for you both.

willem44 5

thats really sucks i hope that the breaks werent too serious.

scooter kids have caused quite a few headaches in my town, just scootering all over the place not looking anywhere popping out of drive ways and such. Yet old enough to know the difference. I've had to slam the breaks just to have a kid who flew into the road give me a dirty look. Could have killed the little shit.

OP broke one elbow. The scooter kid was the one who had both arms broken

RedPillSucks 31

the other kids arms are broken, not his.

That sucks OP. I have a lot of hatred for scooters but i hope you and the kid get better. :)

If he could use his arms, bet we would be reading an FML from him instead...

I don't feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for the kid you hit because you weren't paying attention to where you were going. If I was a parent of the kid I'd be suing you / your parents.

If some kid on a scooter goes into the road/pathment without looking and comes out straight in front of you, you have no chance. The fact he looked down momentarily probably isn't to blame. If he had seen the kid best chance was he served and ended up missing the kid but hurting himself. If he just keeps the fact he looked down quiet he could probably sue the kid's parent.

At no point in the fml did OP say he wasn't paying attention, he felt his chain breaking and had a quick glance at it, probably because it surprised him. You know kind of a "was that what i think it is?" Or "what was that?" Reflex. No to mention the scooter kid probably wasn't paying much attention either, otherwise he'd gotten out of the way. BMX's are not exactly silent nor invisible. Accidents happen.

zeusdom 15

You're obviously one of those dumbasses who would take their kids to the skatepark on their scooters and not pay any attention to them or what they're doing expecting everyone to watch out for your kids when really your kids are getting in the way of everyone else who regularly uses the park for sport and fun and not just to irritate other park goers. The kid should've been more aware of his surroundings and not gotten in the way of a bike anyone who actually skates or bikes at a park knows there's an unspoken rule of waiting your turn in line to do a line through the park or bowl and the scooter kids are always the ones ******* it up.