By AidenFromSweden - 06/07/2009 18:41 - Sweden

Today, I come home to find my nephew holding pieces of my new $3,500 Sony Video Camera. He told me he threw it out the window because it was a portal for aliens. FML
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he probably saved you from aliens. you should be happy.

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Throw HIM out the window.....he might be a portal for more dumbasses like him! FYL.


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he probably saved you from aliens. you should be happy.

lol thats exactly what i was going to say

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Hahh; I was gonna say something like that xD but since you stole my thunder xP OP -- who the hell pays that much for a video camera? :O

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wow the guy above me and guy below me are atention ****** (assuming no one replys to this) and FYL

#60: Maybe he's an amateur filmmaker. Ever think about that? If you want to make good films, you need good equipment, and you get what you pay for.

people complaning about the price... Welcome to Skandinavia!

This isn't an FML. Aliens never came through the portal, this belongs on MLIA.

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This is what we get for allowing them to recreate dr. Who

o.O Dang, that sucks. But how'd your nephew get in without you knowing? Or alternatively, why'd you leave that expensive camera alone with your crazy nephew?

Who the hell cares? -.- was that like ur biggest achievement in ur life? FYL nr.2

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3500 down the drain would piss me off I'd make him my slave

i agree with should be relieved

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Mwahaha. Irony: Someone with the user name of Spammer telling someone who triple posted to shut up. :-p This really sucks though. I hope your nephew got a strong talking to and a swat on the ass. (Ohnoes! Bring on the righteous telling me I'm an evil ***** for advocating spanking!)

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YDI for having an alien camera