By dwhite032 - 06/06/2011 07:06 - United States

Today, I woke up to my Playstation 3 and my laptop missing and window open. My dad faked a robbery to see me freak out. FML
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Get him back, steal his Viagra. Watch him freak out because of limp dick...just an idea.

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Okay that is funny but wrong. You can always get him back though.


lovinit5683 0

Okay that is funny but wrong. You can always get him back though.

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At least he gets his stuff back

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its funny because PS store just went online recently with a bunch of free games.

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no.1, do you really think it's really that wise to be laying down on a railway track?!?

lovinit5683 0

It's called a picture. And it's not like I couldn't feel if a train was coming.

im sure #1 is smart enough not to sit on tracks if a train is coming....but yea if i woke up with my xbox360 missing and my brand new laptop missing, i would prob react like the OP and wanna kill someone

Hide your dad's keys, pants, and socks every night when he's asleep for about a month and enjoy his reaction to thinking he's starting to go senile.

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Is this by any chance David White from NM? and I would do the same thing to your dad.

lol no doubt :) and FML for iPhone sucks I'd like to char or inbox with u but yea [email protected]?

^LOL so far 8 PS3 owners. I actually enjoy getting thumbed on this one.

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Umm...what the hell? I can probably think of at least 10 reasons why ps3 is the shit. Care to rationalize? :/

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it's for the best; get an xbox 360 :D

Xbox 360...why do they sell a plastic box for so much? Its worthless

Better exclusive content and no PSN hackers :P

My all time fave!!!!! lol......then the x-box 360 elite!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

43 a guy just hacked psn some time ago

FMLandurstoo 9

Who argues about consoles? Losers.

no point in arguing just follow the easy guide: casual type/ FIFA/pro ev players - get a ps3. people who play games often, "gamers": get an xbox. easy choice.

Ps3 fails at everything. They got hacked and it took them like a month to get fixed. The longest I have ever seen xbox live down is a hour or two

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psn being down was a way to get people to get outside :) and yes I have a ps3

whoisthisgirl 4

ps3 and 360 both have had hackers... neither system is superior. only fan boys think that. I love then both, double the games, double the awesome :)

whoisthisgirl 4

70- you must be a newer fan boy :/ xbox was down like a week at Christmas time.. it was awful :(

whoisthisgirl 4

(not the most recent Christmas. I made it sound like that by accident)

boyguydudemalema 0

i have wii, ps3, and xbox ( i only had to pay for my ps3 at a very discounted price ) and i enjoy my xbox the most, especially at the time when ps3 was hacked and was down for a month the ps store was down for longer. In my opinion, ps3 is good for thier RPG exclusive stuff like FF (not ff13) but xbox excels in internet connection quality and online features for games like halo/cod and other fun OL games.

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12,that's why your thumbs downed?

70 how does payin for live feel like pal? or that you have sent your system back every couple of months because of RROD ps3 was down for a month but they gave everyone 2 free games and a month of free playstation plus. one month of no online(probably wont happen again)>>>>> paying for live and RROD

Xbox 360 will break your games. Xbox live costs money. Xbox controllers have a shitty non-symmetrical controller. Sony is giving us free stuff worth £55 in total because a free service of theirs (PSN) was down for just over 3 weeks. I have had both, and the games I played the most on either were the call of duty games. I prefer ps3 hands down.

I agree both of mine broke. the second got fixed and broke twice

Get him back, steal his Viagra. Watch him freak out because of limp dick...just an idea.

Hahaha now that would be an awesome payback!

27, do I see an attempt of some trolling? Try harder next time.

that's horrible, no need to go to that extreme

Haha this could turn into a father son war! OP I like your dads style though haha and at least they weren't actually stolen I suppose!

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haha that's so funny. OP you need loosen up a little. just laugh it off and you'll be ok(:

haha your dad is a big ass winnig ************! totally epic

With Sony being hacked again a missing PS3 probably wouldn't have sucked anyway

it's actually up now, they installed some new security ;)

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

so? omg I could still easily hack into it, it's Sony....

oh shut up you probably couldn't hack a calculator

whoisthisgirl 4

that's okay with the theft insurance they gave all members for free, we have 1 million dollars in insurance :) for every person.

which just goes to show why we are in so much debt, we have to provide a one million dollar security benifet for every PS3 player......which is why I play Xbox 360 :)

adjacent 2

"which is why I play Xbox 360 :)"... I'm pretty sure you play Xbox 360 because you got one, not because PSN happened to get hacked two months ago.

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I've played both consoles quite a bit and I'd have to say that the ps3 beasts the xbox 360 in every way imaginable. The reason why some people prefer xbox is because they've either 1) Never played ps3, or 2) Grown adapted to the xbox controller. 3 Rings of Death, anyone? >.>

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oh god here comes the fanboys...

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i have both ps3 and xbox and still prefer xbox, so shut up and play in whichever console you want and stop hating on other consoles. stupid fanboys

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both of them have their ups and downs

maz255 10

123 why state your opinion? youre just adding fuel to fire retard...

Quit bitchin! at least you kept your shit

your dad is crazy why???because if you believed the Robbery and you call the cops and it's not real you could pay them lots of money ... at least your dad is paying ! I think????!!!!!!

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did he also cancel your world of Warcraft account, causing you to attempt to shove a remote up your ass?