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  nyrangers1022  |  6

im sure #1 is smart enough not to sit on tracks if a train is coming....but yea if i woke up with my xbox360 missing and my brand new laptop missing, i would prob react like the OP and wanna kill someone

  ijrnelson  |  0

no point in arguing just follow the easy guide:
casual type/ FIFA/pro ev players - get a ps3.
people who play games often, "gamers": get an xbox. easy choice.


i have wii, ps3, and xbox ( i only had to pay for my ps3 at a very discounted price ) and i enjoy my xbox the most, especially at the time when ps3 was hacked and was down for a month the ps store was down for longer. In my opinion, ps3 is good for thier RPG exclusive stuff like FF (not ff13) but xbox excels in internet connection quality and online features for games like halo/cod and other fun OL games.


70 how does payin for live feel like pal? or that you have sent your system back every couple of months because of RROD

ps3 was down for a month but they gave everyone 2 free games and a month of free playstation plus.

one month of no online(probably wont happen again)>>>>> paying for live and RROD

  awesomeooo3  |  0

Xbox 360 will break your games. Xbox live costs money. Xbox controllers have a shitty non-symmetrical controller. Sony is giving us free stuff worth £55 in total because a free service of theirs (PSN) was down for just over 3 weeks. I have had both, and the games I played the most on either were the call of duty games. I prefer ps3 hands down.

  Smittyb24  |  4

which just goes to show why we are in so much debt, we have to provide a one million dollar security benifet for every PS3 player......which is why I play Xbox 360 :)

  adjacent  |  2

"which is why I play Xbox 360 :)"... I'm pretty sure you play Xbox 360 because you got one, not because PSN happened to get hacked two months ago.

  LOLbomb  |  1

I've played both consoles quite a bit and I'd have to say that the ps3 beasts the xbox 360 in every way imaginable. The reason why some people prefer xbox is because they've either 1) Never played ps3, or 2) Grown adapted to the xbox controller. 3 Rings of Death, anyone? >.>

By  victo890  |  11

your dad is crazy why???because if you believed the Robbery and you call the cops and it's not real you could pay them lots of money ... at least your dad is paying ! I think????!!!!!!