By sonwhy - 25/02/2014 00:51 - United States - Brookfield

Today, I found out that my son set up a telescope in the attic not so he could study astronomy like he told me, but so he could spy on the girl across the street. FML
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Well he found his star I'll give him that

Lol I'm trying to imagine how you found out.. Like did you catch him in the act? Or just happen to see the telescope pointed down at the neighbors house with a bottle of lotion and some tissues sitting next to it?

clearly the lotion and tissues were just for cleaning the telescope lens.

Don't be ridiculous! The tissues are for cleaning the lens; the lotion is for oiling the hinges.

PattonGilette2 18

True, #17. Lotion would smear on the lens, making it a hassle to clean.

Please discipline him, I had someone spy on me like that in the past and it makes you feel really violated.

This is why I always keep my curtains closed :(

cryssycakesx3 22

I keep mine all open. if anyone wants to look at my fat ass dancing in the nude, have at it. I guess that makes me the creep...

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More like, creepers will be creepers.

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Boys will be held responsible for their actions same as everyone else. Having a penis doesn't automatically disqualify you from being mature and spying on girls.

PattonGilette2 18

#13, please you deserve a cookie.

“Boys will be boys” doesn’t mean it’s o.k. It only means that parents of a boy have to expect something like this, and then they have to act accordingly.

How would you feel if your neighbor had a telescope so he could spy on your teenage daughter? Would you say, oh, well, boys would be boys; or would you want the parents of that boy to do something so he would know that it's unacceptable to do that.

Discipline isn't the only answer. Assuming this is a boy in his early teens, the parent has the opportunity to also encourage something such as, "Why don't you try talking to her instead of being a creepy spy?"

frizz101 22

It's exactly this kind of mantra that keeps women down. Oh Boys will be Boys does not excuse those actions and in fact the parents should not have to tell their sons not to spy on girls getting naked. It is a violation of privacy and is against the law. By saying "Boys will be Boys" you are excusing their behavior instead of making them face the consequence of their actions.

Boys will be boys and girls just have to marginalise themselves to accommodate for it. Right.

#23-- that's exactly what 'boys will be boys' means. No one should 'expect' this kind of behavior out of boys nor should they tolerate it. And there is most definitely something the parents can do about it.

the kids probably like 11. calm your ****. oh wait is that offensive too?

Beepbeep7 14

Beating their ass works wonders.

You probably should take the telescope away from little peeping Tom