Today, I made a bowl of spaghetti for my girlfriend and me. I tried the move from Lady and the Tramp where the boy and girl both slurp the same piece of spagetti and end up kissing. When I tried it, the spagetti went too down far my throat, and I ended up throwing it up on her. FML
By spitballer1 / Monday 6 July 2009 16:54 / United States
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Haha; I know, right? xD I love FMLs that make for such a vivid picture in my imagination.

Anyways; OP-- roflmao :D
that's hilarious. but IMO, the thought was sweet, but I personally don't relish the thought of sharing a piece of spaghetti with someone. wayy too cliche. but your girlfriend probably appreciates what you were trying to do (: but she probably doesn't appreciate washing regurgitated pasta out of her hair.

  freddie_fml  |  0

Wrong. "I made spaghetti for my girlfriend and me" is correct. The first I is already the subject of the sentence. You wouldn't say "I made spaghetti for I," would you?

  skullbuster  |  0

Fuck every single member of the grammar police on this site. How arrogant and annoying. FYLs for having nothing better to do than point out usage of me vs. I. PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLE!

  AndelleRae  |  9

You wouldn't say "I made spaghetti for me." either. TECHNICALLY you would said "I made spaghetti for my girlfriend and myself." Take out "my girlfriend and" and you're left with "I made spaghetti for myself."

Normally I don't do the grammar Nazi thing, but I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon for some reason.

OP- Spaghetti down the throat, not fun. Someone already used the Wayne's World quote, but I'm going to second it.

By  sooper  |  0

Sloppy eating and tons of tomato sauce? Yeah, despite what the movies think, spag. isn't the most romantic meal :/

Bake her a cute cake or something