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By Anonymous - 27/09/2011 04:15 - United States

Today, my nephew spent a long while enthusiastically telling me how amazing his new 3D TV system is. I felt his pain as his face turned white when he remembered that I'm blind in one eye since birth. FML
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perdix 29

"Auntie Cyclops! Auntie Cyclops! Guess what? I got a new 3D TV, and . . . Oh, shit."

"look on the bright side" should have just stopped there :-P


Burr520 3

I wouldn't see why he couldn't tell you about it at least. But you aren't missing much, I can't even watch 3D cause I get crippling migraines from it

molly2moon 0

I agree with Jaxx. Can't stand those things. And YDI for making your nephew feel bad for an innocent slip-up.

Maybe im wrong but she didnt say anything. The nephew was talking and then remembered that the OP is blind with one eye.

perdix 29

"Auntie Cyclops! Auntie Cyclops! Guess what? I got a new 3D TV, and . . . Oh, shit."

Cyclops during the day, Pirate during the night; it's a full time job.

Avast, thar be an "oh shit" moment a-brewing in his mind, Yaar! I had to.

I see what you did there ^ :) pirate humor never gets old...

"look on the bright side" should have just stopped there :-P

kings1fan 6

Don't worry you ain't missing out on anything. 3D tvs blow

NoobHat 6

My thoughts exactly, they haven't developed enough to be worth it.

As a person who, like OP, can only see out of one eye since birth, I would like to say it's be fact that you're so limited that's annoying. Not being able to watch 3D things, or not being able to do certain jobs, things like that. It's not great at all.

tweetbaby14 18

Really? The 3D tv's I've seen all have blurry picture and look like complete crap that isn't even kind of 3D.... Maybe it's just me?

It's blurry.. Until you put the 3D glasses on.. Then it's an awesome picture! But not worth the extra cash:/

3G tv are really ******* bad for your eyes though. Immense eye strain and headaches for the loss.

50, Try cutting it in half, taping the two together and wearing it like a monocle

I have a friend who lost an eye to cancer at a young age. She can see 3D just fine - they've recently changed it specifically so people with vision in one eye can still see it. This is fake. Atleast do your research first.

fogrunner 13

ORRRRRRRRRR maybe it isn't fake because OP didn't KNOW about this recent change and wasn't actually WATCHING the nephew's TV?

I agree, but get ready for your comment to get moderated):