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Today, while working at a client's house, I noticed that their sliding calendar was several months off. I fixed it. Later the daughter saw and started crying. Apparently the date was the last one her mother had set it to before she died. FML
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This is why you don't touch people's things when you're working at their house. Def YDI!

Rddvl 11

YDI, although it was a good gesture, you shouldn't mess with stuff at other people's houses especially if it's a client's.


This is why you don't touch people's things when you're working at their house. Def YDI!

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It doesn't matter. You don't touch another person's possessions in his/her house without prior permission.

I agree with 1 & 16. Not your stuff so don't touch it, simple as that.

19, If the calendar isn't yours, that's exactly what you should say.

#19: My name isn't Meg; it's Welshite. So you'd be completely okay if I pranced through your house and adjusted everything as I pleased? Of course you wouldn't. The problem with people like you is that you try to justify your actions by ridiculing proper procedure and downplaying the consequences of said actions.

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CallMeMcFeelii 13

I don't know who to agree with, on one hand OP shouldn't touching other people's shit, but on the other he was just trying to do something nice. It'd be like if I left a grape soda stain in the carpet because one of my friends made it, and passed away. Shit like that is a nice reminder, a little memento really. If someone cleaned it, without knowing the back story, it doesn't make them an asshole. They were just trying to do something nice. It's all about the memories that made those mementos special, not the objects themselves.

When you hold the door open for someone, it isn't with the assumption that if you don't, they'll flip out or break down crying. You be polite to be polite, and to not be an asshole. So whether or not someone would mind you touching all their stuff, you don't. Basic courtesy.

19- Either that, or "Hey, your calendar's off. Just thought you should know." It's common courtesy not to touch people's shit.

jesse_mxlover 6

#23 is it pronounced wellshitty?

MikaykayUnicorn 36

27: so if, lets say, I came to your house and 'adjusted' your computer/phone. with a baseball bat.

Don't waste your time with 27. He's just one of those people

I was trying to figure out whose side I was on (I was favoring Welshite's argument), but CallMeMcFeelii perfectly summed up my opinion. While OP shouldn't have been messing with the owner's things, it was done with good intentions in mind. If there was an option between FYL and YDI, that's where I would be.

wowthatsucks5 8

Op was just trying to be nice. Yes it upset the little girl and that's terrible. But nobody should be mad at op. It's just an unfortunate outcome. Op didnt do anything wrong per se, she was just trying to help, and it's such a small thing she figured it'd just go unnoticed.

ThumbMeHarder 5

Today, I learned some individuals believe that people who act with good intentions are not to be held accountable if their actions infringe on the rights of others. FML. "Hey friend, today I was near your house and you weren't home. But I decided to take your dog for a walk with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, your dog got loose and was hit by a car. I am very sorry, it's okay though because my intentions were good."

all of y'all are acting like OP was just over at a friends house. they were working there, maybe part of their job is to check clock, calendars, or other things and properly set them?

even though I agree 90%, I still believe it could help the family. moving on from something like that is very unhealthy. go ahead and tell me I'm wrong, but that's how I moved on from my dads and grandmas death is by not holding on to their stuff out in the open.

Unless it's in your job description to adjust sliding calendars, don't touch the damn calendars!!

47 - I'm assuming it's like "Well-shight"....

xStaciexLynnx 15

I agree with the other two who have pointed out that it may actually be something that would normally be part of op's job. I have two private cleaning jobs and might adjust a calendar if it just looked forgotten and not like an heirloom or something.

Are you ******* stupid 89? How is OP adjusting a calendar "infringing on the rights of others?" I also said nothing about not being held accountable. In fact, what I DID say is I can understand both sides of the argument. But, since you seem to enjoy making ridiculous accusations, I'll just listen to your username and thumb you down.

Wow! How so many people change their tunes. Off direct topic-- I remember there was a past FML about an OP that put up his neighbour's Christmas lights without his permission, only to find out that he had died. When I expressed how wrong it was to do without checking with him prior, I was bashed and down voted to hell because the OP was just "trying to be nice." This was exactly my point. You don't touch/do things without checking first. :P

It's true that the OP couldn't have known the calendar's connection to the client's mother. But does the reason matter? Don't touch people's things, period. I currently have my calendar's picture from April on my wall, because I think it's a cute picture. So I'd be pretty annoyed if some stranger ripped if off to "fix" the date. :(

I like how you took the idea of simply setting someone's calendar to date and made it seem like they wanted to "prance through the house and adjusted everything as they pleased". It's a completely logical and normal thing to do.

what kind of dumbass job is that? who the hell needs to hire someone to adjust their clocks and calendars for them. that is one of the stupidest things I've ever read.

ThumbMeHarder 5

#114- No, I am not "******* stupid." Touching someone else's possessions/belongings without their permission is an infringement of their rights. You don't understand this? Are you "******* stupid?" My comment was not a direct response to yours, clearly as I stated "some people"...I did not single you out. Are you "******* stupid?" I find it interesting that you personalized my comment though. If you did not think my comment was an appropriate antithesis or rebuttal to yours, then why would you think it was a response to you? Are you "******* stupid?" What accusation did I make exactly? My comment merely implies that having good intentions does not serve as justification or absolve a person from being held accountable for behavior that negatively impacts others. It also implies the obvious, that others disagree with this belief. I included "FML" to highlight how opinionated I was being. Again, are you "******* stupid?" I look forward to reading more from you regarding this. :)

CommonSenseKarma 17

It's a ******* calendar you righteous ****.

Okay, 160, let me break down my answer into a few points.1.) a. We don't know that OP touched it "without permission". For all we know they could be a house cleaner, whose job it is to tidy and fix things around the house. Using context clues (i.e. "working", "client", "house"), that is the conclusion I came to. If this is (and it is most likely) the case, then if anything it's the home-owner's fault for not giving OP any prior knowledge of the treasured item. If OP is not a house cleaner, then you're right, they shouldn't have touched the home-owner's things. But, since we may never know, I remain on the fence of the argument.b.) What right, exactly, was OP infringing on by changing the date on the calendar? Please elaborate, if you can.2.) Your comment may not have been a direct response to mine, but I clearly fell under it's umbrella, as your response quoted a part of what I had said (ex: "with good intentions), which is why I replied. I didn't realize a comment had to be a direct response to somebody in order for them to say something. Hmm.3.) Nobody said anything about OP being absolved of accountability. That's the ridiculous accusation I was referring to. They (OP) did it, and they faced the consequences.Final Note: I too can do a passive-aggressive smiley face :)))))

I'm sorry but to all of you making this argument, Would you really not mention to the House Cleaner that while everything else is fair game this one, ONE little calender needs to be left alone for your daughter's sake? There would be no way that Dad (or whoever takes care of the girl) didn't know why that one calender was several months off. My grandmother did the same thing with her small fridge calender when my grandfather passed but you know what she said to everyone who went near the thing? "Don't adjust this calender, you can move any other one but this one because this one is being left this way in remembrance of my husband. " I just can't help but doubt the OP is in any position where them messing with the calender would have been expected.

exactly. as the phrase goes "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"

I'm wondering if anybody noticed the words "clients house"... OP was working idiots, that was probably their job

I am an SPTA (student Physical Therapist Assistant), and one of the first things we were told about home health visits is never touch anything without asking. We were told a story of someone who had shut a bathroom tap off because it was dripping. Turns out the patient could not use that tap for a week because she had weak hands and could not turn it on, which is why it was left loose and dripping. So, op should have asked, though it WAS a nice gesture.

@misunderstood94 Yes, all of us noticed that phrasing, hence all those wacky comments about the OP maybe being a house cleaner and that being their job.

tjv3 10

Yeah op never touch things you are not asked to . That's customer service 101 stuff

You people are crazy. What is all this don't touch people's shit nonsense? It was just a calendar!

Toiletgod is it? That's exactly where your comment belongs.

in his defense he didn't know about it so in reality its not Def YDI!

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OP shouldn't be touching other people's stuff. Remember that ash tray you put your cigarette out in? That was grandpa. Nothing that dramatic, but still.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Well, honestly, OP deserved it. although they may not known, OP should have just left it. Whether the calendar is like that because they just like it like that or whatever, you don't mess with it.

rudegirlmania 10

You don't touch people's things. You just don't do that shit. The only way he could have not known THAT is if he had no regard for the other person and only cared about imposing his ideas on her. .....oh, wait...

Today, I tried hitting YDI and then exiting the app and coming back and doing it again but it wouldn't let me. FML. There, now people feel worse for me than they do for you, OP.

Don't care because when I'm brutally rejected by you people I just picture myself running and screaming, naked and pounding on my chest, and taking it like a ******* champ.

How would you feel if someone did this to you? I know I would be just as devastated. OP had NO right touching the owners things. That's wrong in itself.

Don't feel bad OP, you couldn't have known that :/

Except for randomly asking extremely bizarre questions to people. Seems like a strange thing to do but it is how I get most of my information. P.S. If you ever need to know the location of the only three crack houses in Alaska, they would be the ones covered in snow; you can't miss it.

I'm beyond positive the crack house down the road has no snow on it

jw90 18

Poor girl, but it's not your fault. You couldn't have known.

Well yeah but either way the OP shouldn't be touching the client's stuff.

She shouldn't have expected you to know that.

But OP shouldn't have been touching/changing their stuff in the first place.

captainmpg 9

But Op should have known better than to touch other people's things without permission.

Unless it was part of their job. Definitely not OPs fault.

149, changing a sliding calendar definitely wouldn't have been part of OP's job.

Rddvl 11

YDI, although it was a good gesture, you shouldn't mess with stuff at other people's houses especially if it's a client's.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Unless, of course, your JOB is to mess with stuff... like a housekeeper does.

What an embarrassing time. I hope you showed yourself to the calen-door! Im sorry. I suck at puns.

You get a C. As in a C for cancer because that is what your pun left me with.

If you're gonna say a pun, just say it and don't look back. No apologies, take a risk!

If it ain't yours and you're not paid to, then look but don't touch OP... OCD or not...

ironik69 31

I have OCD and would probably have a panic/anxiety attack if someone moved something of mine like that. It may have been done with the best of intentions, but it still shouldn't have been done.

sammyjanette 17

The only reason I could see you touching the calendar is if you were a maid, and even then you should have asked. YDI

Obviously, YDI. It's totally unacceptable to mess with stuff in other peoples houses.

addioty 19

I hate all these comments. I get it, OP probably shouldn't of touched her things. Seriously though, OP was trying to do a nice thing. I understand it's hard for people to lose someone but they shouldn't of started sobbing over that. Honestly, OP didn't deserve it. I'm awaiting the downvotes but can you all calm down?

HammyBear13 8

184, you are insensitive. The daughter was probably really young. Have you ever met a young child whose mother has died? They tend to cry, a lot, and have every right to. Common knowledge any human being should have is DO NOT TOUCH SHIT IN SOMEONE ELSES HOUSE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Regardless of you occupation. If she were a housekeeper, Im am fully positive that the calendar would have been mentioned.