By Krit - 10/02/2010 15:10 - United States

Today, my drunk mother got into a fight with the lady at Krystal burger. Why? "Because the bitch said they aren't making special orders." FML
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But everyone NEEDS special orders! I don't blame her

BadPinkKitty07 0

she must have tried to order the tequila burger with a side of whisky fries and a brandy shake


But everyone NEEDS special orders! I don't blame her

Ajjas013 6

That bitch better get in that fucking kitchen and make sone sammiches!

#6, you sir, are a cock.

YeahFMLxX 0

and #32 you, are a troll.

You put a comma in the wrong place. Dimwit. *Insert smiley here.*

bitch this ain't burger king lol

u and ur mom deserve to get a special burger, the one where a ball of shit replaces the meat...fyl and ydi.

wow that's one of the best FMLs ever

your mom's a dumbass drunk

pongmaster 0

woot for bi polar people! haha jk


^ ur a retard PattisonDaStud

I order 4x4 burgers from in n out. the drive throught lady was hitching cuz your ugly drunk mom asked for something extremely huge and retarded. like 14 patties with creamcheese and whip cream. I don't think your mom was the only one drunk, are you sure you weren't either because this is a stupid fml. omg my mom got in a fight the world is going to end!!!!

poooook 0


would you like fries with that

amoreforte 6

a shake too!

AbOvE_88 0

ummm Krystal burger??

what's a special order?

AngryNinja 1

haha. your mother is awesome.

Being drunk and disorderly in a public place as a full grown woman is awesome? I call it worrying.

AngryNinja 1

i was being sarcastic.. i would be embarrassed. i also wouldn't let my mom out of the house if she's drunk..

I think you misspelled a word there, the word is not spelled h o u s e but t r a i l e r ...

AngryNinja 1

i hope you are aiming that at op and not me.

PsychoMerk 0

#80= WIN.

you shoulda joined in

toe sucker

KurouTenshi 0

maybe your mom shouldn't be drunk in public :P but I'll bet it was effing hilarious :)

YDI for even thinking about going to Krystle Burger

Ajjas013 6

I dunno what Krystal Burger is, bit it sounds a hell of a lot better than McDonalds :)

AngryNinja 1

fer sure. bet they sell meth too!

Whats a Krystle Burger?

Ajjas013 6

Lol that was horrible.

@Ajjas - A southern version of White Castle.

Ajjas013 6

Ohh ok I've never been there either but I heard of it before. Reminds me of the Harold

Ajjas013 6

It cut my comment... I said: Harold

Ajjas013 6


Ajjas, if you use a less-than sign, the rest of the comment gets cut out. It's a software limitation. Example: »_« works, but this doesn't: >_

Ajjas013 6

I used the and one (shift 7) I didn't know, thanks. What I said was: Harold and Kumar movies.

AngryNinja 1

thank you. see, some people understand the connection between krystal burger and crystal meth.

What if... you're just thinking about Krystle? (I am assuming Krystle is like Dave's Wendy)

it seems the FML has been edited to reflect the true name of the franchise, "Krystal Burger" instead of what was originally posted, "Krystle Burger." Context is the lifeblood of the Internets and can make/break an observation/joke/interrogation/troll attempt.

Ajjas013 6

@Snickerdoodles: I'm surprised you didn't attack Ninja for her grammar :) White Castle is a burger place. Google it. @Ninja: Sorry I'm not up-to-date on all the drugs :( @McDonalds: Fuck you guys! I'm going to Burger King. @Steve Jobbs: Fuck mac! I'm a PC baby :) @Jesus: Please protect me from trollers who may or may not be outraged by my comment. @Self: Oh yeah I'm not Christian. @Jesus: Nevermind bro, I got this one ;)

@ Ajjas013, You killed it

once again, Ajjas, timing, context, and frequency are everything. You will learn these things as you progress along these upcoming days. @Brave_Sir_Robin - STFU!

Ajjas013 6

Oh really? Thanks BSR, you're like a creepy older brother :) I'll work on my commenting. I did notice that it was out of context. I was just bored :(

AngryNinja 1

Ajjas, become up-to-date before someone kicks your ass for by knowing what meth is. jk xP and i don't care if my grammer sucks. ^.^

Gunguy 11

*gasp* how have you never heard of white castles. Then agian I have never heard of Kristal Burger

Ajjas013 6

@snickerdoodles: I didn't know that. That's very interesting :) @Ninja: Don't hurt me?

Ajjas013 6

Oh thanks snickers I didn't know that. It's very interesting :)

AngryNinja 1

i won't. i was just playing.

Ajjas013 6

I know lol :)

AngryNinja 1

mkay :P

fretforyerlatte 0

i once told the girl at dunkin donuts what was on the thing i wanted....i couldnt remember the correct name...and for ten min she argued they didnt have anything by the name i used. finally when i was about to reach acrossed the counter she was like oh u mean***** sandwich. i hate stupid people. any way ur mom was right. lol!

That was a bit of a bad story.

BadPinkKitty07 0

she must have tried to order the tequila burger with a side of whisky fries and a brandy shake