By UghDude - 06/09/2014 13:35 - United States - Austin

Today, I found out that my sister licks all the flavoring off Doritos and puts them back in the bag. FML
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Next time she says that, just scream, "Those are nacho chips!" Problem solved.


(sits here watching) dis gon b gud

Why fight, he just needs to get to the Doritos first, lick the flavoring off, and put them back. An eye for an eye

^makes the whole world blind.

^is a trite and clichéd saying.

that awkward moment, when you can only lick off the powder not the flavoring.

So now, you have just plain tortilla chips!

Saliva flavoured tortilla chips...

The best flavor!

With sister spit on them.

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.... So?

Maybe his sister licks his chips too. This might not be a singular occurance.

Only child. I just found that EXTREMELY gross to read after eating.

@36 Most people would be disgusted WHILE eating, not after.

Like you said, that's -most- people.

Next time she says that, just scream, "Those are nacho chips!" Problem solved.

Next time you get Doritos make them UUUUBER spicy so when she licks em she won't lick em again.

And how exactly would one go about making them spicy?

Pour in some habanero powder. Add sriracha. Add chopped up hot pepper seeds. Dump in some of those hot pepper flakes from cosco. Need any more ideas?

Pour in a bottle of Tabasco, shake the bag, and walk away.

ghost pepper powder, doesn't get hotter than that.

There's a pepper which is the primary component in pepper spray. Use that? She won't go anywhere near chips ever again

Use a Peruvian puff pepper.

54- Uhh, ANY spicy peppers have capsaicin, which is the main ingredient in spray.

what if she likes spicy foods?

#15 tobasco isn't that hot .-.

And #44 you can get hotter, the scorpion pepper is at least twice as hot ranking at 2.2 mil. on the Scoville Scale while ghost is at 1.3 mil, and the reaper pepper is even hotter. And you can get hotter than that. I don't recommend this stuff because it is ONLY for experimental use or decoration saying "yeah, I got some spicy shit", but there is Blair's 16 million reserve.

Did you find that out after you ate some Doritos? That's gross.

So people aren't suppose to do that?

No #7, they aren't.

Hahaha. If they are your chips you can do whatever you want with them. But if you share them with the people you live with then you probably should not do that haha.

thats fucking repulsive

This is why we can't have nice things! She should have her Dorito privileges suspended until she eats them the normal way.

Or at least throw them away instead of putting them back in the bag, that's fucking disgusting

NO. Doritos can't be wasted like that! She is unworthy.

She can't eat them the normal way if she can't eat Doritos because her Doritos privileges are suspended :/

I like to lick the flavouring off too but I eat the fucking chip after I do that!!

I'm hoping that you found this out by seeing her doing it and not by eating Doritos and wondering why they were a bit soggy and there was no flavour.