By Anonymous - 01/04/2011 14:19 - United States

Today, just a few minutes after I got to work, my usually laconic boss came into my office and said, "Pack your stuff and get the f*ck out." Apparently, half my department was being downsized. Thinking it was an April Fool's, I burst out laughing and told him how funny the prank was. He wasn't kidding. FML
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take a shit on the hood of his car, or pee in the gas tank. that will be a good prank! check your employment agreement and company policy. such short notice might be a violation, giving you legal options or footing to negotiate a severance package. a deal is a deal.


ElectricGhost_fml 5

haha I'm sorry miss Jackson... ooh, I am forreaaal. *clears throat* anyways, YDI for your whale-like laugh, OP.

pack your things and just come back right before closing time. u know what to do. ask him 4 another chance.

Haha! Where did an old outcast song come from? LOL

Miss bunny! yur back:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 lol

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well couldn't he politely ask you to leave instead of swearing? what a douche

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has anyone noticed almost every comment has april fools in them and it's not a joke? .. I hate April fools no point to it

wow. it will be over tomorrow. I don't like tella tubbys, April fools!

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Ouch that sucks, would be awesome april fools thru :D

Probably apart of the April Fool's joke. I'm sure when you go back to work the next day, you guys will just laugh it off over a cup of coffee :D

TheDrifter 23

The next day? The op is likely packing as we speak. There is no tomorrow at that job.

FudgeInMyLife 3

Easy fix, just tell everyone at work that your boss slept with their wives as a April Fools joke ha

FudgeInMyLife 3

Easy Fix, you just have to tell everyone in your work that your boss slept with their wives as a " April Fools Joke" haha

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If the department can run with only half the people, you guys weren't doing much.