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Today, my boyfriend of one year and seven months left me for not wanting to have a baby yet. I'm seventeen years old. FML
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Wizardo 33

And I was like baby, baby, baby noooo.

You're not even old enough to to have sex yet, let alone a baby


You're not even old enough to to have sex yet, let alone a baby

You've been dating a person who wants a baby since you were about 15? Disturbing.

In Kansas, where OP lives, the age of consent is 16, meaning they can legally have sex.

Kyle1dc 17

Same with Iowa, its still frowned upon though.

addioty 19

No, she's a year over the age of consent. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out. If she's ready to have sex, she's ready. I agree with the baby part though.

lexiieeex3 32

A lot of people lose their virginity between the ages of 16 and 18 so yeah, I'd say OP can do whatever she wants. A baby on the other hand...

#35 she was thinking with her head screwed on because if she wasn't then she would of agreed to have a baby at 17.

I think 17 is a good time to experiment. But as long as you do it safely.

I don't know where you're from but most people I know lost their virginity at around 16. Some lost it as early as the age of 13, some as late as 24. It all depends on the person

Honestly, if she's mature enough to know she's not ready to have a baby and responsible enough to have sex safely (no STDs or prior pregnancies) then she's old enough to have sex.

I think he was talking legally old enough to have sex. In Texas the age of consent is 18. But obviously it's different in other places.

Wow that's a bit stupid of him. He should've waited until you were ready and he obviously needs to be a bit more mature too.

mermaidkeels 26

Better for him to leave her than for her to get pregnant. I'd say good riddance.

lexiieeex3 32

Nothing cute about teen pregnancy

I wouldn't be too upset if I was you, at least you won't be looking back in 10 years and knowing this was the exact moment your life was ruined

yeah...I'm glad she said no.teenage pregnancy is awful and I'm sure that guy would have made an awful father.

Wizardo 33

And I was like baby, baby, baby noooo.

Never thought I'd see this song put to good use aside from all those old parodies - bravo, sir.

Maybe this is for the best. That sounds very controlling, and immature. Maybe you can talk to him about not demanding life-altering things out of you, because a child is nothing to joke about. Best of luck to you OP, hope you find happiness!

countryb_cth 38

Plus with him being a guy having a baby would be a lot easier for him since all he has to do is have sex and then wait for nine months. While she would be going through crazy changes. He really should have thought that through. Also it was very immature of him to break up with you for saying no, clearly he is no where near ready to raise a child.

17 with a kid would suck. he is a dumbass...most guys dont want kids especially at 17.

xoxoblondee 31

Dodged a pooping, screaming, crying bullet there. And I'm just talking about your ex!

This reminds me of a funny news I have read about earlier on. "A girl Jane is 7 years old, her grandpa is 48 years older than her, and her mom is 36 years younger than grandpa, Q: how old is her mom" editor comment: a better question, how many years did his dad get? LOL

There have been girls who have given birth at the age of 12. Google news stories. It isn't just made up.

Thank you for mathing for the rest of us, #10!

It was fished out of the primary text book for year 2 math, it was on a sort of news ranting commentary. Not a real story, just funny. Lol

When I was a sophomore in highschool (I was 15), I had a class with an incoming freshman. She kept showing me pictures of her son. He was 2. I think I asked like three times "Son!? Not little brother? Son?" Of course, no dad around, he was a 7th grader when the kid was concieved. Still blows my mind 15 years later. And it just hit me: that kid is almost a legal adult...

Holy ****. That kid could have a kid! I'm not quite 30 and that girl could be a grandmother. Could have been for 5 years, if her kid took after her. She could have been a grandmother at 25. I haven't thought about her in years... it's a small town, I bet she's still around.

Actually, you did the math wrong. The mom is 19.

#38 she's 19 now... her daughter is 7. that makes her 12 when she had her.

There was a girl in Paraguay recently who was raped until she was pregnant. Paraguayan law doesn't permit abortions. She was forced to carry it to term. And since she was underdeveloped and couldn't have a vaginal birth, they had to C-section it out of her. At least two of the GOP candidates at the time said if it was up to them, they wouldn't have let the child have an abortion either.

Redgy22 26

#55 The youngest girl to give birth ever was in Peru in the 1940's. She was five almost six at the time of the birth. They did know she's even been raped until she had to go to the hospital in labor. Pretty sure the town lynched the rapist.

Tell him your dating a kid. Why would you want to have another around.

It was the best choice not to have a child at 17.

Exactly, that is why I did not say FYL, but you deserve it. You deserve to be in a better relationship,one wthout a crazy boyfriend. Enjoy your youth, and when it is time, enjoy that next stage of your life.