By danjoylovefun - 25/10/2010 00:36 - United States

Today, I woke up to shit on my floor and my cat hiding under my comforter. I have to get rid of my new fish because my cat is afraid of it. FML
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Anaxes 5

You could give the fish to the cat and you could solve 2 problems.


Anaxes 5

You could give the fish to the cat and you could solve 2 problems.

anaxes, I don't think I've ever laughed so much, like I did when reading your "about" section. like, you think you're so tough, but you're probably some 26 year old, overweight nerd who lives with his mother. get over yourself.

Ali_Br_fml 33

I don't like your list. politically correct. & from My iPod, the (damn French keyboard changing the to thé) quotes don't show up; it just says quote. Lolz. ;-) I just had 2 say it. I never really figured out how 2 use these (;) I'm not a grammar Nazi b/c I don't know that... I just felt the need 2 make him mad. ;-)

I laughed at his info too. Best info ever :D

Anaxes 5

#43 - I think someone's jealous that the nerds are the people who get the money while you're stuck cleaning drains. On another note, I'm surprised that random people haven't just replied to my comment to get to the top.

lemoncows 2

he admitted to being narcicistic so stop being all jealous

omg I had a freaking lolgasm when I read that info too!!! what a stupid *DOUCHE* face fuckbag. omg still giggling hahaa

hahafylop 4

Brightsidegirl82, go die in a hole. Or better yet, use some spare change to buy yourself a sense of humor.

Anaxes 5

#58 - Due to the fact that the post looks like it just came out of a blender I cannot determine the presence/absence of sarcasm. But I will help you with your insult. Firstly, douche is not a proper insult. "Douche" is what females use to clean their vaginas. So whenever someone is so stupid and uninspired (Come on, even the tone of the word makes it sound pathetic, like calling someone a pile of poo) to call someone a "Douche", they're pretty much actually complimenting the person. Douche Face doesn't even make any sense anyway, unless you're implying my face is not solid and in fact is comprised of gases and liquids. Fuckbag, while making no sense at least sounds like an insult rather than the screaming of a 2 year old.

96 you go person! (I didn't know what to call you so I just said person)

someones butthurt. and btw, ur wrong, douche actually means shower in French. bitch.

Diabla_ 2

And that makes it any better? Shower face? Oooh what an insult.

MarioandSonic 8

did anyone else read the first sentence as: " I woke up to shit on my floor " as in she woke up to take a shit on the floor? or is that just me?

Get rid of the fish. It's probably the Spookyfish (South Park).

ahhhhahahahahahahahah you silly troll! bahahahahahahahahahah

Isn't that a fishkeepers dream? I'd be happy if I got a cat and it was scared of my fish..

knibbsy 4

Why didn't you use a butt plug for your cat? One of my latest entrepreneurial quests has led me to a large share of stock in Plug Your ******* Ass, a great new company who is on the frontier of cutting-edge butt plugs for felines. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. They're all the rage now!

how is this an FML moment..? it's just a ******* fish!! flush the stupid thing!

surefirewinners 0

How dare you! I'm sorry, OP.

seriously?!? it's just a don't HOW DARE YOU!! to won't even remember what happened 3 seconds after it gets flushed.

Anaxes 5

Fish aren't food, people are food. How many times do I have to tell you, people are a RENEWABLE resource.


^ Your profile description is funnier.

Umm...hate to burst your bubble, but they will. They have a memory span of months.