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Today, I finally got up the courage to tell my boyfriend of a year and a half that I love him. His response was to start to snore, pretending to be asleep. FML
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ninjuh_wingman 29

I guess hes just not that into you.


ninjuh_wingman 29

I guess hes just not that into you.

How is it that you only tell him that after so long though?

Well, he just gave you an answer... Maybe not the one you wanted to hear, but now you know how he feels.

RoseTintMyWorld 8

I think it's better that she waited a year and a half rather than be one of those annoying couples who've just started dating and say I love you after a week.

If I had a girlfriend, I would hope to make an objective to say I love you to her everyday.

You will never get a girlfriend. Don't bother

Too much 'I love you' can really be a pain in the ass

What kind of a relationship is this ?? 0_o

Haley, I think we are the only ones that get it. Lol well idk but were im from people fall asleep on others a lot.

A year and a half is long? Damn. Now I feel bad for waiting 3 years with mine.

If it took either of you a year and a half to say I love you there's something seriously wrong with your relationship and you're not going to last long term so you might as well just end it now. My fiancee and I were saying that to each other after only a month. Sure maybe that's a tad fast, but we really did feel it that early on, and we still do after 4 years.

lishy1311 0

There isn't anything wrong with their relationship ! If they don't feel like they love eachother, clearly they're waiting for their love to be true rather than being one of those couples who say it within a week of dating

If it took a year and a half before one of them felt their love was "real" there's something wrong. Yes a lot of couples rush that concept, but I'd say if you don't know whether or not you could spend your life with someone after you've been with them for about a year that's probably a good sign that the answer is no.

38 - sometimes a pain in the ass can be the biggest "I love you" yet...

Well, it did take her a year and a half before she said it. Doesn't mean that the boyfriend also now magically felt it right to say it to her. She took her time, now let him take his.

He had the same year and a half that he did. If he even cared for her and respected her, he should've responded in some way even if it was to tell her he didn't feel the same. If after being together for over a year you still need to "work up courage" to have a conversation, something is not quite right. I wish you'd included your age as it matters if you are 14 or 41 here but ultimately you need to discuss where the relationship is heading.

lebronesque73091 12

If he doesn't love you after that long, all hope is probably gone, and you should try to move on.

She tried to wake up Snorlax, but it didn't work.

Is it worse then him lying and saying he loves you too o_o actually... Yeah that is worse. FYL.

7-This is one of those times when distinguishing between "than" and "then" is important. If I was too subtle, the correct form would be than.

23- Oops, you're right I did get that wrong. My apologies.

bfsd42 20

23, why is this one of those times? I found it very easy to decipher what they were saying and would imagine that anyone with half a brain could too.

I think you should find someone who deserves your love!

Your love put him to 'sleep'? Kinda sorta confused as to why he'd react that way.

Because he's an asshole. That's my guess anyway.