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  cassie94_fml  |  20

Buy a bunch of cheap chinese rubbish via a wholesaler, charge some exorbinant prices, and claim it to be 'high quality genuine item'... Bingo!

Thats what most people do on ebay...

  ColdplaySucks  |  18

Anyone with half a brain should know that he/she can get a lot more money with eBay/craigslist. I'm not even sure why people deal with pawns unless they're 100% broke.


Also, Toshiba or mitsubishi or any other top brand in electronics that most people own these days outnumber the cost and quantity of American made items owned. Just simple economics really, it's cheaper to manufacture overseas. Sure #18 you can rant and rave about only wanting American made products but when the price of your iphone or flat screen more than triples, I'm sure you'll change your tune.