By Anonymous - 13/04/2013 22:53 - United States

Today, I had to sell over $400 worth of china at a flea market. I barely got paid enough to refill my gas tank. FML
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Should have used Ebay.

mangoboy1 19

You sold part of China?Who bought it?


Should have used Ebay.

Lindahhxd 7

Or Craigslist! I hope you scramble some money :/

Just Goes to show Chinese things are cheap ;)

Roskosity 22

Better than selling North Korea.

Then you have to pay for shipping for each sold and eBay fee, that drain your wallet

lenamartinovic 13

or Etsy.

Buy a bunch of cheap chinese rubbish via a wholesaler, charge some exorbinant prices, and claim it to be 'high quality genuine item'... Bingo! Thats what most people do on ebay...

Sounded like he did well since he filled his gas tank. ;)

mkid232 15

The flea does not want your no good Fine China! The flea revels in your filth!

Harmell 7

"In the rain or in the snow, got the got the funky flow"

Are you kidding me? I'd love fine China! (the rare time my user name makes sense)

thisisFMLsoFYL 11

¡Nacho Libre!

You would've gotten more over an auction or pawn shop since china is expensive and can fetch alot

Well, aren't you a smart little kitty!

He might have had a monster truck!!

Pawn shops will rip you off like none other.

69- Of course! Buy low, sell high. That's how economies work.

Anyone with half a brain should know that he/she can get a lot more money with eBay/craigslist. I'm not even sure why people deal with pawns unless they're 100% broke.

Harmell 7

Thats what you get for selling something expensive at a flea market.

mangoboy1 19

You sold part of China?Who bought it?

In this case, china = fine silverware

#7 are you sherlock holmes by any chance?

mangoboy1 19

@7 I know, it was supposed to be a joke. I guess it wasn't very good.

Harmell 7

That's the joke.

Sorry I wasn't sure if you were serious or not

I know, I for one wouldn't want to have 400$ worth of any country except america in my house

Check you tv.. If it's samsung it's not from america.. You smartphone or laptop isn't american..

Also, Toshiba or mitsubishi or any other top brand in electronics that most people own these days outnumber the cost and quantity of American made items owned. Just simple economics really, it's cheaper to manufacture overseas. Sure #18 you can rant and rave about only wanting American made products but when the price of your iphone or flat screen more than triples, I'm sure you'll change your tune.

Probably Japan. They really want those Daimyo/Senkaku islands from the Chinese.

Sold part of China huh, bet Britain got a nice price for it.

The same guy who I sold the Brooklyn Bridge to.

Definitely your fault, you can always say "no". Simple really.

TwoOneFive 11

How much money does it take to fill your gas tank!?

poodle_juice 17

You could have sold it on Etsy and passed it off as "vintage" Hipsters from all corners of the land would have flocked to it.

"I liked China before it became a country."

You shouldn't have settled for such low prices.

Cost of living is high and going up

The rent is too damn high!