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Today, while I was waitressing, two girls ran up a tab of $60 in drinks. They ended up not paying the bill and walking out. My boss told me it won't be the first time or last, as he made me pay their bill. FML
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Yeah... that's called being a selfish, inconsiderate, ignorant bitch. I would let that fly under my nose. I'd ******* hunt you down.


compasseagle89 8

definitely. not sure how that boss can justify the theft from his business justifies the theft from the waitress. it sucks that those girls did a dine and dash, but i dont think the waitress would have encouraged that.

compasseagle89 8

whoops, nearly posted that twice...

...So, you posted a second time to let us know that you almost posted twice? BRILLIANT!

Jammy01jams 2

I hope you idiots realize this is how it works at bars and restaurants. If you didn't know this well now you do. When a customer leaves without paying the waiter or waitress pays for it. This is why one of the most douchy things to do is walk out without paying. Also give a tip because without it, their crappy wages make them not nearly enough of what they deserve for the crappiness of the job.

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20 is right, I have been waitressing for 3 years, you have to do server reports and if a customer just pay

Or, after posting it twice, they edited the second post to say that.. #18 you're a dumbass

apriltwentieth 4

No, I'm sorry but you're wrong and you've been getting screwed over by your management for however long you've been working for them. In every state it is illegal for a manager to take wages from an employee to cover a restaurant's liability. In this case, the liability was the loss of cash by the establishment which would normally be accounted for in an expense account -- not covered by the server. This is how any real restaurant takes care of this situation - not your typical mom and pop place. And if your employer does not refund you, then yes, you do have the right to sue them for the illegal garnishment of wages.

sourgirl101 28

20 and 28 knows what's up! 40, I'm not sure what your line of work is but people in the restaurant business must watch their tables or end up "paying" for walk outs. Yes, it is unfair. A $60. loss isn't worth quitting over since in the restaurant business there are always ways to make more money. ex: picking up extra hours/shifts. The OP got screwed and I feel for her because it's happened to me a few times. Thankfully most people are honest.(:

We were told at my first job that if our tills were short at the end of the night we would have to put the money in. A lot of us didn't realise this was illegal until years into our employment there.. I cannot vouch for US laws but it is definitely the law in the UK and Canada..

So I decided to look into this a bit more.. Every single thing I've seen says this practice is illegal and is grounds to sue the employer. The only thing the employer can LEGALLY do is discipline/ sack you. So, sorry guys, your employers are screwing you..

I have worked at several bars/restaurants and this has never been the policy. I would definitely find a new place to work if at all possible.

39 not sure how that makes me a dumbass. He/She still posted twice. That's all I was pointing out you instigating prick. Its not even like I started making fun of them or calling them "dumbass" for no reason.

Go re-read what you wrote and tell me it doesn't in any way sound like you're saying 'Herp Derp you did post twice you moron!?!?! Duh!!' Especially with the 'BRILLIANT!' on the end.. You may as well put 'OMGZ you're so special! *sarcastic claps*'

lol I know what I wrote. Infact I'm the one who wrote it. And to answer your question. No. I see nothing wrong with pointing out the humorus fact that in trying to prevent commenting twice (wether it be the same comment or not) he/she actually commented again. And even still if all that weren't true it would make me more of an asshole than a dumbass.

@51: The thing is, whether legal or not, that is a very fair thing to do. In the retail business, as long as the employee counts the register when he is first given it (so that the manager doesn't say there's $100 in there, when there's really just $80 in there... the other $20 magically being in the manager's pocket). And of course, if the employee is present when the manager is counting it after the shift's over and comparing it to the sales receipt. Here's why: If the money is short after the shift, whose fault is it for not counting correctly? That's right. The employee. Why should the business suffer for the employee's incompetence? The only loophole would be a robbery, in which case it's the robber's fault, and the employee is off the hook. Now, on the other hand... waitressing: As long as it's not the employee's fault (such as forgetting to scan a credit card correctly before letting the customer leave), the waitress should NOT be held responsible. Why? Because it's not the waitress's fault usually if a customer decides to leave without paying. The only time that THIS would be the waitress's fault is if she's exceptionally rude to the customer and the customer says, "Ok, yeah... I'm never coming here again." Even then, short of cursing or racism or some sort of over-the-top action, I would still blame the customer for at least not paying for the food. In that situation, I'd just pay for the food and leave a tip: A napkin saying "get your act together or find a job that suits you." And yes, I've worked with nasty customers and whatnot. With enough patience, most of the angry customers can be tamed. Being sassy with them does NOT help.

everyone does it so that makes it not illegal huh? guess what everyone also crosses the speedlimit it'ss till not legal.

I could understand thinking it was fair if it was a small independent shop that couldn't afford to absorb the loss and not a multi million pound chain of cinemas I worked for.. Oh yeah and more than one person ALWAYS had access to each till so anyone could have lost the money, yet it was always deemed the responsibility of the cashier who cashed up. 2 yrs after I started there the top manager got sacked for stealing from the tills, so every time I was £20+ short on my till it more than likely went in his pocket. (I say this because I stopped 'losing' money after he left!) Even in the case of a waitress not processing a card correctly legally they cannot be held responsible.. The only time an employer can take money from a staff member is when they deliberately cost the company money (i.e smashing the shop up, stealing from the till etc) The law is the law.. OP's boss broke it.

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Holy shit you guys like to type.

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Soulgirl, my experience is a decade of industry experience, both back and front of the house, as well as professional culinary and food service management education and training which included hospitality law and accounting classes. I'm sorry if you too have been screwed over by your managers by continuing to believe that they have the right to reach into your pockets.

apriltwentieth 4

Soulgirl, my experience is a decade of industry experience, both back and front of the house, as well as professional culinary and food service management education and training which included hospitality law and accounting classes. I'm sorry if you too have been screwed over by your managers by continuing to believe that they have the right to reach into your pockets.

Why yes, yes I do.. This is why I try to separate out what I write, otherwise it'd be impossible to read lol

Kilomech 8

I know it's illegal in my state (Kansas) for a place of employment to garnish employees wages if the till is short. There really is no reason at all for a restaurant to do this. It just shows a lack of responsibility on the part of the restaurant. All you would need to do to fix a dine and dash would be to report it immediately to a manager. The food would be written as a remedy, the transaction cancelled or over-rung. No employee should have to put up with having their wages cut because a customer decides to steal.

drakesylvan 6

You are right, according to the law, the server is not liable for the loss of profits due to theft. The management at some restaurants take advantage of their servers by saying its "company policy" and they make servers sign contracts that binds them to their rules, but event his is not legal. Next time someone asks you to pay for something that you didn't steal, you can give them the finger.

Buy more drinks. Dump the contents on him. YOU'VE BEEN DRANKED!!!!!

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lol 2 :) Really though that does not sound legal. If he deducts it from your pay, sue his ass.

$60!! Damn here in Aus you could only get 2 drinks each for that much money.

MizzErikaHart 8

That's exactly why I said 2 drinks each. $15 a drink. The math: 2 drinks each X 2 people. = 4 drinks total at $15 each drink = $60

MizzErikaHart 8

I didn't see the word each...but regardless, $15...? even that is a lot. drink in the US are like $5-$10

Yup I know, aust government thought putting a ridiculously high tax on alcohol will slow down drunken behavior and violence. Doesn't work. Alcopops tax was introduced to stop binge drinking among teenagers, but they all moved onto the ever glorious "goon" to get drunk.

Ahh teenagers, if it's too expensive legal, get the worse thing, cheaper.

hahah yup :) Goon isn't so bad ;) I prefer brandy and coke though.

I created an account just to say this. marinus u are full of shit. you're right about the alcopop tax but drinks in aus do NOT cost $15 each. a cocktail, yes. but at pubs you're looking at $4-$8 for beer and $5-$8 for spirits. at clubs drinks are around $8-$10. stop giving the Americans false info about us! plus your example was alcopops.. you can get a 6 pack of cruisers for $20.. not one drink for $15 you exagerater. and yes I live in Australia, Melbourne for that matter. where do you live? some mythical city in aus where prices are inflated 300%??

-56 I thought we all knew he was fake ?

must have missed that one, not enough of a regular clearly ;) how annoying though.. why couldn't he pretend he's from somewhere else lol giving us Aussies a bad name. sigh.

sourgirl101 28

Damn marinus! That's a lot of money! Where I work, the average drink is $6-$8 (double shot). I've seen $15 drinks at very high end club. And concerts sell 20oz. beer for $10. How much are the drinks at those type of places?

I looked it up and it's 7.00$ a pint in Melbourne, expensive?

$7 is pretty standard for a pint and depending on the place, quite good. that's why I said $4-$8 depends on the size and of course the quality of beer. not sure if u have pints in the US? it's around half a litre. p.s just came back from Singapore... one pint was $17, I could have cried!

I would like to point out on Vegas mixed drinks run from $12-15 and a single beer is $6-8. Just saying....

Ins0mau 20

Yeah, I'm also an Aussie and like Fotsa said, drinks here are much cheaper than $15 unless you are buying something very fancy. the regulars may know the guy is full of it, but some others might not.

marinus - mate unless you live in a mining town where everything really is inflated 300%, you are full of shit. here in brisvegas you can get a basic spirits for about 7.50. even the more expensive places wouldn't charge too much more than that.

a_nutritionist 10

actually, if he lives in adelaide, thats pretty much right for a lot of places. its not the norm, but its definitely not unheard of. ive paid $14 for something barely bigger than a shot glass with rum and coke in it. obviously i never went back. you dont have to order fancy drinks in this city to get ****** over, just something that isnt beer.

84-ur goin to the wrong places in vegas....

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Yeah... that's called being a selfish, inconsiderate, ignorant bitch. I would let that fly under my nose. I'd ******* hunt you down.

Yeah, because stealing is so awesome. Moron.

damn u guys need to learn how to take a joke....

broomhildo 19

Because stealing is so hilarious? Especially when the underpaid employee is facing the consequence.

mr_miyagi 0

i agree with 4 dine n dash is ok as long as you leave a tip n a note on the table so the server pockets the tip n only the restaurant loses. or dont leave a tip and eat free. tipping is a stupid custom

tipping is also how they make their money. I make $7.25 as a cook but the waiter and waitest make $2.40 plus tip and that hoes for every place may not be the same pay but waiters and waitest get payed alot less.

sara8866 8

im_awsome you are clearly a POS if this gave you a "good idea" someone should take you out and sterilize you so we won't have any other little "awsomes" running around people like you screw hard working honest people over and you should be ashamed of yourself!

SlickWillyTFCF 5

Are you really that ignorant. You make me wish we still relied on natural selection because I doubt you would make it that long. Better yet, come to my bar and do that shit all I'll chase you down and beat the cost of your meal out of you.

anonymous100000 17

#144, it's people like you that make me lose faith in humanity

screw your boss man.. that's such a dick move

haha i know this is random but i like your profile pic thing

jofus1974 0

Your boss was right. you must keep an eye on your tables. Those chicks do deserve to have there brains rattled with a slap to the head!!!!

there can be a lot of costumers. I wonder if you would succeed.

or take a credit card/ID before opening a tab

How are they meant to stop the customers from leaving without paying? Flying tackle? Giving chase? I guess they could catch them early, but... ... this is why I visit places where you order, pay, wait, feed. I am stupidly honest though.

yeah they should but they should no their labor laws. if they did then they would know the boss can't do that since it's agianst the law.

srgsk9 9

He can't make you pay, call OSHA, as you aren't liable for somebody skipping the tab.

redneck0328 5

call the occupational safety and health administration over having to pay someones tab? not quite. OSHA is if there's a health, or safety hazard, hence the name of the administration.

Then she should call wage and labor. I guarantee her boss would tell her to not chase customers out of the store or harass them about payment. That means she has no responsibility to make up the bill if they don't pay

wrong. it's pretty much standard practice in the restaurant / bar business to hold employees responsible for walk outs.

op may be working at a bar where if the person your supposed to be keeping a tab on leaves without paying, the waiter/waitress needs to pay the bill. it does make sence the company cant loose money.

"It wont be the first time" how the hell does that work?

firefail1031 0

he probably meant it's not the first time and won't be the last time it's happened.

carolyngrace 2

thank for someone finally saying something about that retarded line

NoobHat 6

One reason I don't think I could wait on people.

It seems you have 2 options here. 1) Quit 2) Hit your boss and then quit.

Or sue your boss/company for the money as what they did is in fact illegal..

68--In more progressive countries, yes, it's illegal. In social backwaters like the USofA, that is known as 'free enterprise,' and is implicitly permissible.

#79 cite your source because I actually looked into this BEFORE posting my comment, I can't find a single place that says this is legal in the US..

even better would be : 3) Sue the pants off your boss, hit him and quit. everybody's happy.