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Today, after coming back from deployment, I found a homeless guy had broken into my house and made it his home for the last 5 months. FML
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probably the best 5 months of his life.

Considering your an army person, I would declare a battle for your house. Rules: One M16 2 clips 1 knife A grenade And a dog


probably the best 5 months of his life.

YourEvilHero 12

yeah And the next 5 will be spent inside too. inside a jail cell

And no one noticed this?

Jvr91 8


Today, some man came home from his deployment. He is yelling at me to get out. He's pissed I ate all his food, trashed his lice, and broke his toilets. FML

His life, not OP's.

Pixxio_O 11

Aww now you have someone to share your life with :')

hes not really homeless now is he?

Keep him as a pet :D

At least someone got some use out of the house.

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Sharing is caring

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They used your house for an f-shack

Woo soup kitchen

tjv3 10

to the people that voted YDI I say go to hell and die you rat bastards. get some respect for the men and women that serve our country. to OP I want to thank you for your service and welcome home. hopefully you kicked the guys ass and sent him to jail. again I'm glad you are home safe and THANK YOU

andy_l 14

157, why so serious.

Considering your an army person, I would declare a battle for your house. Rules: One M16 2 clips 1 knife A grenade And a dog

MrSexyPants 14

Army person. Hehe.

**** that I wanna tank!!!

Also could a borrow a tank to kill any grammar Nazi's that correct *you're.

morganrules123 10

What? No RPGs? Im outta here!

-30 he wants to keep his house "slightly" intact.

Just put a baby octopus on your finger and he will surrender no mather what.

flockz 19

would multiple octupus be "octo-pie"? or "octopus-ies"? i just dont know...

Confuciussay 6

30 - the army don't use RPGs we use AT4s and most units now are using the M4 platform nowadays.

SpruceDread4578 13

what about EMP? lol

For ***** sake this isn't Sirin we're talking about, he can't just get a freaking nuke and set it above the atmosphere!

they're called magazines, not clips

I hope that knowledge your allowed to give out to the public. or your more ****** than the homeless dude is.

-69 Sirin doesn't own a nuke... Ya I ****** up. Switch to alpha phase 2.

whippymcdumb4zs 0

1. Octopodes is the correct term 2. Magazines are for rifles, clips are for pistols and anything under a .22 cal rifle round 3........... U.S.A.! U.S.A.!! 4. I'm a little high; so if this doesn't make any sense what so ever... That'd be why. :D

I hate it when people mix up magazine and clip; they're different. Clip: a metal frame or container holding cartridges for a magazine rifle or automatic pistol. Magazine: a metal receptacle for a number of cartridges, inserted into certain types of automatic weapons A clip goes into a magazine to load it faster OR goes directly into the weapon itself. The M1 Garand, Kar 98k, and Lee-Enfield SMLE are some examples of weapons that use a clip to reload directly. M14, M16, AK-47, G3, M1911, M9, UMP-45, M24 all use magazines to load, but clips will make them load faster (instead of loading each round manually into the magazine with your fingers).

-75 So I am still slightly right? Yes now I can give myself chocolate! EDIT: how did I get 73? Wow

76 - You're only half right. Clips don't load into the M16 directly. You need to load it into the magazine and then load the magazine into the weapon.

-77 Well damnit. Thanks though, now I know!

69- Military personnel are allowed to divulge information about the weapons they use. They just can't give specific information regarding missions, since most are classified and therefore considered a threat to homeland security.

I would like bullet proof vest, belt fed M60, and a machete

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Enemy dogs inbound!

How about each has a beretta with a single bullet first person dies in the standoff wins Or Use a .50 cal to scare him Or Give him a few buck then ask him to leave

They're called MAGAZINES, not CLIPS, and servicemen don't go home with grenades.

-117 Can't tell if trolling, or just stupid.

can i have a revolver?

I'll go get mymommaship. They're a little oped and should be nerfed but goddamit I'm a man that likes a large, expensive carrier. With a range of 7 and 6 attacks this girl isn't a force to be reckoned with.

erobus707 0

How do you know he's army? There at other branches than just army.

AceShots95 0

it would be octopods

All I need are my hands. Maybe a knife and a sig saucer navy 9mm pistol

ugottaluvme 0

-76 Will it be chocolate cocks or chocolate boobs?

Ahh, I just bought a Taurus "Judge" .45/.410 5 shot revolver with double action. Bitch is one of the sweetest guns I've ever owned by far. Highly recommend picking one up.

hopelessxdesign 5

20-his grammar is actually right. You are house would not make any sense, so obviously it is correct that he said "your house"

yayyer 0

an emp really... it's one homeless guy

yayyer 0

true dat

Also the army dosent use m16s and now nor do the marines

RennYummBaby 0

That's pretty shitty. I'm sorry..

BuckeyeNut28 1

nice eyes sexy!!

LOL Horny Internet eye chat...

prince122 0

eye fetish, the only time jizzing in her eye is not a fail.

Who the hell would "you deserved this"!? Trolling bastards...

tylersign 11

Duh, everyone nowadays has those magic elves that tell you when homeless people move into your house while you're gone. Obviously OP hasn't installed those yet. So, deserves it. Only explanation I could think of. xD

LOL well there r those lonely ppl out there who have nothing better to do then randomly troll on things... although this site has more than normal

Its called an alarm system...

it's called being in Afghanistan for 5 months. sorry he didn't get the alert on his phone.

Fanceh- Alarm systems are installed and monitored by security companies. When the alarm goes off, they get an alert. If they can't get ahold of the registered owner or someone doesn't call immediately with the code, they are supposed to call the police and/or ensure a security team is sent ASAP. So yes, while this was not directly OP's fault, I'd venture a guess that he didn't tale the necessary precautions to make sure his shit was safe. IE: - alarm system - having a family member/very close friend check your house regularly (interior) - having a neighbor watch his house (exterior) - that's about all, I'm sure there are more but I'm too damn lazy to type anymore.

I agree. Although this totally sucks, it's the OP's fault for not having someone check in on his house now and then when he's gone for 5 months. Was nobody picking up the mail or mowing the lawn?

jlstough 10

i'm going to go against my better judgement and use a lame one-liner, but, if you won't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

Maybe I'm a douche, but I don't usually YDI. I just think that if I were away for that long, I would do something to protect the house. At least ask the neighbors to check on it or something.

Well. He wasn't living there for five months. The not so homeless man deserved it.

PurpleFrostingg 7

Did you kick him out?

no he/she welcomed him and said stay till you feel like leaving

doctor_awesome 8

dumbest. question. ever.

Kyuubi1589 1

They say 'there are no dumb questions, only dumb people.' Your comment proved this false.

I agree with 26. Btw nice face in pic

did you kicked him out can be asked in varius times the saying is still correct but clearly 5 is a dump person we are now in defcon logic restored.

applesuckers 0

lmao. A dump person? Yea, we really need a logic restore.

MrSexyPants 14

You've got to admit...that's pretty smart of him. But you can always kick him out, then call the police if that doesn't work, you know.

Majstr 23

The old good baseball bat will do the trick.


Just think of him as a free house sitter.

This Is why i moved all my stuff into a storage unit befor deployment last year... Gauranteed it'd b safe and no piss smelling was sleepin on it or stealing it!

Majstr 23

Feel sory for you. Hous must be realy smelly and mesed up.

applesuckers 0

lol. there are showers and I'm pretty sure a laundry room...

Just because he is homeless doesn't mean he's disgusting and doesn't take care of himself

Not as messed up or as smelly as all those spelling errors.

Don't b an ass. That's stereotyping. Get a life and stop tagging on ppl.

I really wonder what condition he kept the house in. A free five-month cleaning service? ...Probably not.

Ugh! Hate when that happens! :(

This "happens"... this has happened numerous times?

Burnbaby 0

Yes it happens, homeless people break into houses and buildings that they think are empty to not have to stay out in the elements.