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Today, I had a technical skill test as a nurse. My objective was to help the patient defecate, but my opening sentence came out as: "Hello, I'm Jan. I'm here to help you take a shit." FML
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ninjuh_wingman 29

Theres no way that couldve been awkward.


Hopefully OP's supervisor has a playful and understanding personality (and hopefully so does the patient)! That would really suck though!

1-OP tried breaking any barriers between the patient and her by getting to the straight talk. Gotta respect OP in this case. Building a bond between patients and medical professionals is key, especially when it comes to taking a shit.

The best way to greet a patient? Hmmm..... That would have to be with a shitty smile while assuming the position for your demonstration. Make sure to go into great detail about how to take a proper shit when you're sitting on a toilet

lizard399 0

Help me take a shit? Nurse, how will this help my sprained ankle?

shanemaximo 7

Straight to the point. I like that. The patient was probably like: "Party time."

If I were that patient though, I would laugh and feel much more comfortable with her after that.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Theres no way that couldve been awkward.

Exactly. The patient just looked at OP afterwards with a straight face, and without missing a beat, said "Alright, let's get right to it

That's a " crappy" way to start off the visit You forgot the py sorry yo had to nazi you

You forgot a period at the end of your fixed sentence...Also: "You forgot the "py." Sorry yo, had to nazi you." Seriously, if any of you fixate on others' posts, at least be correct with yours.

Hey man I was just trying to be helpful not a douche (period)

Furthermore, you are being a punctuation nazi not a grammar nazi. I.E. Focusing on punctuation and not the grammar. When your going to correct a grammar nazi aficionado make sure you label them properly. We hate people who mislabel us(period)

Since when is punctuation not considered part of grammar?

Also, since when is helpful and not being a douche include, "sorry yo had to nazi you"? Can someone say "contradiction"?

When grammar refers to the proper spelling of words. And when punctuation refers to showing people the way a sentence is being said and when you end(.) and when you start a new sentence. Come on you learn this in.... What? Fourth grade!

chocolemonade 6

No, SPELLING refers to proper spelling of words, grammar refers to tenses, cases, and PUNCTUATION among other things

Dekarian 7

44-Actually, spelling refers to the spelling of words. Grammar refers to the syntax and punctuation of sentences and paragraphs. EDIT: I see 47 beat me to it.

I have opened the gates of the nazi camp and they are charging out in full force. Lmao! Amazing.

Are you being serious or trolling at this point? You say that you're a grammar nazi, but you don't know what grammar is? Come dude, you're 18; either in college or will be going and you're seriously telling me that you don't know what grammar is? Also, you missed another period.

If I could, I would edit my posts. My iPod won't let me for some reason.

And my profile pic says it all calm down I'm just human error are ever present

"And my profile pic(ture) says it all: calm down. I'm just human, error(s) are ever present." Errors are present yes, but if you allow yourself to fix the mistakes of others, you likewise let others fix you. "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Last post mods, I'm done here.

lizard399 0

*rewinds time* Dearest lizard399, Do not click the replies for comment 3. It's a completely pointless thread that you'll end up reading just to get to the next comment. You'll even end up commenting it on it...

29- In British English, 'crap' is a perfectly valid adjective. For instance, the statement 'your crap understanding of language variation saddens me' would be both grammatical and true.

Nightvenom bro. Were you dropped on your head as an infant?

Wow fail grammar nazi is fail. Most entertaining conversation I've read on here in awhile.

Link5794 18

Nightvenom, you are not human. Your profile picture explains that. You are clearly a small primate.

shanemaximo 7

^ You are digging yourself into a very deep hole with a grammar shovel.

shanemaximo 7

29 that is, not 87. Although I believe that is a marsupial not a primate.

drewfus2 6

53- You forgot another period. 55- You forgot to capitalize "If".

How did I end up reading all of this? It's like getting stuck in the weird part of youTube :s

Reading all this made me forget what the FML was about.

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Straight honesty is always better.

Strait and to the point. I don't see a problem.

Lolol why is this weiner talking about straits?

Epsilonyx 15


I know I do. Nothing is as fantastic as going really fast in a boat in a straight line in a strait. I have alot of "as" and "in a"'s in this sentence...

A lot** Gah. So many people spell that wrong. -_-

heyyitsbeezyyy 0

how did this get published but mine didn't? this is just your own stupidity, OP. I don't even know how you would say that unless you were actually trying to, in hopes of sounding funny. this is not even worth being on here, tbh.

Calm yo' ****. Mine didn't get posted either, you just gotta' deal with it.

7 - jesus Christ.. You are extremely jealous.

Hey at least there's no long akward explanations about it!

"Hello, I'm Craig, I need assistance taking a shit."

DrFanatica 0

Nice attempt. I give you an "A" for effort. But still a thumbs down.