By applebearcat - 05/09/2009 05:59 - Malaysia

Today, my dad bought me a new laptop for my birthday. That's because he wants to use my old laptop for work, which is more expensive, has better specs, runs faster, and has a wider screen than my new computer. I just got a downgraded laptop as my birthday present. FML
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I got that laptop when i went to college at a different state. I needed it to do coursework :p

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OhhxGoshhxAri 0

Don't give him your old laptop! Keep both. It's a gift, not an exchange.

Why are people so unnecessarily NASTY about FMLs? So what if the OP got a doesn't make them spoiled. I would be a little annoyed if I got a laptop and a.) Found out it was an exchange, not a gift and b.) it wasn't as good as the one I had previously. There are all ranges of FML on here...just because they're not ALL from impoverished orphans who get dumped at the altar, doesn't make the other OPs any less deserving. RE-LAX!


OhhxGoshhxAri 0

Don't give him your old laptop! Keep both. It's a gift, not an exchange.

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#9 &16 He might be considered selfish if he does what the first poster said. He's obviously not because the father is getting one of the presents that was for him. Reasons this is an FML- The kid has to give up his previous gift just so he can have another one The kid is not only losing something, but he is also one gift short now. I wouldn't call the dad any names if he just bought his kid a laptop in exchange for his previous one(even if the new one is bad) only if the dad needs to do a lot more work and therefore requires a faster computer, and the kid doesn't use his laptop for anything productive. This is already an FML because this was a birthday present. The dad will be considered selfish if the kid uses that laptop for school, or even his job a lot but the dad just wants to use a faster and better laptop for his self. Instead of buying a good laptop, the dad decides to get a cheaper crappy one in exchange for the good laptop his kid was given. After you have kids, your life is not about you but your kids. People need to put their kids first before anything!

v1kt4r 13

Has it occured to anyone here that maybe the Dad cant afford to buy the better Laptop right now but still needs to get his work done, there is a credit crunch going around people

Like i said in my first scenario, if the father can't afford that and needs to get his work done AND his work requires for him to have that better laptop and the kid doesn't use his laptop for anything productive then this is not an FML. Most likely both of them can get the work done on the not as good computer so the father should just take the new computer instead of using the better one he gave his kid earlier. Most jobs do not require you to have such high tech computers, and any computer should work fine if it is only for work purposes. Again children wants come first before your own need.

OhhxGoshhxAri 0

The only thing I find weird is the scenario. It's supposed to be a gift. Not an exchange. The last time I checked, a gift was something you give to somebody (usually in celebration of something) and you don't expect anything in return. An exchange is when you give somebody something for something else. So I'd say that this is an exchange, not a gift like it was supposed to be.

Kel_x 0

I agree, your dad's the one taking the piss. If he wanted your laptop, he should have bought one for himself. Why don't you keep both? And then if he really wants a laptop that desperately, give him the new one.

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LegndNikko 0

No, I think he went from a Windows to a worse Windows... 'Cause, you know, nobody uses Macs.

Amysbodybetrayal 0

And, if they could've afforded a Mac in the first place, the dad should've been able to afford his own laptop.

#41, it's different because you don't have a laptop. I'm using my Macbook Pro right now, and if my dad gave me a Dell and said "Happy Birthday! Give my your Pro!" I wouldn't be saying thanks. Imagine if you had a Ferarri, and someone bought you a Honda for your birthday and took your Ferarri, would you say thanks? No. But if you didn't have a car, you would say thanks. It's that sort of scenario.

but it was his to begin with. how would u like having something nice, then having to get a worse version of it? i doubt that u would thank ur father 4 giving u a worse laptop

elisa_sanchez91 0

completely agree with #70. i also own a MacBook Pro and would be PISSED if someone took it away from me and give me something such as a Dell...yeah i sympathize with OP.

Agreed.... or at least just give him the new one. Doesn't matter if he gave you the old one or you paid for it unless he's doing major graphic design (at which point his work really would be supplying an appropriate comp) the new slower one would work. Plus I'm sorry you don't take back gifts or take others laptops... As for the #80 comment bout how just cause he's your dad he could've taken it.... if you choose to have kids (and sorry even accidental is choosing if you break it down) then you choose to feed shelter them so you can't use that as a way to take their stuff back whether you gave it to them or no.

pwnrzero 0

seriously, could be cuz the op's dad doesnt understand computers. explain that newer isnt always 'better' and that old laptops can still be better than new ones. he might think he's doing you a favor. my dad this when he downgraded me fro my 5 year old laptop to a 50 dollar home built computer. luckily i now have a new new computer =D

NewLight8421 0

ok, did you pay for the really good one or did your dad? because it was suck alot more if you payed for the good one...

Kinda depends on which dell you got, don't you think? :-P Seeing as how a Macbook Pro is more like a Prius than anything else, and some companies like Alienware (Dell) make PCs that are practically the Space Shuttle by comparison.

Unless you need it for video editing or gaming, why the hell are you crying about having a downgraded computer? It's not like you need quad-core or a state of the art graphics card to view youtube videos or read FMLs

wow18, how the hell do a child's wants come before a parent's needs? Last I checked, needs were things know, need. What my kids want take backseat to things I need. Example: I review video games for a living. I need a gaming-quality PC (or rather, I need a new graphics card, preferably by the end of the year). This is a requirement for my job. If I don't have this, I can't do my job. My twelve-year old daughter wants her own laptop. She doesn't need it for school, she doesn't need it for work, she just wants it. Her birthday is in February, and she's not asking for this for Christmas; she just wants it because she doesn't like sharing the family computer. So, I have a choice right now. I can buy her the laptop she wants RIGHT NOW, but doesn't need, or I can buy the graphics card I NEED for my job (granted, this is more just for this month, as next month I could theoretically buy both). Are you honestly telling me that I should put something that my daughter only wants because she's being selfish over something that I need in order to pay the bills?

flintstone 0

"WANTS" come before "NEEDS"????? Does it make a popping sound when you pull your head out of you ass???

very mature... you hid all the comments that proved you wrong

why don't you just buy your own laptop, you brat!!

23/33 shut the hell up... no one cares that much about what you have to say.

fluffysponges 0

Wants come before needs? You are a ******* idiot.

God, "at least you have a laptop!". No one cares that you don't have your own laptop and you probably don't have one for a good reason. If your always complaining about not having a laptop and everyone having one then you don't deserve one.

If the dad can't afford the laptop then he should save up for a good one, rather he decided to be selfish and take his son's. He's a lousy dad.

@41 ok so you're the selfish one, besides it wouldn't be a downgrade for you since you DON'T have one. But a guarantee if your dad did that to you then you'd be pissed too.

What about the possibility that the first laptop was only provided to the OP? the birthday gift might have been OP's first own laptop. then the father would be completely right to use the other laptop however he wanted.

I agree with most of your statement except the end. Children's needs come before the parents wants. But children's wants do not come before parents needs.

icertainlysuck 0

Download tons of illegal **** on your old computer, and tell his boss that when he is at work all he does is look at ****.

You'd have to download it during his work hours, and if he didn't have his laptop at the time the cops will probably find out he didn't download it

Needs it for work? Ha-ha, you gullible, little fool! Your old man needs the better computer to hunt down more ****. Given the fact that the old one had an extra wide screen, I'm sure he is into BBW and Fatties. You may never want to touch your old computer again, especially if there is crust on the keys or screen.

flyboy57 0

it's the thought that counts. oh wait, you got a shittier laptop. FYL.

M13LO 0

so basiclly you went from a mac to windows

truslide 0

last time i check, windows wasn't a computer.

Get your facts straight before u try to be smart...

pilotx 0

Exactly. **** windows. Mac will reign again!!!

M13LO 0

so basiclly you went from a mac to a windows

MistrSteezy 0

Yep, from 17-inch macbook pro to 10-inch asus.

truslide 0

last time i checked windows wasn't a computer Mac computers and windows based computers are the same internally. You are paying more for the name than anything else. However im not saying that Macs are the only company to overcharge. Sony does the same thing with its vaio line

4 macs ur not paying more 4 the brand, they're just of a higher quality

Josher47 0

No, you are paying for the brand. There is a reason no major corporations us Macs or apple. They suck dick

infrared_fml 0

That's kinda inaccurate. Of course major corporations USE macs. They give average joe a pc to work on cause it's cheaper, easier to upgrade, and more people are used to using them. They save macs for the editors, designers, etc..

"Mac computers and windows based computers are the same internally." What a load of shit. Apple has made it literally impossible to run OSX on any computer other than a Mac. Because they know how to run a business and be infinitely more awesome than Microsoft, Dell, Sony or HP could ever be. They might have roughly the same literal parts, but the motherboards are vastly different for one. The formatting of the HD is completely different and the RAM on a PC won't even work in a Mac.

From a decent laptop (even if it is a Mac) to a NETBOOK that won't run jack fuckall? "o hai give me your laptop here's a new one that's maybe 1/4 the price and sucks lol"

cantanstrophe is a dumbass. Have you never heard of a hackintosh? It is possible to run OSX on "PCS". Another thing, anybody who calls a windows machine a PC but not a mac is an ABSOLUTE RETARD. I rage whenever I hear those get a mac commericals because MACS ARE PCS TOO. Unless macs aren't made to be a "personal computer", they are PCS. And they probably wonder why everyone else think's they're retarded.

You want to know who makes more money on their os? Microsoft all day because it is way more reasonably priced for the same features and it can be installed on any system. And running os X on any system is easy. All you new to do is trick the os into thinking you have a processor that you really don't. Also the hardware parts being different doesn't make it any better. Ram is ram, all ram works the same way. And who gives a **** about how the hard drive is formatted. The only good thin I can think about macs over windows is they use ram efficiently.

so?? buy your own ******* computer then. In the meantime say 'thankyou' and stop bitching about the fact that your parents buy you expensive toys.

Shut the **** up, you're a moron. Even if he was given the better laptop as a gift in the past and didn't buy it himself, this is still a bullshit gift. Like other people have said, he effectively DIDN'T get a gift for his birthday because this "gift" just replaced a better one. After he got a present from his father, he ended up worse off than he was before. Why should he say "thankyou" for that? I think he's bitching abut the fact that his parents buy him things, then change their mind. Just because they can afford those things doesn't make them bad people. I'd like to have a lot of money, too. It's hipocrisy for you to act like him or his parents are bad people because they can afford expensive things. If you had the money to buy laptops, you would. So shut the **** up.

Bravo!!!!! I second every word of that!!!!

you get a laptop for your birthday... from ONE parent? you are very spoilt. you don't deserve either laptop.


iedsrduan 18

Just because you can't afford something and OP's father can afford to get it for him doesn't mean he's spoiled. OP could've earned the money and bought the old laptop, or perhaps it was a gift. Does that make him spoiled? No, it doesn't. In either of those scenarios OP's father shouldn't take it from him for a crappier one, it's like if you got yourself a smartphone and your father exchanged it for an old nokia brick. Is it fair? No.