By Anonymous Pillock - United Kingdom
Today, I came across a street musician. He looked extremely well-fed already, but his music was pretty good, so I gave him some spare change. As soon as I turned away, he started screaming at me for being "cheap", and chased me half a block before running out of breath. FML
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  xxBFMVAAMIWxx  |  18

You realise not all street musicians are drug fucked losers who drink like a camel and smoke 2 packs a day right? I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, and I still occasionally busk when I have some free time between my professional bands, and most buskers out there aren't like that either. This guys reaction was uncalled for though, most of them I've seen, including me, actually stop the song momentarily to say thank you or weave it into the song, no matter hoe small the amount. Many of us just do it for the sheer fun of playing music and performing it, and are just as happy if we get no change as we are on a day when we get a sizeable amount of money. It's all down to his personal behaviour

By  darbmutat  |  12

Eccentricities are common for talented, knowledgeable musicians, and so is destitution; I'm reserving judgment of the guy. Besides, you got a funny story for an apparently cheap price.