By honeynuggetviolin - 01/05/2013 00:31

Today, I spent hours playing my guitar and singing in the street, hoping to make some extra cash. About 3 hours in, I realized some punk had been walking around with a hat taking money as if he was with me. FML
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Wow, I hope you confronted him. That's just wrong, OP. Sorry. :C

Did you bash the guitar on his head? I hear it sounds a lot like a Nickelback song


Wow, I hope you confronted him. That's just wrong, OP. Sorry. :C

groovycrazyjoe 18

now that's just funny how didn't you notice that it's not like you're super loud

Confronted him in the FACE. With a baseball bat.

just think how much he'll enjoy his $2.85 and bottle cap.

aldwin_fml 7

Wow. that sucks.

No shit, Sherlock.

Did you bash the guitar on his head? I hear it sounds a lot like a Nickelback song

Elfkid21 19

it's kinda sad that everybody hates a band JUST because it's "cool" to hate a band. I'll admit some (mostly their newer ones) songs suck but i still like NB and have since i waa like 12.

No, I hate them because they suck and would rather not hear them on the radio. Just like that Kryptonite song by 3 Doors Down, and anything involving Rebecca Black.

Ugh, Nickelback. Hated it when "Rockstar" was on the radio all the time and everyone listened to it. Such a crappy song.

Everybody has their own taste in music. Everybody hates one band our another. Nickelback is just a populate one to hate.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Kryptonite is an awesome song and should not be put in the same category as Rebecca Black. Nobody deserves to be put in a category with Rebecca Black.

@31 what about Justin beiber?

Sadly not even him... Rebecca Black is just a whole no low.

*I hear it sounds like every Nickelback song. <<-- Fix'd! No. Seriously. There are websites that play different Nickelback songs from different albums. One from the left speaker and one from the right speaker. It's the same song. Over and over and over again.

bfsd42 20

Kryptonite ******* rocks!!!!

The song Friday is so bad it's ruined all her songs no matter how hard she tries.....

I'm sick of hearing shit about Nickleback. They're fine. They're not a wonderful band, but they're not horrible, either. Most people who complain about them haven't even heard more than two songs by them, and only do so because others do. Guess what guys? It's getting old.

I shall become your drummer and together we can make loads of cash. I'm talking big figures like 30 dollars here. Then we can buy some grub and go back to living under a bridge. Because we're rockstars and that's what we do.

autumndobbs 11

Street paTROLL. Get it? No? Ok.

Better luck next time?

rabidpeach 5

more like enough luck now.

That sucks so badly- did you make anything in those 3 hours? I hope OP comes back on and tells us what he did to the guy!!

Elfkid21 19

what an ass hole.

Or smooth criminal? You be the judge.

Could've been worse. Least you weren't ticketed by cops for not having a permit.

It doesn't say anywhere whether he did or didn't he very well could have had one

oj101 33

The true winners of this world are sadly the heartless ones who take credit for other people's work and reap the rewards regardless of their own merit.

Dairyking 8

You're surprised by that? It's how we are as humans, even before birth. A bunch of sperm die trying to fight to get through to the egg, and you were the lucky little prick who took advantage of the path others set before you. Millions of others died so you could live. I hope you're happy with yourself, 15.