By stabbed with kindness - 02/03/2013 21:44 - Russian Federation - Elektrostal

Today, on the way home, a guy yelled "Hey, YOU!" from behind me, so I walked faster. He ran up to me, shouting, "I said stop, asshole!" I almost pissed myself in fear, thinking I was being mugged. Turns out I'd left my wallet at the grocery store, and he was just trying to return it. FML
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He could've just yelled that you dropped your wallet.


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He wasn't being a douche. He returned someone's wallet even though he could have easily pocketed it. The fact that he called OP an asshole because OP was running from him stands obsolete in comparison to his good deed.

I agree with 10. Plus we don't know the dude, maybe he's not a people person that's why he called OP that way but that doesn't make him a total douche. He was actually trying to help. He had good intentions so give him a break with your judgmental attitude. :/

Haha ok, well I agree that it was good that he actually returned the wallet and did the honest thing, but really calling someone an asshole is suddenly acceptable if one is socially awkward ?

I'm not saying it should be acceptable, but sometimes exceptions could be made. I'm socially awkward, and honestly, patience is not one of my virtues! So if i was trying to do a good thing for someone and they make me have to chase them down, i'd be calling him a a-hole too (but I don't curse so probably switch it to nimrod). Thumb me down, but that's the truth..

On behalf of the rude guy with good intentions, I apologize for him calling OP an a-hole. Also, I'd also like to apologize for him not being perfect such as "yourselves". I forgot how people will ALWAYS overlook your good deeds and point out your mistakes. Peace out...

Thank god, 38, someone who finally sees it my way lol :) was wondering when that would happen, was startin to lose my faith in humanity

Isn't it judgemental that you're (18) judging him as a nice person for giving the wallet back???

#44: Being "perfect" has nothing to do with it though. And nobody here is claiming they're perfect anyway. But it's not difficult to NOT call someone an "asshole" if you're trying to get their attention. It doesn't matter if the guy is socially awkward or what, he's still pretty dickish for thinking it's acceptable to call some stranger an asshole. For all he knows, OP is deaf or simply didn't hear him. He could have run up and tapped OP on the shoulder, or said "excuse me?", or said "hey! You forgot your wallet!" But starting off with "Hey you!" then "I said stop, asshole!"...well, no wonder OP thought he was intimidating!

Im socially awkward too but i would never try to return a wallet by calling someone rude names. he could have tried to address them in a nonintimidating way (excuse me ms/sir)... We cant judge the situation at all. you can say he is misunderstood hero or claim he is giving the wallet back for other reasons (nothing of value, someone else saw him drop the wallet too, impress someone). it's silly for you to get upset with others and react so negatively while supporting the man when you dont know the whole story. all we can do is say he did a good deed in a rude way.

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He didnt call op an asshole, OP called him an asshole for following "her" and yelling for her to stop.

rachelita2107 5

Nvm i read that wrong ignore my comment

I returned a neighbor's wallet. I ran after him and his wife while they were driving away. I just yelled, "I have your wallet that you dropped!" He slammed on his breaks, opened his door and thanked me. I only opened it to see the ID. When he thanked me, he offered me money. I declined because I'd hope someone would do the same for me. OP shouldn't have called the guy an asshole but the do gooder should've yelled that he was trying to give him his wallet. Do gooders are rare but most people expect/fear for the worst. I'm in no way siding with OP. It's just sad what this world has come to.

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cool dog 1 .. I now miss my dogs :c

MaydayParadexx 18

106- OP didn't call him an asshole. Reread it slowly.

Bubbelz 25

18 So he's a partial douche? Like the right half of his body is douchy?

Thanks, 111. I misread that. No excuses from me but I shouldn't comment on no sleep while bring pumped full of meds, in the hospital. I just made a rule for myself so I don't keep misreading FMLs.

I guess a lesson here is to never assume the worst.

But what if you never assume the worst and you actually do get mugged. So the lesson would be the opposite?

You can never be to careful these says.

It's probably best to assume the worst if you live in Moscow, as OP does. People are usually not as friendly there as they are in the US or in Canada.

Well, I mean if he already lost his wallet (albeit unknowingly), then he really didn't have to fear being mugged!

I think OP's reaction is perfectly understandable if you remember the fact that he lives in Russia, a place with extremely high crime rate. Edit: Just saw #72's comment.

RpiesSPIES 27

#72... There's friendly people in the U.S?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#92 I swear to god. Come to new York city. Oh, people here will return your wallet. After they spit in it, spit on your shoe, then spit on you for "wasting their time".

83, sweetie, I'm being sarcastic! I disagree with what 2 said, and 53 said exactly what I was thinking. No "contradiction at it's finest".. I know it's hard to convey tone through comments but I was opposing 2's comment, savvy! Before you jump down my throat, please try to understand what's going on (¬_¬) Ps. I wasn't making OP the bad guy eh!

2, you might be a distant relative to my boyfriend. He always expects the best.

Omfgitsmia 15

He could've just yelled that you dropped your wallet.

if someone called me an asshole to tell me I dropped my wallet I'd be pretty scared too

Agreed, if someone wants to give a wallet back they shouldn't scream "Hey YOU." That clearly just scares people. I think something more along the lines of "Sir/Ma'am" would have been better.

Well I like how he interpreted it as Hey you I going to mug you.

To be fair, "Hey you!" can be interpreted as an intimidating sort of phrase. Especially if it's said in an aggressive way. That's the sort of crap some drunk asshole would shout before they king-hit someone. So it doesn't hurt to be safe and assume the worst of strangers. It's better than assuming the best, and ending up with a broken jaw and a missing wallet.

He also could of just kept the wallet. -.-

Well stop asshole! Geez I was just wanting to give you your wallet! "Wait where's my money?" *runs away*

The moment she glances behind her someone suddenly appears and covers her with a pillowcase while a bear mauls her. Why risk the odds?

Pedobear has no interest in your wallet, only your fannypack.

41- Good catch - I thought you were just chanting a tribal hymn.

RpiesSPIES 27

I have it, too. You can see the icon clear as day indicating OP is male.

CharresBarkrey 15

I've had the iPhone and the Android apps and both showed gender. Which apps are left?

There are about five versions of the app. Heck, there's even two "Official" versions!

102: You do understand that there are other mobile platforms other than Android and iPhone, right?

@15 That reminds me of How I Met Your Mother and Marshall's paranoid of something bad happening, like a bear mauling him. XD

he could've told you he had your wallet from the get go

He could've kept it from the get go. I'm not really sure much thought goes into announcing what you're doing when its a kind favour.

myoukei 31

Imagine if all you had to fear when walking down the street alone is someone being a decent human being. This seems like a good thing, not a FML or a YDI.... :/

So inconsiderate, all he's trying to do is help and you make him go for a jaunt! What if he had a condition!?

Today, on my way home from getting groceries someone called out to me, "Hey you." Being paranoid I began to walk faster until they yelled, "Hey Asshole!" because they were straining to keep up with me. I still walked faster until I heard them collapse from a moderate heart attack, and had to get my wallet off them before buying apologetic flowers, FML.

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"Pardon me sir, it seems as though you have left your wallet behind. I wish to return it to you"

kishorekumar_a 10

It is difficult to say that when OP is walking away fastly. If OP is paranoid then nothing that man says or shouts will come across as helpful only suspicious.

This would be a better way of phrasing it. But you can't blame the guy if he was chasing him and could have not had found better vocabulary. Often, is in Moscow stores is, "You *****. Why the ***** didn't you give me exact change?" and if you ask the bus driver when the bus will stop a likely reply is "It'll stop when I ***** feel like stopping it". Personally, after hearing it enough, rudeness seems like an everyday Russian thing.

OP is a bit of a douche for assuming this man had bad intentions

#127, and well, to everyone else who think OP is wrong for assuming the worst: think about it this way. We are always told "better be safe than sorry". OP was most likely looking out for himself. I'm sure some people have a negative connotation with someone yelling, especially if it's something like "Hey YOU!" Because it's startling. Riiiiight?