By deadandwasted - 20/02/2010 08:20 - United States

Today, I halted a cab. It was 12 degrees and snowing outside. When I went to get in, a man shoved me away and I slipped on ice into dirty snow slush, and he stole my cab. As it drove off, the man flipped me off. FML
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Looks like you had different ideas about who halted that cab.

oh my god this is so anoying, it happens to me in grand theft auto all the time.... jk that sucks.


Looks like you had different ideas about who halted that cab.

The man wins for being hilarious.

it was probably the cash cab

If that was the cash cab, that would've epic win for the dude. Sadly, the op is from Colorado.

that sounds more like boston

We can only hope to see someone being pushed over on the next cash cab. :]

lmaoo 12 degrees ain't cold are u from Spain 12 is like average lol u get cold way easy

@14 cashcab in Colorado?

#66: He's from Colorado. I'm pretty sure he meant 12°F, which is about -11°C. Either you're thinking Celsius, or you must really like cold weather. D: OP: Wow. It's times like this that I just WISH that I could do the things I eventually get away with in GTA. That man deserves to be shot through the glass.

was the man Stone Cold Steve Austin?

ha ha fyl! That's funny tho. That guy is awesome.

fake it can't snow if it's 12 degrees

Freezing in American terms is 30 degress, so i don't see what you're getting at.

it's flipped me off? I always thought it was flicked you off...

Ajjas013 6

Mario wouldn't have slipped :(

hah nerd ••••••/^^^

Is this a reference to that FML about sliding on ice?

humorizer, fail ^^^^^

awe. that's awful. I'm sorry. there r soooo Manu things I wouldve done to him

I wouldve followed him then shot him for embarrassing me and making me wait in the cold for his own rude selfish needs.

You would have followed him...and the shot him? Wow. FYL for being a crazy-ass. And sorry OP, that really sucks lol

or just start yellin terrorist and point at his cab

That's just effed up...blah, the things people do nowadays

i agree :( people could be so cruel!

Wow that sucks

Ajjas013 6

Hookers also get rejected at some point in there career. Kinky loss makes up for about 5% of the unemployment rate because of the hookers that get fired. They're thrown into the 'dirty slush' pile.

People are sooo annoying, I mean WTH? I would have so mad!

Ajjas013 6

He flipped the snow birdie and drove away. It's too bad he wasn't a Pokemon trainer. GO ARTICUNO! I CHOOSE YOU!

He seems pleasant.

The weather makes people crazy these days, or were they crazy to begin with? o.O