By lentmarz - 19/08/2014 23:37 - United States - Boise

Today, my girlfriend of three weeks found the engagement ring I tried to give to my ex. She started crying and said yes. FML
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lentmarz tells us more.

The story behind this is that when I proposed to my ex, and she said no, I was devastated. I hadn't really gotten over her, but my family set me up and I went out with her to humor them. We had a nice night and had gone out several times since. As for the ring, the materials were worth about $4000 and I spent over 2 weeks smelting and hand designing it. I spent so much time on it, that it didn't feel right to sell it. Also, I have made the decision never to see her again. So yes, I ran.

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Someone's a little over attached

3 weeks? I I didn't even hold MY girlfriend's hand during the first three weeks XD


Someone's a little over attached

SharnaaaBanana 22

Similar thing happened with my girlfriend. I told her that I wanted to wait for a nicer opportunity to propose to her somewhere more special too us so that the moment would be perfect

Soo, did you go about this afterwards?

That is smart

incoherentrmblr 21

Better start watching those overly attached girlfriend videos to see what might happen next...

I want to hear about this as well!

Well if it was just 3 weeks, time to drag in your great great great aunts son and say it wasn't yours in the 1st place and you was just holding on to it..

J_Kertz 14

#54 - *Quietly waits for the follow-up*

SharnaaaBanana 22

Well, I'm still with her. We were just going through a crazy infatuation stage at the time but she isn't really expecting a ring anytime soon :)

Run. Run as far away as you can. if that was me, I'd let it slide.

3 weeks? I I didn't even hold MY girlfriend's hand during the first three weeks XD

I don't know if that sucks or not. I haven't been in a relationship in ages.


then what did you hold?

shinigami99 10

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cryssycakesx3 22

cool story...

#3 This girl wants him to hold her hand, and slip a ring onto it.

badluckalex 23

You sound proud to be with that slutbag. If she cheated with you shes probably cheating on you...

the girl wasnt cheating. she was trying to make her ex jealous.

Jamaican_Domo 10

You didn't hold your girlfriend's hand within the first three weeks?! I usually do that within the day. My gosh dude

Nickoli42 3

My parents didn't hold hands until after the first month. didn't kiss till the 6th.

Ever heard the song "I Ran" ? I think it was made for you!

revan546 24

I just ran, I ran all night and day

I couldn't get away- btw everyone the song is by A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS

I thought of run to the hills by Iron maiden

Probably should have sold it. Now your options are run or potential restraining order.

Tell her you were waiting to propose until after she had a chance to review the prenuptial agreement.

...And that it will take several months, even up to a year, before all that paperwork gets written up and sent from your lawyer.

Ergo, Plenty Of A Headstart!

Easy solution is tell her it was for an ex and you planned on giving it to her since "it's just a ring right?" She will bolt and you are now free to do whatever you like with said ring.

Not me...

Ya, that could totally backfire and she may not care. She's been waiting 3 weeks to get engaged, she may not care what the ring looks like or where it's from after that long a wait, lol.

But even crazy people would think that's the worst omen ever wouldn't they? I'm not saying I've ever field tested this theory or anything... But I've seen case studies? Yeah case studies! And it always seemed to make the female hate the male!

Well that's a lady who's not afraid of commitment.

Jamaican_Domo 10

What lady ISN'T afraid of commitment? Lol

Wow She be a little eager. Just say it's a family Heirloom passed down to you for when you do decide to propose

That is absolutely brilliant!

but you have to make sure to emphasize "when you decide" and that just because she found it doesn't mean you are ready

Where do these girls come from, and more importantly how do you choose them?? If she's been with you for three weeks and that's good enough for her to warrant marriage, you have your work cut out for you OP!