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maybe he thinks ur not the mother

Implying that she might be cheating in order to get out of taking responsibility for fathering a child is a dick move.


Spoken like a true Jerry Springer/ Steve Wilkos watcher! ;-) [--Channeling RichardPencil] Best of luck, OP! Sounds like you're gonna need it.... :-(

Maury! Maury! Maury! “You are....not the father!”

Maybe he's hoping that she's not even the mother.... [See Richard's remark below.]

I don't see anything wrong with that.

I dont really either alot of people like to cheat now a days so I'm sure he just wants to be sure it is in fact his.

Implying that she might be cheating in order to get out of taking responsibility for fathering a child is a dick move.

OP also could in fact be cheating and or the boyfriend is suspicious of her doing so.

maybe he thinks ur not the mother

Alas, the word "paternity" - and not "maternity" - gives it away. Of course, he could simply be just that stupid....

Maybe because he doesn’t want kids and doesn’t want it to be his

That tends to be a common trait amongst long-term boyfriends....

Then he shouldn’t be playing hide the sausage...

You can never be sure when you have an open relationship. Sounds like you’re in one, but your boyfriend has neglected to tell you.

Perhaps he's been told that he's infertile, or he had a vasectomy and never told you.

That happened to me once. I had a vasectomy in 2001. In 2005 a girl tried to say I got her pregnant. After a quick trip to the doc, I still had a no sperm count.

It sounds like he's cheating. I'm single and friends with married, engaged and men who are boyfriends. I promise you these men flirt hard with pictures. The same day they have a romantic dinner, an argument, vacations, even a pregnancy announcement on social media, with a picture of the couple as a social media profile picture. They still cheat with pictures, and beg to see me to have sex. The way he acted, after 4 years?! Girl, he's cheating. You need to make a fake social media account and catfish him. See for yourself, I'm not even joking. Men really don't give a shit, they see a hot girl. They click.

Do not do what that Cat girl here said. Terrible idea. Nor does it mean he’s cheating. And not all men are like that. I’ve known several loyal and goodhearted men. Maybe he thinks its not his?

He may actually be trying to protect is rights. Most places he has no rights if he's not proven to be the father since you aren't married.

… so are you pregnant?