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Today, I called my ex boyfriend to tell him that not only am I still in love with him, I'm also three months pregnant with his child. Upon hearing the news, he swore, called me a pathetic liar, swore some more, and hung up on me. FML
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FYL but what did you expect? Did you think he might say he's been missing you, didn't have the courage to call, and can't wait to be a real family of three? Time to put your big girl knickers on, dear. Grow up. You don't have the luxury of lounging in self-pity at the moment since you have some big decisions to make. I hope things work out well for you. Don't count on anybody giving you a "happily ever after" ending.

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That sucks. Be glad you're not with him anymore, he sounds like a prick.


144 child support is not so bad if you love your kid you will be thrilled to provide that and more. Really. It is much cheaper and carries MUCH less responsibility than being the actual custodial parent.

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lady, if your going to post a response to a specific comment in a specific thread, make sure you have the correct comment thread before submitting. thank you have a nice day.

@ 150 and if you don't love the child? what if you hate the child and literally wish it was never born? is child suport still "not so bad"? face it not everyone wants kids and forceing them to care for a kid even if it is theirs because they made stupid mistake is not fair since it was not their choice to bring the child into this world. sure he has very little responsibility. but he didn't want ANY.

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278 people like you are why so many people need to pay child support. People should tale responsibility for their actions. Just because you didn't mean for something to happen doesn't mean it won't.

Don't want a child? Use ******* condoms. THAT. SIMPLE. Don't screw around without protection and then expect no consequences. If you do that you deserve every child support coming your way. The sad part is that people unable to handle protection are the ones that should not breed at all. It does however suck if someone uses protection but it failed because they used it incorrectly and/or damaged it. People like that should have the option for abortion or have the option to give away their parental rights and not have to pay for the child if one of the parents decides to keep it.

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don't have sex before marriage. simple.

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why did I get moderated? I think the mods are the intolerant libs who can't accept other peoples point of view.

Has anyone considered that maybe the OP is a pathetic liar? Maybe she made everything up and her boyfriend is in the clear...

well it does sound like she is a liar. first sayin ur still in love with him then sayin ur pregnant it just sounds like ur sayin that to get him back.

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Or maybe she does love him and was trying to soften the blow, hoping he still had feelings for her, too.

I swear to god 70 post the right numbers

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nukkah haha I love that word I didn't know people actually say that either.


eveyone using that where I'm from NUKKAH. haha

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i'm pretty sure OP hates his guts right now.

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wow, did the condom break?????

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really ^, you're to lazy to actually put an extra 1/10th of a second into spelling "obvious", I hope to god.... you nevvvvvr brrrrd, czzzz if the whole wrrrrrlld spelled as you do... i am quiet sure we would all perish under an ocean of V's, R's, and Z's.

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I'm sorry that you don't appreciate my helping of others, but still the fact of the matter is; if she were to breed, a cascade effect would start, the world would slowly fall into chaos, government uniforms would be changed to V, R, and Z, foam costumes, generation after generation would fall victim to an ever increasing loss of braincells, within a matter of years civilisations would fall to the masses of violent rioters trying to figure out how to tie their shoes... so if I don't stop this problem before it starts the world wide effect will be devastating.

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I'm fairly sure that is the exact plot to Idiocracy.

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185 thank you for getting my movie reference. :)

I was thinking the damn same thing when I read that! People these days... Man.

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That sucks. Be glad you're not with him anymore, he sounds like a prick.

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well thats rude!!it offends me!!!"/

OP tell me his adress im showing up with a shotgun im sick and tired of abortion because of these circumstances.

Shut up! Nobody said anything about abortion idiot!!!

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She didn't say the OP was getting an abortion, she was condemning the circumstance "you idiot"

That sucks! Find a man that loves you the way you are. ;)

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Pregnant and in love with another man? Bound to be someone's type.

ahhh 7 using the old "sweet guy gets bitches" tactic huh? nice

... um yeah sure ... lol I'll go with that... um and Well if he's not going to take care of the baby find someone you love that will love the baby just as fiercely as it was his!

Hey, some men can get over the pregnancy part. Especially if she isn't ugly.

I agree but if he's all " **** I ain't talking to you ." and hung up then he might be over her not saying he but maybe.

I was talking about finding someone better lol. To hell with being desperate enough to be with an ass like him if he kept it up.

How was he an ass? He obviously was not in a relationship with her and judging by what she said he did not want to have anything to do with her before. He really would have no reason to believe anything she says and from that perspective her attempts to get back with him are pretty pathetic.

She said ex boyfriend which tells us at one point there was some sort of relationship. Being that she is 3 months pregnant and suspects it is him there was also some sort of intercourse. That aside, swearing at someone and hanging up on this does s

She said ex boyfriend which tells us at one point there was some sort of relationship. Being that she is 3 months pregnant and suspects it is him there was also some sort of intercourse. That aside, swearing at someone and hanging up on this does sound kind of like ass-esque behavior. If he had doubts, ask for proof. If he has doubts of producing the child, a simple dna test could be ordered. And if he continued to act like that, as I had previously stated, then yes he is an ass.

Really? So what if there was a relationship before, from his response it seems that was pretty much dead except for in her mind. And I'm sorry but I don't see how he was being an ass for reacting the way he did after what she said. From his perspective it clearly seems like she's trying to trap him, so swearing and hanging up the phone in such a manner is completely understandable. Regarding the pregnancy, I don't see why he would become involved even for so much as a DNA test. He obviously cut ties, she's not even sure it's his, and from his perspective he has no reason to even believe she's actually pregnant seeing as he has not trust in her whatsoever.

My IPod is being arrogant! It won't let me post comments until pretty much an hour after each one.. -_-

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Try to work it out. He might think you're lying so that he won't leave you. I know females will try to play that angle to hook a guy into a relationship.

ydi. waiting til ur 3 months into it to start crapping all over his life when he's clearly over u.. that's what u get. abort it already

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Shut up, shut up, and just when you think you're done shutting up, shut up again. I swear on the soul of Michael Jackson that if you try to turn this amusing little anecdote into an abortion debate, I will find where you live and personally smear human excrement over your entire abode. You have been warned.

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Hey asshole, a lot of women don't even know that they're pregnant until about 3 months in. As for aborting babies? I hope you suffer a long, excruciating life. Sorry, Doc, that was too personal of a comment for me to let it go.

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Doc, good point. let's just agree to disagree and stfu

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Oh I never added that. I do think conversations like that should be kept off of the comments, I just couldn't not respond first. It would be nice if no one brought it up in the first place. Notice...I did not make an argument about premarital sex on this post. Learned my lesson there... There's no point in even bringing that kind of crap up, it's just going to upset people. And honestly, you're not going to sway anyone's opinion on here of all places.

Curses, pixie! I was ready to watch the carnage as soon as I saw your name, but alas, it was not to be.

Acousticpixie14 6

Haha, well...I feel rather hormonal today. And this FML hits very close to home. If I get another negative response, I may just lose it on one of these morons...we shall see...

*tries to think of something offensive to say to Pixie to make her lose it* *fails* Dammit.

Acousticpixie14 6

C'mon, Doc, I'm a woman! And I'm I think I know everything! Almost anything will piss me off.

Sorry Pixie. I'm not in the habit of pissing off women for no reason. Except Mrs. Bastard, of course.

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I'm sure Mrs. Bastard thoroughly appreciates it, Doc. [:

abortion is bad child support is worse

yeah well your a women so that means you know nothing it only means your a **** tard who doesn't know shit so shut the **** up

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Aw, what a happy ending! Too sweet!

kcnutt10 1

Aw, a happy beginning to a new friendship! How sweet!

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Stfu ugly bitch, Pixie. Now go off like a true internet thug.

Acousticpixie14 6

Really? Is that the best you could come up with? Ugly bitch? Seeing as I know I'm good looking, and you have no picture, I'd say you were just speaking out of jealousy...poor thing. In reference to the second part of that "insult," being affirmative and speaking my opinion does not make me a bitch. I do relish when people compliment me as such, though. Thank you [:

dude...who the hell do u think u r?!?! Ur mom clearly should've aborted ur dumb ass!!! Don't assume u know her or how she lives her life...keep ur wack ass comments to self if u have NOTHING nice to say!

Acousticpixie14 6

True, maybe she lives a life where she cannot raise a baby, for any number of reasons. That's no reason to kill it. There's this thing called adoption...yeah, you should look into it next time you want to make that argument.

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Adoption isn't for everyone and not everyone agrees that a baby = the fetus formed after conception. For example, I don't think that you can say abortion is wrong for everyone until the fetus is viable and its life is no longer necessitated by the mother. There are always rapes and when the mother is endangered to think about also. Quite frankly, it would take more than an egg and a sperm to make me feel like a fetus resulting from rape was a "child" of mine, and I wouldn't be willing to carry the fetus to term because of those feelings. More goes into what makes a baby a baby than just conceiving, including the parents' feelings about the fetus. And she shouldn't force a baby on her ex. She should have sat down with him and discussed options with him when she found out. Be open to other peoples lives rather than constantly condemning abortion. If it's not right for you, then it's not right for you. But that's as far as you can judge.

Acousticpixie14 6

A fetus' life is no longer necessitated by the mother until the fetus' has reached 37 weeks. The fetus is not fully formed until, and although there is a good chance for survival, there is a chance the baby will not be able to breathe on it's own. You don't have to feel like it's your child. It's still a child. I never said she should force the baby on her ex. I don't even think she was. She just gave him the news, right after would be the discussion of options. Now, as for a parent's feelings. That's quite ridiculous. So you're saying that I am not a human being deserving of life because my mother is dead, and my father does not want me or care about me in any way. At age 15, I just stopped being a worthy human being, right? A parent's feelings don't mean jack. I will condemn abortion until the day I die. If a mother is at risk, then they deliver and hope the baby can survive, there's no reason to outright KILL a baby. Immediately upon conception it's already male or female. At just 5 weeks, you can already hear his or her heartbeat. At 20 weeks, a fetus can feel the pain of an abortion. At any age, a fetus WILL fight for it's life as much as it can (sadly it does not good). A fetus will swim away from an injection to kill it. Do you even know how most abortions are done? It involves breaking or cutting a babies body into PIECES. Not to mention, it's also dangerous for the mother.

Acousticpixie14 6

"Be open to other peoples lives rather than constantly condemning abortion. If it's not right for you, then it's not right for you. But that's as far as you can judge." Maybe you should be open to a baby's life. No one asks the infant if abortion is right for them. Abortion is selfish and inherently evil, plain and simple. There is no justifying it. And who says I'm judging? My best friend had an abortion. I disagree with it with every ounce of my being, but judging is just stupid. It's just a taboo subject that we cannot discuss.

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Unless she has some sort of underlying medical condition that masked the obvious symptoms of pregnancy, I would say not knowing until 3 months (12 weeks, which is the near the end of the first trimester) is a little (okay, a LOT) unlikely.

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Gestation and childbirth carries 10x's the risk of death to the mother than a standard first trimester abortion does (which is when 90% of abortions performed are done). They're also done through a procedure known as dilation and aspiration. Know how that's performed? Look it up so you don't sound so damn ignorant on the subject. You're sputtering off 20+ year old false propoganda. Also, I believe current studies reflect that the human fetus lacks the neural receptors to process pain until closer to 22-23 gestational weeks (I'll admit I may be mistaken in that, however. You might be right with the 20 week mark). If any abortions need to be performed during that time or after, you ARE aware that it's normally done for severe fetal anomolies, or risks to the mother's life, and they make every conceivable effort to do it humanely, and will provide to the fetus directly MORE than ample pain medication, right? Seriously, if you want to be able to persuade others to see your view in this matter, at least educate yourself on what you're going on about. I personally feel it's beyond abhorent to force a person to go through an UNWANTED (which is different from an UNPLANNED) pregnancy just to avoid upsetting the sensitivites of other people's opinions on the matter. We lack the audacity to force people to serve as literal and figurative life support against their will and desire to another person for ANY other reason, but it's somehow "okay" to force a person to do just that simply because of a biological occurance?

Acousticpixie14 6

Well for one, it's entirely possible to not know until after the first trimester. Every pregnancy is different, some women don't have symptoms. Some women don't know what the symptoms are. As for educating myself...I have. As I said, my best friend had an abortion. Dilation DOES involve cutting the fetus into pieces. Aspiration involves literally vacuuming a fetus out. As far as not forcing someone to deal with a pregnancy, no one is forced. You CHOOSE to have sex, so if you get pregnant, it was a choice (unless you were raped, which is just a very unfortunate circumstance. Oh well, Life is hard, get over it). I believe if you don't want a baby bad enough that you are willing to kill it, you really shouldn't be having sex at all. There's a reason abortions are so complicated. Babies are not meant to be removed from our bodies until they are ready. It's really sick and twisted for anyone to think otherwise.

paspossible_fml 4

If a mother thinks about a fetus in a way that truly makes it a baby, then yes, the pregnancy should be carried at all costs. But a parent's feelings DO mean something when it is not a viable human being. Since you are not even open to the possibility that perhaps an egg and a sperm don't automatically mean a baby versus a fetus, we can't even discuss this topic. And I hate that you're on bed rest, but seriously, that doesn't mean you should basically troll everyone's opinions. Discussion opinions is one thing but when you basically target and reply to almost every single comment on a page that disagrees with your stance, it's getting ridiculous. Bottom line: you can think whatever you want to, but if it's not your fetus or baby then voice your opinion and be done with it.

Acousticpixie14 6

Okay so if I walk down the street and see a woman being beat by her husband I should just tell him that's not very nice and move on? No.

pixies absolutely right... and even if she was raped, that's no reason to take it out on an innocent, and defenseless baby.

Acousticpixie14 6

Thank you! And can you not think an egg and a sperm make a baby? "It" is a he or a she from DAY ONE. His or her heartbeat is HEARD by six weeks, which is about as early as most people even know that they're pregnant. It's already a boy or girl, and has a beating heart, so how is it not a BABY?

Good God pixie, let it go! You're not going to convince anyone, in fact my (pro-abortion)opinion only grows stronger with every comment you make. You've made 33 comments on this thread, the next person on the top10 list is DocBastard with 7 comments. Stop shoving your opinion down everyone's throat. I'm all for debating and sharing your opinions, but you're calling people ignorant/apathic if they don't share yours, and that's not be what deabting is about - at least it shouldn't be. Abortion should definitely NOT be used as a form of birth control, but I'd rather see a fetus being aborted than coming to this world unwanted and treated that way. And adoption is not always an option. As for rape victims; they need to deal with enough as it is, they will carry on that experience for the rest of their lives. Having to have a reminder of that for 9 months (and a lifetime if they can't give it up for adoption) is just unnecessary cruel. And sure, there are few people who can still love a child even if he/she is the result of a rape, but it's really, really hard and most people are not capable of it.

Acousticpixie14 6

Doortje, expressing my opinion and shoving it down someone's throat are two very different things. Now, if I out of the blue started condemning abortion and then someone replied and I began attacking them, then yes, I'd be shoving. Every comment I have made has been in response to another, therefore, I really am just expressing my opinion and when people keep replying to it, I have every right to defend my stance. Most people on here will not have their mind changed, true. Some impressionable young teenager might come across this, however, and decide to look it up for themselves. Then maybe, after seeing the horror of it, will make the right decision on the matter. Since when is there anything wrong with being ignorant or apathetic? There's a reason anyone comes to any opinion. Those are just two types of opinion on the matter of premarital sex. I'd label my own stance as well, but I don't think that would be fair, as I would have a conflict of interest since I would be labeling myself. You understand what I mean, I might label my stance "intelligent" which would just be biased and untrue. There are bound to be many unintelligent people who share my stance, as well as intelligent people taking the other two stances. You people manage to grab insults out of thin air. Yet, when I actually do insult someone, it is always looked over. Interesting... I have never heard of a case when adoption was not a viable option for a pregnant woman. Maybe, in this case, I am an ignorant party, so please, enlighten me as to how a pregnant woman would be unable to give her baby up. As for rape victims...rape is horrible, I'm not denying that. In the household that I grew up in rape and molestation were regular experiences. However, letting a rape haunt you and carrying that experience around with you is a person's choice. A person can choose to move on, or to hold onto it. Plain and simple. And quite honestly, if someone is having a difficult time choosing to let it go, there is the wonder of childbirth. There is so much that is let out during childbirth that helps deal with a tragedy. That is why most doctors will have a woman with a still birth continue through the regular labor process. All those hormones do a woman good. And quite honestly, even if what I just said is not the case and you disagree and blah blah isn't fair. So something really awful happened to a woman and now she is pregnant with a monster's child, that's not the child's fault. This world is so twisted, we are taught to be selfish almost immediately from birth. What do YOU want out of life? What is good for YOU? What do YOU want? You, you,'s not wonder they call my generation the "me" generation. It's ridiculous. Life is full of hardships and you just have to deal with them and move on, you don't take other people down with you.

Acousticpixie14 6

As for having so many posts, sorry. Maybe there wouldn't be so many if people would read what I've already said and stop making me repeat myself. Any second now, I'll go into labor, and you'll have a couple of Pixie-free weeks as I suffer through being a single mom with a newborn [:

There wouldn't be so many if people didn't use the site to whinge on and wax hyperbolic over pro-life vs pro-choice politics. Let's shut this one down now before I have to close the comments. ;-)

paspossible_fml 4

We can't even agree that this is murder. I don't think it is. Clearly you do. So this in no way is similar to your example. And you're forcing your opinion down people's throats when you comment on every differing opinion like you have. It's called trolling and it's why nearly all of your comments are "buried." Take a hint. Everyone knows how you feel about it, now let it go. And something being male or female doesn't make it a baby. Sex is determined by the sperm as far as scientists can tell, so you could make the argument that it's male or female before conception--still doesn't make it a baby. Besides, there are human beings who grow to be a male trapped in a female body, or vice versa, so I don't really see how gender is a qualifier. Having a heartbeat also doesn't make you a baby, it does make you a fetus though. There is no way to legitimately know at what point a fetus truly becomes human. So the best way, in my opinion, is to say it is wrong to abort after a fetus is even potentially viable. That's my opinion, I know you disagree, but you seriously need to get over it. Live with the fact that many people disagree with you. And as far as the rape thing goes, I wouldn't consider it fair to punish myself by undergoing all of the emotional and physical implications of pregnancy since I was an innocent person. I also wouldn't consider any fetus of mine resulting from rape a baby.

"unless you were raped, which is just a very unfortunate circumstance. Oh well, Life is hard, get over it" Are you serious? What the hell is wrong with you? For someone pretending to have empathy for fetuses you surely disregard rape victims. "unfortunate circumstance, get over it". I seriously can not believe I just read that. You low life. So a bunch of cells "deserve to live" but rape victims should "get over it". You are mental.

After reading your comments it actually scares me that someone like you is responsible for a child. People like you pretend to care about fetuses while in reality you just want to feel self righteous. If people like you ACTUALLY cared even for a little bit, you would try to help unwanted/abused already born children. But you don't care about them since your opinion for already born children that are rape victims is "just get over it, life is hard". You don't care if the mother throws the baby in the thrash can the second it is born as long as you can force people to keep them. You completely disregard biology and science and pretend as if a bunch of cells in development are a human being. You are utter garbage.