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Today, I bumped into my ex-boyfriend I still love, and his new girlfriend, who he cheated on me with. Embarrassingly, she was wearing the same top as me. However hers was in size 6, unlike my 16. FML
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Don't beat yourself up OP. Why... you are 2.66 times the girl that she is!


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it does if op was a size 6 when they met

Don't beat yourself up OP. Why... you are 2.66 times the girl that she is!

Just loose the weight and show him what he is missing out on. :)

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why do you still love him If he cheated on you?

Weight is far from everything! OP probably has bigger boobs anyways! See, there's an upside to everything!

#46, you're disgusting. Nothing justifies cheating. If she gained too much weight during the relationship and that became a problem for the boyfriend, he should've talked to her about it, helped her set up a weight-loss plan and supported her in her efforts, or broken up with her before seeking out other girls.

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OP is just extremely blessed in her breast size. The guy must have cheated because he felt emasculated during motorboatage and other activities. That or you are living life large. Either way it's best you dumped him for cheating. Dont feel embarrassed for yourself. But for the new woman, after all she is probably getting cheated on.

they could be TOO big. there's only so big before it's nasty big.

it may not justify the cheating, but it does explain it.

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182 must wana eat me

#135, you are so far from the truth, it's laughable. I'm actually closer to being underweight: 5'2" and about 90 lbs. My earlier comment was sincere and reflects what I truly believe -- that a relationship involves commitment and each partner should support the other. If something becomes a huge issue, like one person gaining a ton of weight, then you deal with it. Break up with them if it's too much for you; don't cheat.

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lecture much? Lighten up, #46 made a bad comment but geez.

im loving these nasty ninja posts. making my day thx

84 you can still love someone even if they've hurt you. it doesn't take him cheating on her to get over loving him instantly

Size 6 doesn't make the new girlfriend a stick. Size 0 or 00 makes her a stick.

253 - size 6 in the uk it a size 2 in America so yeah she would be a stick :/

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257 - I know people, including myself, who can fit into size two clothing. Most of them are not sticks. I am most definitely not a stick; I have an ass and some boobage. A stick is someone who has neither boobs nor an ass, and can "disappear" when they turn to the side.

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Nothing justifies cheating. Ever. It doesn't matter if you go from an awful looking girl to a supermodel, if you want something different end the relationship youre in first.

253, it depends on the woman's build, bone structure, etc. Some women's natural healthy weight would put them at a size 0 or 00, and it doesn't make them a stick.

you are right #182 tgi is a huge issue ;)

I wonder how far back she she bounced after "bumping" into him

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im sorry fat chicks need love to @101 I hope u and op the best at finding that love...

I see, NastyNinja. Evidently you are a troll who doesn't bother reading all the comments in a thread.

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306.. ya moms a troll.... nvm she's just a bum that lives under a bridge

*What I meant is that you have no idea if I've found love or not, so your comment is a little out-of-place. And if you're insinuating that I'm fat, as well, then think what you want. Doesn't make it true.

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hey op, she is probably a ***** that has nothing but looks. keep your head high

101 you only go through so much effort if you truly love and want to be with the person. Maybe the OP did but her BF didn't. I don't justify cheating but no one goes through all that effort for someone they didn't care about. and this applies in general. FYL OP

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322 just cuz she was the one the boyfrnd cheated with doesn't make her a *****.

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theres nothing to laugh about


She could have been a **** and could be wearing a smaller top to make herself look sexy. -trololol

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just clarifying I was referring to nastyninja

and you need to grow up and act your age.

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@101 "Nothing justifies cheating." domestic abuse, living in a country that forbids divorce, being in an arranged marriage you dont approve of, manipulation/blackmail, revenge - obviously within reason. so telling you your ass looks big in that dress is clearly not justified. theres a few id consider justified reasons for cheating. the rest of your point i agree with.

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mwuahahahahaha. but yea there shud be a " you don't deserve it" that's wut I wud choose.?

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I'm a 72 ZZZ.... ohhh **** I'm a guy.

411 - Half of those reasons you listed are not justifiable for cheating. Domestic abuse - get out. Forbidden divorce - sure, because there's no other way. Arranged marriage - get out, unless you've tried all ways and you simply can't, and then whatever. There's nothing else you can do. Manipulation/blackmail - hardly a reason to cheat. Revenge - even less of a reason. In most cases, cheating is not justified. It just makes you an ass, and a wuss who's afraid to leave the relationship.

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sigh. whatever you think dear. 1. your opinion is to get out. if someone chooses to stay and use their partner until they find something better, i honestly say good for them. abusers, imo, deserve to be cheated on, and if you choose to cheat on one, then i dont think any sane person would knock you for it. 2. yes, in some cases there is no other way. not everyone lives under your culture and society. 3. again, your opinion. do you belong to a culture that arranges marriages? if not you dont have the right to a judgement of someone in that situation. 4. of course, being blackmailed to cheat is in no way a good reason... 5. revenge is a very good reason.

1. Yes, it is. If you're fine with cheating on someone and using them at the same time, that's your prerogative. But there are better things to do than that... everyone knows it's wrong to do something like that, whether the person deserves it or not. What the person deserves is not to be stayed with, but to be left. Cheating on them doesn't prove they're no good, because half the time, or more, you aren't caught cheating. 2. I realize, which is why I said "in some cases". Don't use what I said against me when there's no place to. 3. Was I judging? No. I was offering an alternative to cheating. Get it straight, dude. 4. No, it isn't. Glad we've got that straight. Again, if it's literally a matter of life or death, I can see how it may be justified. Otherwise, for something less than life or death, I don't think so. 5. Revenge is the most ridiculous reason I've ever heard. But, to each their own. Enjoy that conscience.

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Aww I'm sorry op. Being skinny isn't everything. I don't know why people think it's better to be skinny than healthy. I blame today's society and the media. Marilyn Monroe was a bigger size than the ideal size we think of today, and she was infect beautiful. Also, I don't understand why people cheat. My thing is if you don't want to be with that person anymore leave, don't cheat.

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1. yawn. who said anything about proving something? 2. learn to distinguish your comments from mine. you were either being sarcastic or dead serious and thus commenting unnecessarily when saying theres no other way. take your pick. 3. then why mention it if you think its an acceptable circumstance? 4. there you go then, life or death. i was proving the absolute statement "NOTHING justifies cheating" to be incorrect. thus, you agree, life or death is the situation in which i am correct. a simple "youre right" would suffice next time. 5. yawn.

527 - Whatever. You're gonna think what you want. That pickle must be getting uncomfortable, no? Just remember I said HALF your reasons weren't good reasons. 531 - The comment you're replying to doesn't exist.

I like how a_nutritionist uses yawns to cover up the fact that he doesn't know what the **** he's talking about

Woahhhh there. I wear size 0 pants and I also fit in 00s. I'm 100% not a stick but, nice try!

maybe she was standing in front of one of those circus mirrors

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I'm ashamed you live in the same state as me 147. Way to **** our rep. even more.

200, you should add me to your creeping list

Burn that shirt OP.. and let it motivate you to work on yourself. Remember, happiness conquers all. If he see's how happy and good you're doing for yourself.. He will wish he stayed with the better person ;)

Why would I send you nude pics 204? It would turn you to solid emerald.

we have way too many fat birds I'n England D=

282- we also have way to many fat men in England- I am guessing you are not one of them since you feel you can take the mick out of overweight people.

emerald is my birthstone bro, that's fine with me wink wink nudge nudge say no more

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248 you say you are from "amuurica **** yeah" gtfo you redneck ass

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282 - we have too many fat girls?? that's funny 'cause I don't see any, just twats who make beautiful girls feel like crap...

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That awkward moment when you bump into your ex with the girl he left you for and she's wearing the same top as you -- except ten sizes smaller.

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Call 1-800-Jenny-20. Believe me, it works. I feel like a whole new person.

I agree. You should have plenty of motivation now, and after you lose some of the weight you'll feel better and realize that you deserve better in the first place.

Considering the source, iAmScrubs, I'm fairly certain your comment was a joke, but you've got to be careful about things like that. "Advertising of any kind" can get you moderated.

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Yes, it was a joke but I still think Spazmattic is totally right. Now you got me superstitious, Goshpeople. *crosses fingers not to get moderated*

Uhh.... How did you know what size she was exactly?

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you sound like a commercial.

175 - it says in the FML that she is a size 16, derp.

oops I read that wrong, bring on the thumbs down I deserve it :(

No advertising on FML. So come on down to KFC and try our grilled chicken. Good deals on sunday! *awaits moderation*

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WeightWatchers is also a good program. so far, I've lost 25 lbs :)

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I'm sorry that happened to you Op, you don't deserve that asshole

Everyone deserves to have an asshole.

ur ******* retarded. he obviously wanted to put his dick in sum pussy instead of a fat roll.....

151 - It's funny how you're a douche and still nobody wants you near their vaginas.

Don't you mean he doesn't deserve the OP?

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...dont have to be an asshole

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That's okay. You're going to have a better life

That's a strange conclusion to draw from this FML.

because half the fmls on here nowadays are copies of original ones with a very small story twist. most aren't even real I bet

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Now you can start focusing on yourself since you're single. Lose weight and show your ex how amazing you've been without him and what you've accomplished (:

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he's not worth being upset over. you're way better off without him. AND don't think you're not beautiful because you're a size 16!