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Today, I drove six hours with a friend to see one of her favorite bands in concert. We were turned away at the door because the online site didn't say we had to be 21 to enter. I drove six hours back with nothing to show for it but an empty gas tank and useless tickets. FML
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  damnablefate  |  0

Because that's illegal. Sometimes you can get away with it while everyone's waiting in line before the show, but when someone's actually turning you away, that means doors are open, and the only people outside are stragglers and security guards.

By  MoeRoxxs  |  0

1. DUH! You always check the age limit to a show if you are underage
2. There are always people outside of shows looking to buy tickets so you could have sold them...unless it was a lame show, then I could see how you would not be able to sell them


If there is an age restriction they almost always post it on the site, or at least where I live they do. It's not OP's fault. The venue should post that information. I highly doubt you call venues before you go to shows either.

By  MrCanoe  |  5

something tells me you didn't read the online site properly, YDI for not making sure if it was a 21+ show and as other has said you should of sold the tickets