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By Joseph - 27/02/2016 02:52 - United States - El Paso

Today, my nephew gave me a piece of gum. He's not one to share, so I was rather shocked at his kindness. After a while chewing, he admitted he gave it to me because the pack was in his pocket when he peed his pants. FML
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Lemon Flavoured!

It didn't taste a little off to you?

Sometimes those things are sealed pretty well, it's possible that the urine never even came into contact with the gum but just the thought of it being near is gag worthy.

Why wouldn't he have thrown it out after his incident? Was he saving it just for you?

Kids can be pretty devious at times

hoosiergirl94 31

Kids do the darnedest things

Well, if they get some kind of punishment or something like that, it makes them a better adult. Most of the time.

I'd be pissed!

CliffyB03 28

Well, honestly... I have nothing to say to this. Like, wouldn't you have been somewhat weary? But at the same time, why would he do that?

JackDupp 11

I'd be more leery than weary.

stangbang92 17

Thanks, needed my morning gag. It's refreshing. Swallowing vomitus.

clickme 17

Urine shock at that I suppose

LostInTheZone11 29

Now here's a moment when I'm really glad my brother works for Wrigley and I get free gum from time to time.

flyingflies 36

Stick it in his hair? A buzz haircut ought to teach him.