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By hipster glasses - 16/08/2013 11:08 - United States

Today, I was verbally abused by a customer at my job. Apparently, wearing "ugly, thick-framed hipster glasses as a fashion statement is a HUGE faux pas." These are my actual prescription glasses, and "faux pas" is not pronounced "fox paws". FML
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Sir_ND_Pity 35

He deserved some fox paws in the face for being so rude.

Wow.. Some people are just too rude and ignorant.


Wow.. Some people are just too rude and ignorant.

Why do I get the feeling that the mispronunciation annoyed OP more than the glasses crack

Children this is what happens when you drink hateraid. You become a huge asshole.

'Fox paws' goes way beyond just bad grammar.

The thing is, you choose the frames you get for your prescription glasses. (I use glasses) A lot of people tend to get the movie theatre 3D-like glasses, which I find ridiculous.

I also wear glasses as well, but not everyone can choose precisely which frames they want. They still have to get glasses that will fit the width of the lens. So, even if they may want smaller glasses, it may not be within their choice options.

amayasoma 19

58- I didn't get to pick the frames I wanted. My insurance wouldnt cover some frames and the eye doctor picked the frames that work best with my features and the lenses.

Even so 58, if OP likes 3D-like glasses, that's his business and not a reason for anyone to complain.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

He deserved some fox paws in the face for being so rude.

Jake_Hale 7

If I was OP I would've tried to make out with that customer just to freak her out. Regardless of gender no one deserves to be treated like that :(

CallMeMcFeelii 13

So you just make out with everyone that verbally abuses you? Don't ever go to New York if that's the case. You'll be tongue tied with every other person on the street.

I'm from New York and have never verbally abused anyone (who didn't deserve it). Why do people assume New Yorkers are rude?

TheDrifter 23

Because so many of us who went to new York never met a polite new yorker? Pardon my country ass for not knowing new Yorkers wanted to run that red light my truck is stopped at, or that cross walks are an obsolete concept. Us silly small town folks even stopped peeing on the side of buildings.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I've been to New York on several occasions and the people there tend to be pretty damn rude. It could have been because I was a tourist but nonetheless they sure as hell weren't too nice. I will give you credit though, New Jersey people are worse. I went to Camden for warped tour, instead of Scranton like usual, and that place was filled with assholes. Dirtiest concert I've ever been to.

I've always had pleasant interactions in NYC. Perhaps just bad luck on your part.

thank you #89. Just because you had some bad interactions with a few people doesn't mean you should discount the whole state. I now live in ohio and think people here are much much worse.

#95 You've probably become accustomed to the New Yorker rudeness and don't know how to handle any other form of interaction

ViRepz 28

Haha wow. What a pseudo intellectual ****. I hate people that think they're better than everyone else.

caohm 18

it was probably zoolander and that damn Hansel, he's so hot right now

The customer was no doubt related to the idiot from my Philosophy 101 class in college who went on ad nauseum about how she couldn't stand people who were pseudo sophisticated and acted superior. Except she pronounced it "swaydo".

Zack6849 8

Has it ever occurred to you guys that perhaps these people just read a lot and don't use the words often? I read quite a bit but don't know how to pronounce some words because I've never heard them used. I'm not saying that's definitely the case here, just putting that out here.

@104: There's this thing called a dictionary. It gives pronunciation in addition to definitions. Also, using words you can't even pronounce falls under the category of failing miserably while trying to make yourself seem more intelligent.

I read a lot, too, and can generally figure out how to pronounce the words myself. Using that as an excuse does not save it.

Wear whatever you want...You are who you are. If it were me, I would've walked away and then explained myself to the manager, so that he/she would get the true story first.

What does the manager have to do with anything?

Just do you.... Who cares what someone else thinks...

@evilplatypus: People have a tendency to complain to your manager about every little thing. Especially if they're the kind of people that would publicly complain about someone wearing a pair of glasses they don't like. Besides, even if they don't complain, you can still get a good laugh with the boss out of it.

31 - I did myself in public once, and the police certainly cared.

Check with your optometrist. Won't you be embarrassed when it turns out your glasses are actually made of fox.

AppleJuiceBox 10

Just let it slide. He's an ignorant asshole, and there are many more out there. I personally think the hipster glasses are cute, as long as they're real and not the stupid plastic ones.

I agree, there's a girl at my school who wears those "hipster" style glasses. people say she doesn't look good with them, but I reckon any girl whose face suits the glasses can look absolutely beautiful with them!

I don't see how you wearing thick glasses is a faux pas... I thought a faux pas was when someone did something that violated social etiquette, or a social standard. Really, the customer committed the faux pas, as you shouldn't chew someone out just for wearing a specific accessory!

AppleJuiceBox 10

A "fashion faux pas" is translated into a "fashion mistake". I'm sure it's used both ways.

Sorry for the mistake on my behalf, I didn't know about a "fashion faux pas". I guess you learn something new every day!

AppleJuiceBox 10

No need to apologize. I'm pretty sure it's used in areas regarding social standards and etiquette, but the man (or woman) who rudely insulted OP was using it to say OP was making a bad fashion statement.

I say: wear a pair of fox paws to the office and slap him the face. "I agree, these glasses do go with fox paws."