By Lonely - 24/07/2011 17:02 - United States

Today, I went out for coffee with my sister and my crush. I spent the majority of the date flirting with my crush, and when he dropped us off at home, I told him I had fun on our date. He looked at me surprised and said he'd thought I'd tagged along on his date with my sister. FML
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SillySydney 0

Wait. Who brings their sister to a date anyways?

samuel96 3

wow...how could u not realise that


nickmeier1 4

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That made me laugh my ass off. YDI for being the third wheel and not knowing.

NastyNinja31 0

it could of been worse... you could have kissed him and then he said it

what flavor? I only date line crush, she's the most exotic. orange crush is her ugly sister

Good game sir. But really FYL that blows dude

I smell a honeymoon murder movie in the making.

16 gotta love those clueless 3rd wheels

enonymous 8

I was hoping the story would end "I thought I was the 3rd wheel while you were on a date with your sister"

I don't see the FML here. Instead, this is a grand opportunity for a threesum.

well at least you didn't have sex and then he said that lol.

Dayum! Yeah, I would say this was an FML all the way around. Wish I could have been more sarcastic, but I just can't add to your misery.

wintamint101 7

isn't third wheeling the best?

wtf is wrong with 87s face? :/

Captain_Zorro 7


she's trying to scratch her throat. with her chin

jesscarrr 10

am I the only one not understanding this? OP if you thought was a date.. why the hell would you let your sister come along??

samuel96 3

wow...how could u not realise that

Because the sister didn't tell her that they were dating and she was the third wheel. And if she's been flirting the whole time why wouldn't anyone say anything.

samuel96 3

or maybe the guy misunderstood...well who invited who?

My question is why would the sister sit back and watch them flirt? If it really was their date... This whole FML just seems weird to me...

ya I wonder how the sister felt about her flirting. awwwkkwarrd!!!!

Randuhh_17 4

or maybe there was no date. the guy might've asked the sister to go get coffee, thinking it was a date when she said yes, when in fact, the sister thought it was a friend thing...which led to her bringing op, who thought it was a setup date.? idk. something like that...?

I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn't she realize that he wasn't into her when he wasn't flirting back?

I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn't she realize that he wasn't into her when he wasn't flirting back? 115, I agree. Op obviously misinterpreted the whole thing.

nickmeier1 4

How could you not REALIZE how to spell realize?

celticpride33 0

just go along with it so it won't be as embarrassing.

but that wouldnt be as akward

katsteak 0

i thought she would have realised when he kissed her sister goodnight.

#126 OP never said that so u don't no tht happened. sucks tho OP... u shoulda been like "o...really? wow I didn't know u 2 were together" then run away

katsteak 0

142- it was joke so chill

didn't seem a little obvious at all?

tsim_fml 0

Probably. *shrugs*

Just2BMe 5

this FML seems fishy...

captinsmith0225 6

she didn't know it happens

well I guess we have something in common because you and me both read fmls when we are bored and we are going into the same grade.

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Blackmail111 9

Plus isn't your sis the 1 who invited you

its not gay. in a 3 way.

67, Might not be gay, but I am pretty sure it's still incest.

incest? I think that's the scented stuff you burn to make the room smell good?? then again I might just be stupid :/

Incest is sex between family members. INCENSE is the stuff you burn. And now you know.

owhh ok EWW I never realized that :$ thanks tho

'cause knowledge is power!

a_nutritionist 10

youre only pretty sure? you should try it out and let us know for certain.

the lonely island!

Blackmail111 9

He would have said it was a date in the first place...Wow you're dumb

Blackmail111 9

plus isn't it that your sis invited you

kaitrae15072 0

She isn't dumb. She was obviously into this guy, and didn't even think of him liking her sister. Don't hate please.

Blackmail111 9

It's kinda stupid to think it was a date for you just cause you tagged along with your sister

Nekro_kat 1

I totally agree with you:)

ThisGi 0

wow your sister probably knew you liked him

and still let you embarrass yoself hahaha

aww. That sucks. But that means you deserve better. ;)

kateheartswaffle 0

#9- How? Sometimes a guy just simply isn't into you. He wasn't rude; he was honest.

It doesn't mean that she deserves better. It means that she needs to go for a guy that is actually interested in her.

It doesn't mean that she deserves better. It means that she needs to go for a guy that is actually interested in her.

You'd think that he would pick up on all your so-called flirting...

Iwashere12345 0

your smiley face has a pimple on it's chin haha :).