By lifelike - 29/10/2012 04:23 - United States - Oroville

Today, after weeks of wondering if my cat has a fetish for licking my bed covers, I finally witnessed him licking up an ant off of the covers. Turns out that my bed is infested with ants. FML
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How could you not notice that? o.o

Hey, you should be thanking your cat, he's been dutifully carrying out selfless acts of pest control, just for you. Your cat is a real hero, you know..


How could you not notice that? o.o

For weeks no less.... After having frequent ant invasions for years in my old house, I still meticulously inspect every black dot I see, moving or otherwise. I don't know how anyone could not notice that, especially if they were sleeping in the bed.

I would freak if I found that shit in my bed

@2 exactly my thought, it's kind of hard to miss. I guess op's cat did a pretty good job

2 - because OP's cat was getting rid of them all.

2- this hits close to home for me, I spent last night on the couch as my room is infested with ants right now. :/ I didn't really see them until it was too late because my carpet is dark, as my room is. plus they stuck mostly to the ground and didn't go up on my white furniture until two days ago. just my personal experience, I don't know how op is. and to op; spray them with Windex! it kills them immediately and wipes their scent trail.

And then you ate them all, 45?

My math book was infested with ants once. I took it home to do math and ants crawled over my whole room but they didn't stay there. Turned out my whole locker was full of ants

At least someone is cleaning your room.

Why buy ant killer? You have a cat!

Hey, you should be thanking your cat, he's been dutifully carrying out selfless acts of pest control, just for you. Your cat is a real hero, you know..

At least they haven't been bothering you. You've shared space companionably up til now, I see no reason to change that just because you now know that they're there

Doesn't mean that they won't take over the pillow, then the rest of the bed, then slowly invade the rest of the house, then the world. Still think its no big deal?

"The Walling Ants" Season 1 - Episode 1: How the fuck do I shoot them???

Walking ants? I appreciate the attempt. :)

I was being sarcastic.... -_-' Fuck me :/ I'm such shit at conveying sarcasm

Maybe you didn't notice because kitty was licking them all up. You should thank your cat.

Don't eat in bed...

She's been having sex on the bed. Sperm attracts ants

:| Well, that's definitely one fact I didn't need to know.

. . . cause thays how you get ants ;-)

You shouldn't be getting antsy at your cat for a problem, even if it bugs you. You're here pestering your cat and you didn't even notice the real cause that's nesting in your bed.

This comment is so much win!

That ant good!

That awkward moment when the person right before you posted a better pun than yours.

You need to get checked for diabetes.

Because ants are a sure sign that you're diabetic

Didn't you hear, Posthuman? That's how they test you for diabetes these days.

Just look for the stockier ant with the white moustache. He's probably the one that'll give you the diabetus.