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  spaboolly  |  26

For weeks no less.... After having frequent ant invasions for years in my old house, I still meticulously inspect every black dot I see, moving or otherwise. I don't know how anyone could not notice that, especially if they were sleeping in the bed.

  kittytub  |  12

2- this hits close to home for me, I spent last night on the couch as my room is infested with ants right now. :/ I didn't really see them until it was too late because my carpet is dark, as my room is. plus they stuck mostly to the ground and didn't go up on my white furniture until two days ago. just my personal experience, I don't know how op is. and to op; spray them with Windex! it kills them immediately and wipes their scent trail.

  ohcheriecherie  |  20

My math book was infested with ants once. I took it home to do math and ants crawled over my whole room but they didn't stay there. Turned out my whole locker was full of ants

By  Pleonasm  |  35

You shouldn't be getting antsy at your cat for a problem, even if it bugs you. You're here pestering your cat and you didn't even notice the real cause that's nesting in your bed.