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By februarymarchapril - 04/02/2015 03:45 - United States - Austin

Today, I shaved for the first time. My mum gave me a razor and I spent about 20 minutes trying to use it. I gave up, yelling, "FUCK IT!" and put it back on the shelf. It fell, and as it hit the floor, a lid fell off. I'd tried to shave with a sheathed razor for 20 minutes. FML
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Ask your mother for birth control also please, for the sake of the planet.

The times that you wasted ..... Could of went to your garden and grow so much potato and carrots



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Better luck next time

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Please do ask your mom for birth control.... And ask her for the instructions too because you'll probably f that up too

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Or sneezing and hitting your head on the register...

@70 it's called idiocracy you idiot

#70 i know an english teacher who has a master degree that has something to do with specializing in technology but she doesn't know how to use her smartphone. And an english teacher that doesnt read instructions nor knows how to spell .

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I know see why my mom told me that some people are book smart and common sense stupid.

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No. The best of us don't yell "FUCK IT" and give up so easily after using minimal brain power. In fact, the best of us would have found a swift solution.

The best of us would feel that the razor doesn't feel sharp, and inspect it, find the plastic and remove it.

#3: "Best of us" isn't appropriate here.

'Rest of us'

At least you won't get razor burn or cut yourself.

Nor did she get anywhere xD

Yeah, she won't be cutting anything, actually. Good thing this is on FML though. We can use our collective sharp wit to give OP a shave.

The times that you wasted ..... Could of went to your garden and grow so much potato and carrots

You must have an amazing garden that can grow potatoes and carrots in twenty minutes.

Well you see, one night I was sitting in my garden pretending I was a potato then suddenly there was a bright light blinking above my head and the voice spoke to me and granted me one wish.... Guess what my wish was;) I can now grow anything under 20 mins

zgomon 10

Can you grow tacos? Tacos are the shit.

I think so too, #53.

Might have to ask my fairy god mother

I have no idea where this came from, but yes ?

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Lmao I'm starting to guess that her garden grew something else lol

Yea I have some spring onions and some broccoli growing at the moment

Let's go and taco about it. ;)

atleast the next time you use it you know now that there's supposed to be a lid you need to take off.

I'm facepalming so hard right now

Oh nooo its the treacherous lid, oh my old nemesis!

We've all been there, don't worry. Not with the same thing but with something similar :)

Why is this getting down voted? I'm pretty sure we have ALL done something really stupid. And given that this is the first time that OP has ever shaved, he/she must be relatively young.

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Dirty language for someone so young.

Correct, we have all done something absolutely stupid... Just not quite as stupid as this.

#93 I've heard 5 year olds curse. Age has nothing to do with it.

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Never said they couldn't just don't think they should

You kind of brought that upon you man.

... I don't even know what to say.

Then how about not saying anything

Kinda ruins the point of a comment section doesn't it? Also, you might of misinterpreted my comment, I didn't know what to say to his stupidity.

No I don't think she misinterpreted anything, there is no point in commenting to say you don't know what to say, as she said, then don't say anything.

toaster, read his whole comment.

i say nice ribs