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First time

Today, I shaved for the first time. My mum gave me a razor and I spent about 20 minutes trying to use it. I gave up, yelling, "FUCK IT!" and put it back on the shelf. It fell, and as it hit the floor, a lid fell off. I'd tried to shave with a sheathed razor for 20 minutes. FML
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  pitapizzaparty  |  18

#70 i know an english teacher who has a master degree that has something to do with specializing in technology but she doesn't know how to use her smartphone. And an english teacher that doesnt read instructions nor knows how to spell .

  jerryj  |  27

No. The best of us don't yell "FUCK IT" and give up so easily after using minimal brain power.

In fact, the best of us would have found a swift solution.

  mmazzaa  |  16

Well you see, one night I was sitting in my garden pretending I was a potato then suddenly there was a bright light blinking above my head and the voice spoke to me and granted me one wish.... Guess what my wish was;) I can now grow anything under 20 mins

  shessohighh  |  10

Why is this getting down voted? I'm pretty sure we have ALL done something really stupid. And given that this is the first time that OP has ever shaved, he/she must be relatively young.

  toaster87  |  19

No I don't think she misinterpreted anything, there is no point in commenting to say you don't know what to say, as she said, then don't say anything.