By Anonymous - 11/09/2009 00:17 - United States

Today, while at my parent's house I decided to take a shower. I had to use my sister's bathroom and once out, grabbed a comb from her cupboard to brush my hair. I then noticed the clumps of hair on my shoulders. It's a razor comb on one side, regular on the other. I used the wrong side. FML
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Is it just me, or does a razor comb seem like a really bad idea?

Wow, that really sucks. Maybe a barber can fix your hair for you?


Wow, that really sucks. Maybe a barber can fix your hair for you?

Just tell your friends its the new trending hair style

I say do the other side. go for the Cassie style mohawk.

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Agreed. Also, who thought that would be a good idea to make? Seriously.

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oh boy lol looks like someone's gonna be rockin the shaved head for awhile.

Razor combs don't shave your head, dude. Google. Yay, I agree with allmidnighteyes. You now have scene hair! Woot.

Honestly Ive never heard of a razor comb before, it sounds like a Safety hazard though

Sorry, but you deserved it. What about checking before using it?

I'm sorry but when have you ever checked if the comb you were using was also a razor??

Paying attention - not just for the cool kids!

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you would feel a razor comb on your hair you wouldnt just notice it on your shoulders

Yeah. You can feel a slight pulling and then it suddenly jerks forward a little, it doesn't feel like just brushing your hair...

^^^ Did anyone else get turned on by this? No?

Razor combs help to thin out your hair a little and give it a "choppy" appearance (and also give shit tons of split ends). Obviously, OP used it like a normal comb and not like a razor comb. It'll take out a lot more hair than normal if you do it like that.

Whoa shit! I didn't even know Razor Combs existed!

bro why the hell do you know what a razor comb is and better yet what it does??

because i'm xTUFFx you learn some things after you've gone out with 2 girls who do hair I bet you're gonna call me gay now?