By CrazzY88s - 06/06/2010 16:00 - Ireland

Today, I bought an apartment over what I have just learned to be an Irish folk music store. FML
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I wish I could buy an apartment over an Irish folk music store...


and you didn't check before you bought the place? ur an idiot. ydi

Using "your" instead of "you're" makes you look like an idiot.

damn doesn't everyone hate the Irish huh? sorry. 

I thought people were suppose to be thorough when making a decision like this.

Agreed with Freeze, I hate when people try to act smart but they can't tell 'your' from 'you're' .

xtfauthorx 0

how is this an FML??? curse you antiflood!!!!!

WTF it's under love  and ydi 4 not checking

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Blue_Coconuts 7

Nothing wrong with Irish.....

Nothing wrong with wanting to drink beer 24/7. Go France!

did you wonder why the place was so cheap?

I'm not gonna rush and say that this is a OP's fault. Sometimes people who sell houses and appartments will hold back information that might stop a sale. So that may of happened. Just saying.

no but I'm wondering why you're holding a ball of fire illmatic2. pyromaniac?? O.o

lol yeah I guess you can call me a bit of a pyro sometimes...blowing shit up is fun.

littlemissdqgirl 8

I'm wondering how you didn't know. Still how bad can it be?

Yeah and nothing wrong with your nations women being hairier than your men ! And you guys smell like shit aswell. Learn to play football properly and not need to cheat to get into the World Cup, but it's ok cos you'll be knocked out pretty soon anyway.

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86 who are you talking to?

ryguy997 0

why did you change your pic freeze? you're still a grammer Nazi.

think he is talking to the Irish...

Don't be a douche Dylan. There's nothing wrong with the Irish. Speaking of, Colin your picture is really cute. Is that you as a little kid? Ahhhdorable :)

I'm waiting for blue to defend his Irish heritage & people lol

littlemissdqgirl 8

Come on the Irish don't deserve that.

Dylan: You have a problem with my 'ginger' comment, and then proceed to insult an entire country? Stop being a hypocritical douche and gtfo. Stupid troll.

KiddNYC1O 20

10- their what is an idiot?

aoife123 0

yeah, Dylan was definitely talking about the french. I'm Irish (y) the whole thing about the world cup is that Ireland would've beaten France and gotten in, but thierry henry, a french footballer, scored a goal with a handball and it was counted. therefore a lot of Irish people hate him now. I'm going to go ahead and guess that dylan is irish..?

autumn16 0

what's wrong with the irish? dueche bags* I'm part irish I think well I know I have ancestors

ara sue ders nothin rong wit dat ceiles every night yahooo. :) :p. bt if u dnt lik it's ur own fault u can't complain. woop woop ireland

Scmyth 0

man. I would think that'd be a good thing..Irish folk is pretty interesting. Although, Scottish indie is even better. :) Enjoy the new place! (And...stop bitching. You're retarded. You really didn't check? Fucktard.)

you are stupid that like saying all French people eat snails and are cheating bastards.

Blue_Coconuts 7

Yeah, he was talking bout the French... But really, who cares about them anyway? :P (kidding for all you froggy's).... But Dylan is Irish, so I very much doubt he's talking about his own people... ;) But yes, that is me as a child... That's at Stonehenge, which is in England, but it's me.. Probably a little humorous, knowing the history of Ireland and England, but meh... I was gonna post a baby picture of me in Dublin instead, but Haley said to do this one, she likes it. :P

Blue_Coconuts 7

Thank you! I took a bunch of pictures from our old photo albums to put to my facebook, so I might jump around to a few on here.. Haha

RaIeigh 0

Ohh shizz! Illmatic put a pic up, :P

yup and he's holding a ball of fire lol

RaIeigh 0

Yah, that's pretty awesome though haha.

yeah I promised you that I would :p

it's not that hard to hold. well if you hold it for too long it really hurts...

RaIeigh 0

Indeed you did, good on you Illmatic bruh :P But I must know, what is this flaming object you're holding?

or maybe he got ripped off like those ppl (cons) who say "if u give me 10,000 dollars I'll give u this" and then just leave the city with the money while the other person gets nothing or something less in value

an old cotton t-shirt rolled into a ball and soaked in lighter fluid. really easy to make.

a cotton t-shirt rolled into a ball and soaked in lighter fluid. it's really easy to make.

France kicked Ireland's ass! Allez les bleus FTW!

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172- i want to try that. sorry i belong to chris lol

Do stores in Ireland not have signs on the outside or something? I think it'd be pretty obvious it was a store and you didn't think to take 10 seconds and look inside?

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I'm his gummy and only his lol

lol XD mods are working fast today lol kudos tho

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16 the word f¥ck is a verb not an adjective, so when you use it as an adjective to yell at someone on how to use a comma, it makes you look like an idiot too.

xXBrokenByLoveXx 3

am I the only one that gets annoyed wen ppl correct other ppls grammar? wen it comes to myself i no the right way but rarely use it cuz it's faster not to

Well #194, you can use it that way. Like... You're a dumb ****. It works.

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I'm part Irish 2 and I'm offeneded

op you live in ******* Ireland what do you excpect

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that sounds awesome this is not an fml

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not using what your picture shows, makes u look like an idiot.

I'm from Cork too! Yay ^_^ but yeah, fyl. I hate that shit music and my whole family ADORES it. My sister (who I share a room with) likes to play concertina, i.e a small, hexagonal accordion with a more ******-up sound. My uncle gave my brother a fiddle, and he is now trying to teach himself how to play. He's 7.

MiGman 5

op what's wrong with that? Id like to be in a place like that

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ydi. how could you not notice beforehand?

You live in Ireland, what did you expect? Punk Rock? Heavy Metal? Polka?

15- I think it's the point that he didn't know it was a music store... Not what type of music store

You don't think that any other music other than folk music exists in Ireland? That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard, #15 :P

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make the best out of the situation? I think so

pen_island21 0

wow well hopefully u like Irish folk music

lucky_lady09 0

If he liked it, I SERIOUSLY doubt this would be posted as an FML...

XD I know riight?? I wanna go burn one and chuck it the guy who hit mii carro last night :/

KiddNYC1O 20

I've lit my finger on fire many times. dip it in rubbing alcohol and light up, pretty kool but don't leave on long for obvious reasons lol

XD I wanna try it too lol except I wanna chuck it at the idiot who hit my car last night

rawrcupcakesz 0

penisland lol haha I haven't seen that in awhile

nightELFassasin6 0

haha that's funny fyl(x hehe<3 idk why Im in that Lovinq additdude I live everyone (: anyways fyl(x

did you have some sort of aneurism while writing your comment?

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I wish I could buy an apartment over an Irish folk music store...

i really dont think itd be that bad to be honest

noo that posted to the wrong one, sorry.

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it's a goal in my life! omg I love Irish folk music!

you're a ******* idiot, don't have children please.

ugh why does it keep posting to this D:

why is this an fml? that'd be like me saying FML, i live next to target. i don't get it.

why was my comment moderated? it followed the rules...

Email the mods and ask- if you complain about it on the forums you're likely to get banned.

What are these forums you speak of?

Actually, it didn't follow the rules.

I don't know what else to call it, freeze.