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  ApplePieHead  |  0

I'm not gonna rush and say that this is a OP's fault. Sometimes people who sell houses and appartments will hold back information that might stop a sale. So that may of happened. Just saying.

  Dylan94_fml  |  8

Yeah and nothing wrong with your nations women being hairier than your men ! And you guys smell like shit aswell. Learn to play football properly and not need to cheat to get into the World Cup, but it's ok cos you'll be knocked out pretty soon anyway.

  kybabyy  |  4

Dylan: You have a problem with my 'ginger' comment, and then proceed to insult an entire country?
Stop being a hypocritical douche and gtfo. Stupid troll.

  aoife123  |  0

yeah, Dylan was definitely talking about the french. I'm Irish (y) the whole thing about the world cup is that Ireland would've beaten France and gotten in, but thierry henry, a french footballer, scored a goal with a handball and it was counted. therefore a lot of Irish people hate him now. I'm going to go ahead and guess that dylan is irish..?

  Scmyth  |  0

man. I would think that'd be a good thing..Irish folk is pretty interesting. Although, Scottish indie is even better. :) Enjoy the new place! (And...stop bitching. You're retarded. You really didn't check? Fucktard.)

  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

Yeah, he was talking bout the French... But really, who cares about them anyway? :P (kidding for all you froggy's).... But Dylan is Irish, so I very much doubt he's talking about his own people... ;)

But yes, that is me as a child... That's at Stonehenge, which is in England, but it's me.. Probably a little humorous, knowing the history of Ireland and England, but meh... I was gonna post a baby picture of me in Dublin instead, but Haley said to do this one, she likes it. :P

  MrSassypants  |  32

or maybe he got ripped off like those ppl (cons) who say "if u give me 10,000 dollars I'll give u this" and then just leave the city with the money while the other person gets nothing or something less in value

  seanreddog  |  4

Do stores in Ireland not have signs on the outside or something? I think it'd be pretty obvious it was a store and you didn't think to take 10 seconds and look inside?


I'm from Cork too! Yay ^_^ but yeah, fyl. I hate that shit music and my whole family ADORES it. My sister (who I share a room with) likes to play concertina, i.e a small, hexagonal accordion with a more fucked-up sound. My uncle gave my brother a fiddle, and he is now trying to teach himself how to play. He's 7.