By bowser_rawr16 - 12/03/2012 20:12 - Canada

Today, I realized how poor I am when I had to use sharpies to color in the worn spots on my dress shoes before leaving for work. FML
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OP here. Thanks lol. That's actually exactly what I was doing. I'm only 21, and I work in a very professional office, and I always need to look my best. I can't afford new shoes at the time, so that's why I sharpied them.

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SugarCrazy 14

I'm not poor and I do that >_>

darien987 1


SugarCrazy 14

I'm not poor and I do that >_>

nofearjenshere 12

It's actually a really good idea!

FlamingTacos 7

The first step you're going through is denial. Eventually you will accept that you are, indeed, poor.

Yeah, I used to do that with the steel toed boots I needed for work. Not because I'm poor, but because I'm a cheap bastard that would rather spend money on superfluous things like eBay.

#48 - what do you mean "denial?" Like i tell all the other people living under the bridge, youre only poor if you say you are :D

whocares91 5

I do the same but on t-shirts

I_Hug_Cats 26

Why do you ever need dress shoes? :o

#134 She never said she uses them for dress shoes, she just said she does that too. They do make dress shoes for girls too and yes they're still called dress shoes.

I would say "I see what u did there" but u ruined the joke by putting sharp in quotes:/

lionandthelamb61 9

135, I thought 134's comment was stupid until I read yours...what the hell are you saying?? And 164, I think saying "I see what you did there" ruins a joke way more than putting the punny word in quotes...please stop doing that, people.

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LaColombianita 26

I just did it today on my work pants to cover up some little bleach spots xD

Sharpies eh? Well aren't you quite the aristocrat.

22cute 17

I staple the hem in my pants too. It's good to be frugal.

I can understand the sharpie but I think you should sew your hem sweetheart!

You're being money efficient. :) Keep saving your money like that while you work and you'll be a millionaire!

lizard399 0

Or you'll have sharpie on your shoes. I doubt everyone that saves a bit of money for themselves becomes a millionaire and if they do they invest into something stupid like a house.

hurtandabused 7

A house isn't a stupid buy. It helps ur credit n u build equity

Investing into a house is stupid now? So.. Paying rent is the smart way to live? Paying someone else's mortgage? Ladies and gentlemen, gather around... Intelligence at it's finest!

lizard399 0

A house will leave you foreclosed in 5years. Not all the time, but realistically a house is the stupidest thing to buy. Thanks for calling me an idiot, doesn't really matter but thanks.

#128 - That's if you buy a house you can't pay for. The smartest thing for people to do is buy a house with a 15-year mortgage that they can afford. When people are dumb and buy things they don't need like oversized TVs and the newest technologies without having the money to do so, that's when they lose their house because they end up in such a huge amount of debt. Apartments are good for a short amount of time, but living in them all your life is stupid.

Lizard399, you are one of the most unintelligent person I've ever seen. All your comments suck.

22cute 17

Actually the lizard is right. Having a different opinion doesn't make a person stupid. Maybe you should open your 'lil mind & investigate.

thiscrazything 1

Buying a house is the biggest and best investment most people will make in their lifetime. You have to be intelligent enough to buy a house that you can not only afford to pay for, but also afford to maintain.

Everyone does that...come on its like the quickest fix :D

FMLsOhilarious 6

You could save even more money by going barefoot.

Not if she already has shoes, which she obviously do.

FMLsOhilarious 6

"Obviously do?" That makes no sense. Learn to type properly dumb ass.

Wow, that was pretty rude 29, just saying.

bitter3ulogy 0

#29 stop whining at grammars when there's no error.

FMLsOhilarious 6

#39 Actually there was an error. It should be "does", not "do".

KiddNYC1O 20

29- You missed a comma before "dumbass".

desireev 17

29- Let's be a total jackass over a very minor spelling error! And, while we're being rude, you needed a comma in your last sentence. Learn to use punctuation, dumbass!

CadillacPimpen 6

I feel like I've read myself into a grammar Nazi concentration camp.

Strafeh 9

Lol um I do that all the time , that's not poor!!

btstig 11

I've done the same thing with white out on white shoes.

A little jar a shoe polish is $2 or so. You can probably find that much money under your sofa cushions. Plus, the shoe polish doubles as a sunless tanner!

Sunless tanner? Sounds more like an ethnicity changer if it's for black shoes.

Umm I don't think putting shoe polish on your skin would be very healthy.

lionandthelamb61 9

153, I don't think lacking a sense of humor is very healthy either.