By LivingBroke

Sorry mate, you're on your own

Today, I signed the lease for a flat that a mate and I decided to move into. About five minutes after leaving the renting agency, I received a text from my mate saying he couldn't move in with me after all. I am now the happy tenant of a large inner city flat that I can't afford. FML
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  CBL88  |  25

Or a loud moaner...

By  Lucky O'Guin  |  13

You should have a certain amount of time to back out of the lease agreement, but why on earth would you not put his name on the lease as well? If you didn't make him sign the lease as well, maybe ydi.

By  Bubbles77777  |  11

Tell the rental agency what happened& see if you can get out of the lease& if they won't do they ask if they can put the place back up for lease& u stay there til someone else moves in

By  lexos  |  16

How exactly did you manage to sign the contracts for a apartment that you can't afford? Don't they check your financial status where you live?

  GhostFox  |  33

The OP and the roommate were planning to split the cost of the rent and any utilities. Since the roommate backed out, OP has to pay for all of it by themselves. As a result OP has very little or no money once they have paid for their rent.

By  Ray_of_midnight  |  22

I realize that you quite looked forward to living with your friend, but finding another flatmate in the city to split the expense shouldn't be that difficult. Just make sure they have good references and so forth so you don't end up on FML again.

By  Ciara Koch  |  21

Say you can't either it's in both your names (if your smart it is)then he'll work with you if not this should be a lesson to you most people suck don't trust easy