By gaga - 22/05/2012 07:34 - United States - San Jose

Today, after spending about 5 grand on my home studio over the past year, I realized I have no musical talent whatsoever. FML
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That's why u should've given it a long thought before u actually spend 5k on... Anything, really...

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Learn the equipment and make money recording other people


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Kinda sucks :/ just learn to play some instruments?

You dont just learn an instrument :) if u havent got any passion, you're bound to Fail :/

Most people establish some kind of musical ability first and then plow a load of money into their interest. Unless they are a boy-band of course.

If you're dedicated you can do it. There are plenty of people who were forced to do it as kids. My friends told me they hated it, so they stopped as soon as they could. OP try renting it out to people who DO have talent and need a place for practice and such. You can also try to learn something even if just a little.

Or op can pull a T-Pain. ( If you don't know what I mean, listen to one of his songs. )

Without the autotune, T-Pain has a pretty good singing voice. He has musical talent, he just chooses to hide it behind robotic filters.

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Directioner 4 lyf OmGzzz I seen them hawt boys liv last weak

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It's not like modern day singers have talent anyway.

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72, 59 was being sarcastic... Its sad most people spell like that but you can tell that was on purpose...

59 - please tell me you're joking. Edit: terrible timing.

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88 this is extremely ironic because I made fun of you on an FML like yesterday, but thank you.

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Lol FML is a free for all so no worries :P

OP sounds like one of those rich kids who took a year of guitar class in high school and expected to be able to play afterwards... Playing an instrument isn't easy. Just practice until it becomes fun to you, then it's smooth sailing.

One does not simply 'just learn to play some instruments'...

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Did anyone else notice OP's name is "gaga"?

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One does not simply learn an instrument. You have to love it. Or you will suck.

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Put enough effort in and you can learn whatever instrument you want! Just takes time :P

That's why u should've given it a long thought before u actually spend 5k on... Anything, really...

I like how OP's name is Gaga.. It makes it more true. Although $5000 wouldn't be much to her.

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Yea most people who spend that kind of money on equipment actually know they have talent first

How did the OP not know he lacked talent in this field? Seems like someone would only spend the money if they knew they were good

I started with no knowledge in producing. Bought my controller and monitors and a few programs. Now i teach music production at the local music center for kids that are interested. I'm self taught and it's a woderful thing. For me it's not about stardom, just producing. You went in over your head, though. Sell some things and keep what you will need realistically. Soon as you learn more you may notice what you had initially wasn't good and will start to make better upgrades in equipment.

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I agree with 111. The OP had it coming.

Well all you need is autotune nowadays...

I cannot stand "Smh". I don't know why anyone would even think of it.

What does it mean? Before you all thumb me down (but you will anyway) I am on the app and it very annoying having to get out and go to safari! I need to update my phone!

Thank you 54, thumb's up for you. :)

Is there a ******* acronym for evertying nowadays? What a sorry lot humanity has become...

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#53 - It means Stringy Monkey Ham

If you put your head into it you can do it :) (P.S : don't literally put your head into instruments)

OP suggesting from your name, you can, however, be a great meat dresser.

Baustigt , you're right but it takes a talented person to do that and from the looks of it OP is no patrick :)

emac123 3

Learn the equipment and make money recording other people

This is exactly what I was thinking. This doesn't need to be a complete waste.

I don't know why people thumb you down for that. It's completely legitimate. It's called being an audio engineer. Some of the best in the world can't write music, but without them those who do write great music wouldn't be able to show the world.

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Every dark cloud has a silver lining

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Since I AM an audio engineer - you wanna do music you still need talent, else you won't be any good. But audiobooks are a way better market anyways - and tons of fun!

Easy enough to fix, earplugs are only a few dollars

^ They were saying that OP should invest in some ear plugs (although I'd prefer noise-canceling headphones-don't want to share any ear wax) so that when she performs for people, they can just plug 'em in and watch.

Hey well you could still become famous... Look at today's pop culture.

All you need is autotune and FL Studio installed on your computer to have "talent". It's really sad.

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Don't say that! Just keep trying! :D

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Keep trying? How can they 'try' if they have bo musical abilities whatsoever?

just keep trying! you'll get a buyer sooner or later!

OP, I gather from your username that you might have been inspired by Lady Gaga. If so, it's a blessing that you don't have any musical talent...

not necessarily, to say someone has gone/done something Gaga is an expression. It's just not a very common one. It's also a Queen song of course, which is where Lady Gaga got her name from.

^...or they could just be using a talentless popstar's name as a reflection of their own lack of musical ability? Let's go with that. Yours is too...deep.

Just Dance so the Paparazzi don't come and give you a Bad Romance. You were Born This Way, so don't lose your Pokerface over these Love Games. This comment was not approved by Lady Gaga, but I don't give a ****.