By "refines" - 23/09/2017 16:00

Today, I woke up to my living room covered in 8 cm of water. My $2k computer was on that floor. FML
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Well, now you have a $2k doorstop, paperweight and anvil.

Wow. You should sit down and have a serious talk with that water.


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Pool party at OP's place! :D

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As a person with a gaming computer, I can tell you that they are huge and not meant to be placed on your desk. If you don't put it on your desk, then it can't fall off of your desk.

cheshireau 26

Where does it say Desktop? Could be a Laptop.

Well, now you have a $2k doorstop, paperweight and anvil.

I guess it's not $2k anymore.

Now that it’s a piece of modern art commenting on technology, society and interpersonal communication, it should fetch at least $30k ... do I hear 40? 40? 40?

Wow. You should sit down and have a serious talk with that water.

And your very expensive house, I'd assume was damaged too. I'd worry about that first.

A house is easily fixed and can be insured. You can't do that to files, can you?

Most people have file insurance too. Usually referred to as 'external hard drive' or for some, 'The cloud...'

ffc Squall 14

You can backup files, like in a cloud, but you can't backup a house.

Homeowners insurance? If there's over $5000 in damage total and you have flood/water damage insurance (Which ever) I'd pull for it. Depends on your plans or not, check out your deductibles. Are you in an apartment on the first floor? Please tell me you have renters insurance! It's the cheapest to have and it covers it!

flooding is an act of God and insurance companies almost never cover those

If it wasn’t on then there’s a good chance if your fully dry it out it won’t be damaged.

Donut_Wizard 23

I hear microwaving it might help. Or at least it might increase its charge.

Wrong! He should immerse the computer in about 100 lbs of uncooked rice for a month. When the month ends, he’ll still have a lot of uncooked rice. Hope that helps (hope you really like rice.)

don't live in Houston dumbass

peterblack67 9

Ehy was your computer on the floor?