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Today, I was at a restaurant with my boyfriend. He wound up drinking a whole bottle of wine, and when the bill came he drunkenly yelled at the waiter, claiming it should be free, because he's in the military "fighting for your freedom". He's a mechanic in the National Guard. FML
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Considering you have to put up with that kind of embarrassment, I hope they DID give you a free meal.

I think you misread. No one is talking about a free medal. Meal*


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National Guard or not, he still is in the military, and don't make light of the mechanics. You wouldn't believe how important they are in the grand scheme of things. Can't go anywhere or fight anything if the trucks are broken down. That said, fighting for our country or not, a good soldier never demands respect or a hand out. That must have been embarrassing for you. Hopefully it was only a drunk thing.

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Um 27, 24 said that their cousin "has" 2 medals, and that he paid for them.

I think you misread. No one is talking about a free medal. Meal*

Why are we talking about medals lol and 27 the cousin is alive Purple Hearts are for injury and though they can be awarded posthumously most often they aren't. The price for that medal is an injury in the line of duty.

24 just said his cousin bought em. So he IS alive.

As a member of the National Guard your boyfriend can still deploy overseas and has a very real chance of experiencing combat. He was just drunk; but OP most places give a discount, I always put it into the tip and your bf was that drunk I hope you did. And 24 even when we die the medals are not free at the very least taxpayers are getting the bill.

If he actually served then joined the nasty guards then ok I can sympathize w/him but if he hasn't actually served yet, then f**k him,. The f**k does he know abt defending freedom&country., plus he's also a mechanic,,. A ******* POG., tell him to man up and change his MOS to 11B,. Then he can whine and bitch.,

it doesn't matter what his MOS is, he's still a soldier. Ever heard of Mechanized Infantry? Tank mechanics in the field, as in, downrange is the red zone. ARNG does in fact ship over seas as they are Army soldiers. The units ship every 6 months. Have some respect for your soldier.

I disagree with #1. There are d-bags in the military as in every profession. Being a doctor or a soldier or a fireman sure gives you more responsibilities towards human life and obviously arouses admiration but that doesn’t make you entitled to privileges like say get a meal for free when you can afford to pay. Because if you do a job towards protecting human life just to get freebees, I cannot imagine that you have the compassion and emotional intelligence necessary to do it well. Blindly considering anyone in the military as a hero is plainly stupid. They are human beings like everyone, with their qualities and their flaws. There is a big problem of rape and abuse within the military (officers attacking subordinates, peers attacking their peers) that has been reported before but that is still treated as taboo. Although it’s not the generality, I think it should give some food for thought on this “worship your military” trend. It’s not all black and white.

Aside from douche bags being in every job, that is one of the more stupid things I have read in a while. As a reservist, I know we are not entitled to "free" things. Matter of fact, I hate getting free things while in uniform (it is also illegal to accept free things). However, no matter what branch, whether Active, Reserves, or National Guard, we are still treated with respect, seeing as we can still be deployed over-seas. While yes not every job in the military is combat arms related, each support job plays a vital role in keeping the combat arms troops in the fight and safe. I know for a fact that the Army teaches us not to bring attention to ourselves. Do people bring attention to themselves? Of course, there is no denying this fact, however, the majority serving in the armed forces do not. As for the accusations of abuse of subordinates/ peers, and rape, the abusers and rapists will generally get a court-martial.

# 145 Well check out Kori Cioca’s case who was hit and raped by a commanding officer while serving in the US Coast Guard. Following the attack, Cioca was told by her superiors that if she went forward with her case she would be court-martialed for lying, her assailant, who admitted the attack but denied rape, then received just 30 days of base restriction and loss of pay and the US Department of Defense continues to refuse to pay for the surgery she needs for the nerve damage to her face. The source is “The Invisible War”, a feature-length documentary that lifts the lid on the abuse of women in the US military. She is not sadly the only one. Anyway I didn’t say that the military uses its status to get freebees, I meant, as a response to comment #1 who was saying “Good reason to get a free meal though...” that I find silly that so many people are ready to put soldiers on a pedestal. As I said, the military is not exclusively composed of good family men and heroes. It has good and bad people as everywhere.

145 - I bet you're the kind of person to try to sue a doctor before thanking them.

I read 24s comment wrong. I thought he meant that his cousin died for the medals and he was saying his cousin didn't have to pay because he died. My bad

#206 > If that's what you understood from my post, you're a good example of what I meant by blind devotion without perspective.

They shouldn't be put on a pedestal but every person serving should be at the very least respected for putting their lives on the line and for serving their country. I'd also like to point out that maybe you should do a little more research on invisible children a lot of the stuff they do is for publicity or donations for example joe kony isn't really a threat and the L.R.A. Isn't even that large a problem anymore.

devilz_advocate 7

138- mechanized infantrymen aren't tank mechanics, theyre just infantrymen that are mounted. Not saying mechanics and such don't go outside the wire, they do, but just clarifying

Re Read 154's comment. He said "The Invisible War" not the Joseph Kony documentary "The invisible children". Two very different and completely unrelated topics.

221. Damn. I knew that. I spent two years in the service. I hate making an ass out of myself..

When 24 said he had to "pay for them," she didn't mean he bought them. She meant that he paid the price (injury) for them.

Psycho_Babydoll 26

Considering you have to put up with that kind of embarrassment, I hope they DID give you a free meal.

If I had a free meal for every bad date I've been on... I'd still be a damn toothpick. :P Dating is overrated anyway, right?

Sir with that mustache I'd date u any day, and I'm straight!

kikiwi_fml 9

Why should a restaurant give a free meal for either reason. From a server's perspective people who sniff out reasons for free anything while eating out are cheap freaking scum holes.... In my humble opinion.

156, I agree. I find that a lot of the people that demand free meals/drinks are the ones that do not tip. I know this is not always the case.

okay the guy was drunk we all do stupid shit when we are drunk right? Wasn't that the whole point of the hangover series? To make guys like this guy look not so bad? I mean I'm sure people who serve in the military don't support this kind of boasting but Im not judging this guys intelligence or character over something minuscule yet stupid he said while being drunk

Krajjan 9

No, we don't enjoy being represented by those types of "soldiers". I've received free crap on the few occasions I was in uniform off-base, but I've certainly never asked for it or felt entitled to it. I wasn't some great hero. I did my job and got paid for it. As my E-7 put it, "Not a single damn one of you turned down your signing bonus. Hell, I'll bet a million dollars none of you asked if it was an option."

Captain_Zorro 7

The last thing America (or any other country) needs is a drunk asshole to make everyone look bad. I bet she picked up the check.

They should've! As a Vet, I often shake my head when either active, reserve, or a vet demands special perks in this manner. If someone offers, politely say thank you and decline, don't bring attention to yourselves by wearing your uniforms or bragging of your service. The Marines teach us this, that's why you don't see many of us walking around in utilities like the army (begging for attention) or any other uniforms.

107, I agree with you completely, however, I ask you don't generalize the entire Army. Seeing as I'm a reservist with the Army, I do not ask for things to be given to me. I refuse to wear my uniform in public unless I am on orders and have a legitimate reason to do so. Also, the Army teaches us not to bring attention to ourselves for security purposes. Also, thank you for your service.

Ooh-Rah Thank you for your service sir Xoxoxo

Maybe he should figure out how to put the pieces together. Dinner will not be free.

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Yeah better a bottle of wine then some old English lol

Nooo! What is? Wine before beer your in the clear. Beer before wine.... you'll turn into swine.

BubbleGrunge 18

I always was told beer before liquor never been sicker, liquor before beer have no fear. I don't know if it's true, however because I don't like beer. :(

nnnope 26

I'm having a hard time understanding why my love of wine deserved so many down-votes... -__-

FYL, your boyfriend is a drunk. He needs to be dumped because I'm sure you can do better.

I honestly expected a comment like this when I read the FML.. It doesn't really say he's an alcoholic tho.. I see more as going overboard expecting a free meal..

Meh guy downing an entire bottle of wine at dinner and then wanting free stuff for doing his job isn't quality any which way you look at it. Before everyone thumbs me down for not supporting the troops I was a US Navy submarine sonar technician and went out deployed into war zones during the recent conflicts so I support the troops and their families. I also though have never felt the sense of arrogant entitlement this guys displayed he simply proves that there are idiots in every job including the military.

CharresBarkrey 15

25 - My dad was a Navy Sonar Tech for 25 years! Thanks for your service!

I loved the experience and I always tell people thanks for the opportunity to serve.

110 - Zell from FF8? Cool tat tho, even if not.

SenselessPattern 12

25 - you were probably the safest guy in the armed forces down there. I don't see the Taliban procuring anti-sub missiles, especially since they are based in a landlocked country.

Authoress14 15

Its more like F-HIS-Life lol

Because he obviously has a drinking problem or a lack of self control. Even more than that, he embrassed her by demanding a free meal from an obviously higher class restaurant (hence the wine they serve).

Look at it this way, if the boyfriend were to make this an FML instead of OP, there would be more YDI's instead if FYL. So, no, it is not F-HIS-Life

Or maybe he was just celebrating becuase he was on such a fabulous date. Can't just assume everyone has a drinking problem just becuase they may over indulge.

Well I suppose that means he does have a contribution...he definitely shouldn't milk it like that though

He IS in fact a cog of the mechanized war machine that is the United States of America. Even if he never achieves a "heroic" stature by getting shipped off into hell for actual combat. That having been said, it was a dumb ass drunken rant by your husband, and I hope you can look past that and be proud of him. I do hope he gets his alcoholic tendencies straightened out soon, for the sake of you and him both. Good luck OP

I have seen too many men come back from that hell as drunkards. Many of them feel there are no other ways to get through the day with the things they have seen. Makes me wonder if without politicians, hate or senseless borders among ouselves we could put war behind us.

#21, From your mouth to God's ears. For far too many of those men (and women!), the war is still with them when the war is over.

This, except for the 'alcoholic' comment. We don't know enough to assume that. But whether they're on the line or behind it, everyone in our troops is defending our country.