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Today, I went to my first job interview in months. Just minutes in, a sudden huge, uncontrollable sneeze overcame me. A wad of snot flew out onto my shirt, which I didn't even notice until the visibly disgusted interviewer pointed it out. FML
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That snot good

Pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth when you're about to sneeze will stop it. It's worked every time for me. Though, I suppose that information would have been more useful BEFORE the interview.


Did you get the job?

Obviously she did. Having snot hanging down your nose is one of the biggest secrets to a successful interview.

As is a silent but violent fart.

"Was that a fart? I can taste it, on my tongue. Is that onion? Onion.. onion and ketchup. It's a small room.. okay now the tuxedos seem kinda fucked up." Made me think of Stepbrothers :D haha

23, you've ruined what could have been an amazing sarcasm thread. Thanks for that. You're wonderful.

#27 You seem to be doing great yourself also, So no you're wonderful. Thank you.

I feel great inside too. I don't need therapy. I don't need therapy. I don't need therapy!

Thats when you get up and just walk out. Sucks for you. Better luck next time.

Fuck your profile picture. It's 2:35 am here and I was planning on going to sleep after reading this FML.

You probably won't like mine then

#18 Yours is okay. It's not the size of a toilet bowl. I guess size does matter after all.

The scary part about 18s picture is that it's a black widow! I will now be checking every TP roll I use after this.

Oh god, I didn't realise. I'm so glad that the most dangerous thing where I come from is a tick.

49- Well, where the hell do you come from because I wanna move there.

I'm French.

Could of been worse. Could of landed on the interviewer.

Could have been better, like sneezing into the crook of your elbow and not throwing it out wildly. ;p In a perfect world, Op wouldn't have that impression being a deciding factor in his or her employment. Odds are though, it may stick in the interviewer's mind like it did on the shirt. ;P

#3, *could have

Fun fact you can stop a sneeze by putting your tongue to the top of your mouth. I don't know how but it works.

Well that's embarrassing. Better luck next time buddy. Next time try to hold the sneeze in next time somehow

Next time re-read your comment and the FML. Next time. Uncontrollable, meaning (s)he couldn't have held it in if (s)he tried.

It's possible to hold it in. But I don't release universal secrets on websites.

thats disgusting. you sick bastard.

No, it's ABSOLUTELY delicious, of course! Who WOULDN'T like that! :P

#6 That may be disgusting but it us brilliant! I was thinking "Oh man she snot on herself... Now there is no way she'll get the job..." But now I'm thinking more on the side where the interviewer has a fetish for licking snot off of shirts and was disgusted because OP wasn't licking a perfectly good booger off of her shirt!

6- Fuck it, why not? If you're going to not get the job Anyways, you might as well try to get the interviewer to puke his guts up on the way out the door....because that's the proper thing to do, right? ;p Ick.

You guys are weird.

What the hell is wrong with the people on this thread?

You didn't actually think I was serious with licking it off?

Sneeze into your elbow...

If it was uncontrollable like OP said, it might have been sudden, so OP may not have had time to sneeze into her elbow.

That snot good

Well, this escalated quickly...

48- Actually no, no it didn't. It didn't escalate at all. There was no escalation Whatsoever. It happened, and the response was very subdued, albeit "Puny." But thanks for playing.

I hope that wasn't counted in as a part of your performance...

Pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth when you're about to sneeze will stop it. It's worked every time for me. Though, I suppose that information would have been more useful BEFORE the interview.

I say pineapples (since I don't like the taste of pineapple) and the instant I think of it, it stops the sneeze. 98% success rate. Ohh yeeeyy

I want to know what happened afterwards.

16- Scenario 1) Op was thanked for her time and never got a call back. Life went on. 2) Op took 6#'s advice, licked the snot off herself, and was asked to leave after the interviewer tossed his cookies in the corner. She still didn't get a call back. 3) Op decided the snot ruined her shirt so she promptly removed the offending clothing and was immediately offered the job opening for her wise choice. ;P I'm leaning more towards option 1), but weirder shit has happened here on FML quite often, so who knows? ;)