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By jetlagged - 16/01/2011 17:17 - Sweden

Today, for an eight-hour flight to Copenhagen, Denmark, I paid extra to get a seat offering more leg room. Unfortunately, the man behind me was so tall, his knees were pressing against my back the entire flight. FML
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you should have switched seats since he needed the leg room and then you wouldnt have someones knees in your back the whole flight.

F -his- life more than yours. Just my opinion.


F -his- life more than yours. Just my opinion.

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why did you just switch seats with him?

Kind of. Directly relating to this FML, F tall-guy's life for having his knees press into the back of a person's chair throughout an entire flight. He probably payed extra to get more leg room as well, but still can't sit in comfort. I just think it's worse to have your knees digging into a chair than to have the back of your chair pressed in by knees--especially since this is a one-time experience for OP, but this will happen on every flight tall-guy ever takes.

True, I hate the small amount of leg room myself :)

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I agree with you chippa!! I'm 6'6" and I always have my knees buried in somebody's seat!! and I have paid for more leg room!! never a pleasant flight!!

you should have switched seats since he needed the leg room and then you wouldnt have someones knees in your back the whole flight.

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I was gunna say the same thing.

Gunna? I am not usually a grammar nazi but wow.

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that sucks,flights are uncomfortable as it is

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JetBlue has the most legroom in coach.

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I have long legs.. Last time I flew, I sat on first row, I had to sit (very) diagonally or with my feet on the wall at the whole flight.. I feel sorry for both of you FYL

Fyl if you ever get in a plane crash. Most people survive the crash, but they die of smoke inhalation because their femurs are broken from hitting the seat in front of them and they can't get off the plane. I would have a better chance cuz I'm only 5'0

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Why didn't you get first class? It's cheaper than buying two seats or at least the same price.

How on earth do you fly 8 hours from Sweden to Denmark? In a hot air balloon?

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11 that actually made me laugh. Hot air balloon image just gets me HAHA

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I honestly want to know why you wouldn't just switch to that second chair you paid for. I'm sure he's not as wide as two chairs.

She didn't buy two seats. She bought one seat with more space in front of it. Probably at an emergency exit, they always have more space.

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Oh wow, you're right. I wonder how I read that as buying two seats. Makes more sense too.

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welll u should have leaned ur seat waaaay back

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Causing everyone behind OP to also lean back and therefore the guy behind's legs would be straightened? I don't know. sort of makes sense but I don't think it would actually work... hmm...