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Today, I found my dad on a dating website looking for younger girls. My mother and father are "happily" married, well according to her Facebook profile. FML
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Those who try the hardest to convince social media of their happiness are usually actually the opposite. I'm sorry your father is going about it all wrong, though :/ hopefully him and your mom split up and it gives her a chance to find someone who won't cheat.

Awkward, I hope you don't have to be the one to tell your Mom OP :/


And you were on this website looking for older men because...?

Read the story again

Read it again. Still sounds like OP was on the web site.

because OP is most likely not married and can look for a mutual relationship of whatever she wants! The FML isn't the age thing. It's he's looking for girls while still ("happily") married to OPs mother!

Nowhere does it say that OP was on a site looking for older men

The way I read it, this wasn't a dating site specifically for older men seeking younger girls, or younger girls seeking older men. I think it was just a regular dating site and it was her dad that was looking for/at younger women on it. Even if the OP was looking for older men though, I don't see why that matters as it isn't hurting anyone.

OP is, by definition, younger than his/her father. Therefore, they would most likely be looking for "age appropriate" people to date. As for finding his profile, they may have been matched by the site as compatible with their father, which would make sense as he did raise OP and therefore would probably have similar beliefs, recreations, etc.

Hey#16. You obviously got this fml all wrong. And you obviously didn't read what you typed before submitting. It's gross for you to think that OP would get matched with her own father according to your "age appropriate" and because he raised her factors. But I will help you out. OP was not very detailed on her post. OP found her dad using the computer where he was looking for younger girls and possibly women on a dating site. OP did not get matched with her dad. OP caught her dad doing that which is bad because he is married to OP's mom.

You know when people get caught looking at porn or something they're not supposed to? That's what happened here. It's not that OP was signed up to that dating site, she just wasn't very detailed when writing her fml post. She discovered her dad looking for younger girls and possibly younger women on a computer at home. But I agree with you. If OP is single and not married she can be on a dating site and choose a man her age or older. But I can see why many people would think that OP was part of that dating site the way it's worded.(typed)

I agree with you that OP was not using a dating site. I believe OP caught her dad in the act of looking for younger girls on a dating site at home. But it's easy to think OP was also on a dating site the way this fml post was worded.

If OP is single, what's wrong with him/her being on a dating site? It's her "happily married" father who should not be on a dating site.

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Damn, frankmz, there's really no reason to be so defensive about OP possibly being on a dating site. It is very likely that OP was also on this dating site and that she came across her own father by accident. It's likely because there are some very popular dating sites out there, and if there's not a lot of people in your area that fit your qualifications, it's likely her father would show up somewhere in the search (for example, simply whoever falls under "older males"). And that would explain why she would know that he's looking for younger girls.

Don't get me wrong. OP has every right to be on a dating site and choose a man her age or someone older. But until OP comments what exactly happened, I believe OP caught her dad using the computer and looking for younger girls on that dating site. The problem isn't that OP was looking for a match or date. The problem here is that her married father was on a dating site looking for younger girls. It could have been women, but OP's dad shouldn't be looking for anyone on a dating site if he's married.

Those who try the hardest to convince social media of their happiness are usually actually the opposite. I'm sorry your father is going about it all wrong, though :/ hopefully him and your mom split up and it gives her a chance to find someone who won't cheat.

Or they want to show others they are happy with ther spouse so they better quit trying.

Awkward, I hope you don't have to be the one to tell your Mom OP :/

I think you should screenshot his dating profile and then talk to your father about your discovery, but do not let him know you save the profile. If he is brave enough to do this behind your mother's back, he is brave to tell her the truth and tried to fix and improve their relationship. If the conversation goes sour, you might have to be the one to tell your mother about this. All the luck to you, OP.

Yes she should talk to him about it. Better than resenting him silently. There might be an explanation. What if the mother knows and lets him? My cousin's wife does.

I think OP should slide into her father's DM's with a "heyyyyy ;)." He'd probably piss himself.

There are many different formulae for happy marriage. This would not fit with mine but it could be that your parents have an agreement of some sort which allows this. Certainly speak to your dad about it but don't assume that their idea of marriage is necessarily the same as yours.

The same way you are assuming that OP's parents have an agreement to have an open marriage? An assumption is not a fact. How dare you tell OP to not assume anything but to accept that their parents might have an open marriage according to your assumptions.

I think #7 is just warning OP to have an open mind, there could be another explanation. They were not saying OP shouldn't talk to the parents about it or confront the father.

The real question here is how did you find his profile?

To be more clear, I believe OP caught her dad in the act.(red handed) OP's dad must have been looking for younger girls on a dating site and OP walked in on him. It doesn't say "I found my dads profile on a dating site I use looking for younger girls." Because many people are thinking OP and her dad were using the same dating site and OP found her dads profile. I hope OP provides more information about this incident.

Could be cheating, could be for threesomes or an open relationship. Probably not a pleasant thought for you either way, but I'd quietly confront him about it before telling your mother.

He's probably not getting any action at home.

That's not an excuse to cheat.

then he needs to talk to his wife not look elsewhere

Same experience. And my dad went away today, this is the second time, without a word and no phone coverage. Must have met with one of those bimbos. I will try to find whoever that woman is and murder her.

Your dad is the issue, why the hell are you putting all your anger and hatred on the girl he found? HE was married to your mom, HE left.

Your dads behavior is bad to say the least. But don't throw your life away because he is being inconsiderate and hurtful to your mother and your family. You need to be there to support and care for your mom. It's sad to say your dad is only thinking about himself and no one else. Good luck to you and OP's situation as well.

the 'bimbo' might not even know your dad is married. and even if so while that would make her shady af, the person whom is to blame for family problems is your dad.

In some countries this would be enough for a divorce case that will get him paying everything.