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  JustinJK  |  21

It's not that difficult to lighten hair from a professional standpoint. My hair is naturally very dark. Stylist just bleaches my hair and tones it. If I want to do something else like depositing color they use specific products to move my roots from dark brown to blonde. idk

  ChopSuey444  |  20

You should always do your research and know what to expect when bleaching. Pretty much every color other than dark blond will require toning and possibly more than one bleaching process.

  PencilTips  |  19

That's good for you then, I assume most americans will flee to Canada or elsewhere when he becomes president. I assume it'll go something like this:
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2017: Is Trump allowed to do that?
2018: I hope my district wins this year. (Hunger Games)

By  LadyKayDee  |  23

Wow that sucks. Similar thing happened to my cousin too. She dyed it again. Hope you can dye it soon. I think you have to wait a couple of days/weeks before you dye it back? Good luck

By  youdontsay123456  |  21

Give your hair a break. She must've left the bleach too long. You are supposed to bleach a couple of times within the duration of two days. That's what I did with my hair. I would recommend your refund. Once your hair heals you should try it yourself. But I would recommend either dying it back to regular color once it heals or dye it some other color that won't look even worse with orange blended in

  Lizza330  |  28

Really? My hair is a darker brown and it only took one round of bleach to make it a medium blonde. Maybe because That was the only time I bleached it?

  lynnlady  |  6

you can generally only lift color 4 shades at one time. you bleach it to lift the color, then either tone or apply the desired color (ie medium brown). if you want to go lighter, you must wait and follow the same process repeating until you have reached the desired result. it is a big commitment to go from dark brown to blonde, not a one day thing. the hairstylist should have known this and explained it to OP before doing anything.