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By  whatafuckup  |  14

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  wlddog  |  14

The day before the wedding, the best man and groomsmen knock on his door, the groom answers "Hey guys, your here early......"
The gang rushes him and tackles him, forces him to write his own random note, and then they all go to the club and laugh it off, leaving the poor groomsmen blindfolded and bound in the strip club, with a few strippers paid off to tease him and not release him all night and cover him with thick lipstick kisses. Only right before the wedding is he released and dragged to the wedding, his friends laughing the whole way.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I wouldn't go as far as to say OP's husband doesn't want to marry her. My thoughts are that he's just super nervous, and honestly, who wouldn't be? That's a big moment in anyone's life, but damn do I hate people that pull shit like this last minute. If he truly isn't ready he really should have said something sooner, rather than the day before. Hopefully you can discuss the issue before the whole ceremony is ruined.

  SuperMew  |  22

Even if he was nervous, doing something like that is not really called for. If you are nervous, you talk to the person you are with. If he cannot be honest with her now, what if they have kids? Sorry the kid was kidnapped because I didn't want them to go to kindergarten or sorry kidnapped postpone the baby.

Personally, if someone pulled this on me I would not marry them anyways.

  Smoxxii  |  17

It's because he's a coward. He would rather hide from his fiancé rather than tell her how he feels. It would have been much less hurtful for him to tell OP: "Hon/babe/ECT Can we postpone the wedding? I'm a bit nervous." Or something along those lines. I don't actually think he doesn't want to marry OP. He'd have to be a real asshole to leave and not come back, and I think he's just nervous. If that isn't the case, then OP doesn't deserve that scum. Hopefully he came back and had a nice long chat with OP.

  perdix  |  29

Not true, they often just have some down payments and deposit money. People can easily postpone wedding debt for a while after the I do's.